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The Butterfly Project ft Caffe Bene Malaysia: Christmas Bene Box!

Wonderful people of the Butterfly Project!

Great news, I'm well and alive. *giggles* I know that this is a long overdue post but you see, I have been trying to write about last year for so many times but I just can't seem to get the right 'feel' to start. So yeah, my writing muse is back and I hope that he is not just dropping by but staying for good this time.

Last year was a good mix of awesome and bad. I had few downs but lots of ups so I grade my 2015 book with a big fat A minus. Not a full score. Can't give it a perfect mark because that would be a too high of a target to reach for 2016. LOL.Anyway, one of the reasons that made it so fulfilling to me is because I managed to cross off lots of things on my life bucket list (minus some setbacks, jerks, and dramas), and one of them is to give back to the society.

Just in time for Christmas 2015, The Butterfly Project had collaborated with Caffe Bene Malaysia to organize a charity event called the Bene Box Project. Butterfly bloggers came together to curate specially packed gift boxes, each contains goodies and presents that the bloggers personally picked to gift to the children from Yayasan Seribu Harapan Malaysia as their Christmas present.

Part One

Sorry for the low res photo, my phone camera become more crappy after I dropped it. LOL

In order to prepare and decorate the gifts, we gathered at Caffe Bene branch in IOI Mall Puchong about two weeks earlier. Each blogger was assigned to one child, and mine was a teenage girl. So I had to think of what kind of gifts I should pack for her. The Bene Box was not big, just nice to put little things like stationaries, makeup products, and candies so that was exactly what I got her, with an additional cute purple teddy bear and a hair ribbon that she could wear to school. Not forgetting that she is a growing teenager, I also got her some basic makeup staples like an eyeliner, a lip gloss, and nail polishes so she can use them too.

Mine is the the one on the right with the royal blue ribbon! cr image: miriam

Everyone had fun decorating their boxes. I bought too much and not all of my gifts were able to fit in the box so I had to take some out (so sad). On the bright side, I was served with yummy Caffe Bene desserts especially their signature Bingsu so I became happy again. If you don't know what Bingsu is it's actually a Korean word for shaved ice. The most original menu would be the red bean shaved ice (or known as pat-bingsu) but Korean bingsu are also served with other condiments like fruits! I definitely love their Strawberry bingsu and also they make the delicious waffle (especially the Banana Caramel waffle, super nice).

Part Two

 cr image: miriam

The second part of the charity program was held in the Kota Kemuning Caffe Bene. I got super excited to personally pass my gift to the child that I'm in charge with but due to an unfortunate miscommunication, Yayasan Seribu Harapan mistakenly mixed up with the children with another charity event. Thankfully, the person in charge from Caffe Bene promised us that she will deliver the gifts to the children herself so we felt relieved! We actually received some pictures from her a few days later so I still feel happy looking at them smiling.

For the children that came on the day, Caffe Bene treated them with desserts and another box of gifts we miraculously managed to buy and pack on the spot. Butterfly bloggers were so awesome to lend their hand in taking care of the kids and helping out packing the gifts. They are just an amazing bunch of people! Felt so accomplished and happy looking at the children faces.

It was such a meaningful way to end the year so I am thankful to the Butterfly Project and Caffe Bene for organizing this. I'm planning to participate in more activities similar to this in 2016 too! Caffe Bene also gave us a box of their new Caffe Bene White Coffee in Latte flavour to bring home and try out and I just love it. I'm such a coffee lover so I'm not sure if this is a bias judgement or not. Haha.

Till next post, toodles~! ♥γƒŸ


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