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Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2015: In The Eyes of A Fashion Noob

Hello guys! 

Alia Bastamam models. Image credit: sizzlingsuzai

Recently (actually it was weeks back but I forgot to publish the post), I was given an opportunity to attend one of the show during the Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week Ready To Wear (KLFWRTW) 2015. In normal days, my experience in the world of fashion are usually limited to those times when I watch movies or television shows that revolves around it. For example; The Devil Wears Prada, Confessions of a Shopaholic and of course Ugly Betty, which is one of my favourite American series ever. I never consider myself fashionable. Maybe not a fashion terrorist (oh gosh please, hopefully not) but my wardrobe usually consist of stuffs that I consider affordable, comfortable, not too plain yet still does not stand out that much. In another word, just a normal plain Jane. There might be occasions where I dolled up a bit but I bet the numbers are far less the number of fingers I have on my hand.

Despite my lack of personal involvement in fashion world, I do love observing the trends. Instagram is definitely the platform where I follow not just the highly prominent Malaysian designers but also the budding talents in the industry. These days there are a lot of fashion designers in Malaysia that focuses on fashion that are also suitable for Muslim girls to wear. Apart from that, my increase in interest in this area are also undeniably a result from following some of the Malaysian bloggers who not just loves fashion but also really great at it; Shea Rasol and R Nadia Sabrina (also one of the featured designers in KLFWRTW15)  for instance.

So when I received the invitation, I thought;

"Why not? I maybe don't talk in 'fashion' language but I at least get to cross off 'Attend a Fashion Show' from my life bucket list. Plus, it would be fun to observe the crowd from the night."

Thankfully, I was right. It was definitely as once in a lifetime experience for me.

Thomas Wee and the models. Image credit: sizzling suzai

The show that I attended featured two designers.One of them is a well known local designer Alia Bastamam, a name that even I (a fashion noob) recognized and the other one is a prominent Singapore designer Thomas Wee. There are quite a few pieces that caught my eyes and I was especially in love with Alia's design.

One of Thomas Wee collection. Image credit: sizzling suzai

One of Thomas Wee collection. Image credit: sizzling suzai

One of Alia Bastamam's collection. Image credit: sizzling suzai

The crowd that night did not fail to impress me! A lot of people came wearing such fashionable outfit; some were breathtakingly beautiful, some were chic and classy while some were quirky with the kind of style you won't usually see on normal days but are definitely eye catching during fashion season like this. I also got to see Malaysian celebrities like the power couple Awal Ashaari and Scha, the undeniably beautiful Fazura and a lot of other celebrities.

Some of the celebrities. Image credit: sizzling suzai

People Style. cr image: jessytheklchic

One of the best part of the night was the point where I got to meet one of the 'sifu' and style icon in the fashion scene, Zaihani. It was thanks to Jessica ( whom I was with. Jess is a big fan of her so I followed her when she went to meet the highly respected lady. We even got to listen some advice from her about how to succeed in fashion scene. Even though it doesn't directly apply to me, it was really great to be able to talk to someone as famous.

The night would definitely be something I remember for a long time. I was not expecting to experience anything else other than to watch the show. Instead, I also managed to meet new friends, learned a valuable lesson and broaden my horizon by mingling with people whom I never though I'd came across to in my life.

Would I go again if I get invited? Maybe but I think I would definitely need a partner that know much more about fashion then I do to be able to fully enjoy the occasion.

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


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