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Indeed Lab Fillume Serum Review

Hello guys!

This is again, a super delayed entry. I feel so bad for putting off a lot of reviews but I've been truly busy and I just don't like to post out half-hearted writing here. For me, it's better late than doing it 'cincai' and carelessly.  On the brighter side, all those delays actually enable me to truly try the product and for the first time ever, I managed to finished it  up before putting my thoughts out in the open. In this review, I'm going to share about a serum from Indeed Lab called the Fillume. 

If you a long time reader of this blog, you might have seen my other reviews on Indeed Lab products. I've tried their awesomely hydrating Hydraluron Moisture Jelly which has the best functional packaging ever and also, their gentle Facial Powdered Exfoliator which ended up being used more by my sibling than I do LOL. So far, I don't have any unpleasant experience with this brand and I'm happy that my opinion stays the same even with this Fillume Serum.

First of all, aren't you curious what does its called Fillume? Derived from the term 'Filler' and 'Volume', this product is created to provide a solution in restoring volume loss in the skin. You know, as we age, loss of facial volume and creation of fine lines and wrinkles especially around eyes and mouth area is inevitable. So this product is born in order to help restore the elasticity. Voila, and with that wordplay they combined the two terms to get a more hipster name. It does sound very edgy right? 

Basically, what Indeed Labs Fillume Serum does:

1. Restore facial contours without the use of fillers or needle. 
2. Help to improve skin's renewal by building collagen and improving hydration level.
3. Improves skin firmness, suppleness, and elasticity.
4. Improves the tones and the texture of skin.
5. Fills the appearances of furrow lines, nasolabial folds, and smile lines.

So goodbye to those expensive aesthetic treatments. You won't need to endure the pain of those sharp needles and use this serum as a clever substitute instead. I checked out all the mumbo jumbo on how the technology of this serum work on Indeed Labs official site and basically, it helps counteract forces of gravity and help further loss of facial volume. It also, "incorporate the latest scientific innovations using a unique formula of 5 clinically proven peptides designed to work beneath the skin’s surface, helping to improve the appearance of skin aging."

If you need the ingredient list, you can head up to the official website. Using this serum is easy, just put it on after cleansing and toner both in the morning and evening, and a pea size of it is enough. 

My Thoughts:
Firstly, do note that I hate any oily or overly creamy product. I have dry skin, but I just don't like the sticky feeling some skincare product give. Thankfully this serum is not one of them. It's fairly light and the balmy texture does not feel sticky. It absorption rate is fairly quick into the skin too. The light scent is nice and is not overpowering. It can be a bit pricey, retailing at RM126.30 for a 30ml product but considering the formulation, it's something worth spending on. I have a pretty bad under eye lines and using this serum does reduce it quite noticeably. 

You can purchase it at Muse by Watson store in Sunway Pyramid or in Watson chains in Alamanda Putrajaya, Paradigm Mall and KLCC. For more information, kindly visit Muse by Watson Facebook Page.

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


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