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US Fries & Burgers Fiesta: Go Gourmet with KGB

Hello guys!

My food-venture with US Fries & Burgers Fiesta continued at Killer Gourmet Burger (KGB) branch in Bangsar. The outlet is very easy to find, just a few shop away from Devi's Corner and was really crowded that Sunday evening. It was my first time eating at KGB so I was really curious about the food they serve. Like, why gourmet? Especially with their name being eerily similar to that Soviet Union security agency. LOL. I was crossing my fingers hoping to get a taste of a killer burger from the get go especially when I have been hearing about this burger joint from my peers a lot of time. Since I was there to specifically try their US Fries & Burgers Fiesta menu, I was served with two different dishes. They are:

Frito Pie

Let's start with the side. Frito Pie is a U.S Skin-on fries that are served with 24-hours smoked beef brisket with sour cream, sharp cheddar cheese, and grilled onion as toppings. The crispy fries (especially with the skin on) taste really good with the toppings. At first, I didn't know that the beef brisket was smoked for a whole day to gain its deep taste, but I remember my mind went 'holy smokes' #punintended as I took my first bite. The shredded beef just melts in my mouth. So soft. I feel like I don't even use a lot of energy to chew it. Meanwhile, the caramelized grilled onion gave a sweet taste that blends well with the cheese and sour cream giving the Frito Pie a rich, savoury taste.

Santa Fe Burger

The Santa Fe Burger is marvelous. I just love love love love it! A nicely grilled (and juicy) beef patty topped with guacamole, smoked chipotle mayo, crispy beef bacon, and jalapenos screamed the word harmony especially to my taste bud. They are the kind of food I like, almost Mexican with a perfect balance of flavour. An ultimate comfort food if you want to melt away your stress and help your stomach plays a happy song. The US Potato fries that are served as a side for the set just completes the meal. The bun holding the ingredients are soft and fluffy and I liked the KGB branding sealed on it. I would definitely agree that this is the definition of a gourmet burger that won't actually burn a hole in your wallet. Affordable and delicious. What else you can ask for, right?

This burger turned me into KGB-mania!

I would like to thank US Potato Board for giving me an opportunity to chance upon this outlet. Being so near my office, I could foresee myself frequently going there. Stay tuned for my last restaurant review for 2016 US Fries & Burgers soon! You can also check out my first review at Tryst Cafe Subang or see the full list of participating cafes and outlets here.

KGB Bangsar
23, Jalan Telawi 2,
Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur.

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


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