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How to Introvert Like a Pro: Groceries Shopping In Pyjamas

Hello guys!

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As much as I hate to admit it, I'm really an introvert. While social gathering is something I need once in awhile but I love to spend majority of my time in the comfort of my own 'zone'; meaning less human interaction. I just enjoy my alone time and solitude. There are days where I just want to stay at home and do my work in my room. When those days come, even the tiniest chores like groceries shopping sounds like an eternity of punishment to me. 

These days, I live with my parent. It's easy to curl up and not care about those stuffs sometimes but I know that I can't just depend on my family on everything. Sometimes I want to cook up something after watching those mouth watering cooking shows only to find out we are short one or two ingredients. In the past when those situations happen, I usually give up on cooking because going out is such a hassle. I still feel the same now. 

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In the midst of inner struggle with myself; some part of me want me to step out of the introvert world a bit more and embrace the crowd while the introvert part refuses to do so, I accidentally discovered Happy Fresh! It's like a ray on sunshine! 

What is Happy Fresh is all about? It's actually an online service that allows me to do my groceries shopping in pyjama. Awesome right?! I can now order my groceries online through their website or use their mobile app to do so. Coincidentally, I needed to cook the Philippines food that I got not long ago so I decided to make my order of fresh ingredients straight from the Chow Kit market which is the available market option for my house area. 

The website and app is so easy to use and you may choose the delivery time to accommodate you. It's an easy option for those who need to cook as soon as they reach home from work but do not have time to stop by for groceries shopping. According to Happy Fresh, 5.00 PM is the usual rush hour for online purchase so I guess a lot of people have the same issue with buying groceries after work hours.You know, it's tiring and all you have in mind is to be home as fast as you can.

How to Shop on Happy Fresh?

Step 1: 
Visit the website or download the Happy fresh app on Google Play or App Store

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Step 2: 
Choose the delivery area. Select the city and then select your area. For now Happy Fresh is available in Klang Valley areas; you may check it on the app or the website. Tips: I use postcode for easier search in the area drop down menu.

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Step 3: 
Choose the from list of market or marts that are/is available in your area. 

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Step 4: 
Start browsing and add the stuffs into the cart. You may favourite some for future use too!

Step 5: 
Confirm your address, set delivery time, insert voucher code if you have. You will get to see the delivery fee with it. The delivery fees varies, I will list them down below.

Step 6:
Choose your payment method, online or cash on delivery and the wait for your order to arrive!

The available stores to choose depends on your address area, I think for certain areas you might be able to choose another store like Sam Groceria. Unfortunately, for now my house area only have the Chow Kit Wet Market in the available option. I hope they will bring more stores for me fast because groceries shopping has never been this easy. As for the delivery fees, it goes like this:

For next hour delivery (Example: Order at 3PM Arrive at 4PM) :
- RM 20 if your order size is below RM100
- RM 15 if your order is more than RM100

For all other delivery time:
- RM 15 if your order size is below RM100
- RM 10 if your order is more than RM100 but below RM300
- FREE for order more than RM300

If you are worried about the freshness of the product because even I like to choose my ingredient myself, Happy Fresh is well aware of this and made sure that their picking team are well trained! If you're still not happy with the product, just leave the one you didn't like with the driver and you will only be charged with the stuffs you accept. If you're still confused about how they work, you can always check their FAQ on the website.

My order arrived safe and sound and the stuffs I cooked are now safely nesting in my tummy! It really made my life easier. No need to get out of the house to get the ingredients and at the meantime, I can prepare the other ingredient that I have at home while waiting for my package to get to me. Visit their website for more info and happy groceries shopping to you!

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


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