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100 Years of Eye Care with Rohto Eyedrops.

Hello guys!

What causes dry eyes? It's a very simple question but sometimes we are too neglectful to care. The hecticness of daily schedules without giving a rest to the eyes and over-reliance on technology devices like computers, laptops, TVs and mobile phones are the reason why we frequently the feel the dryness and strain. Not just that, environmental irritants like smoke, dust, hazy weather and usage of the air conditioner are also a contributor to this issue. A quick and refreshing solution to the weary eyes would be by giving them some eye drop treatment.

Introducing Rohto Eye Drops, an eye care brand originated from Japan with over 100 years manufacturing experience! It's now available in Malaysia in different variants depending on your eye problem like the Rohto Cool (Blue), Rohto Aqua (Pink), Rohto Dry Aid (Turquoise). Under the wing of a trusted company Mentholatum, what makes this brand different is that the products have a different cooling level, ranging from 0(mild) to 8 (strong).

Rohto Cool

Tired Eye Relief - Cool & Refreshing

This is one product that got a lot of highlight during the launching event. The uniqueness of Rohto Cool eyedrops is on it's cooling feature it gives everytime you apply it on your eyes. Rohto created a 0-8 (low-high) cooling scale and this product is rated at level 5.

Rohto Aqua

Tired Eye Relief - Gentle and Moisturizing

I screamed 'PINK' when I saw the packaging. Maybe I'm biased but this one is has a cute design (yeahh totally biased). Unlike the Rohto Cool, Rohto Aqua has a 0 (mild) level of cooling effect. If you find the cooling feature too foreign, you can opt for this one. Both Aqua and Cool are contact lens friendly so they are just perfect to bring along anywhere. 

Clear and minimalistic teardrop-like packaging!

Rohto Dry Aid

This is an advanced dry eye relief in order to restore moisture. I was unable to try out this one but I think I will grab a bottle soon as I am hoping it will help my very dry eye problem. It contains 3 layers of tear film which are the Oil Layer (Sesame Oil) which is used to prevent evaporation of tears, Water Layer (Hypromellose) to provide moisturization and Mucin Layer (Polyoxyethylene Polyoxypropylene Glyycol) to help enable tears stays on the surface on the eyes. I hope this will help my problem. I am sad since I can't wear contact lens longer than a good 20 minutes. Maybe this could help me keep them on longer. *cross fingers*

During the event, I made a quick Vlog with my fellow blogger Kak Ella and Betty. You can check out our reaction on the Rohto Cool products. Really, a sensation that you should experience at least once in your lifetime! 

The safety and quality level of Rohto eyedrops are considered top notch. Each ingredient is filtered and sterilized through gamma sterilization or electron beam sterilization, from the packaging bottle to the cap and nozzle. Very Japanese like right? LOL if you get what I mean. They are now available in Malaysia leading pharmacies and hypermarkets nationwide, priced at RM16.90 (inclusive of GST) per bottle. Very affordable as it can be used for quite a lot of times. 

From left: Betty, Misz Ella, Me and Miera!

It is recommended to use the eye drops up to 5-6 times daily with 1-2 drops on each affected eyes. The product should be used up to 2-3 months after opening!For more information, you can visit! Thank you to Butterfly Project Malaysia for inviting me to try this cool product. It's now my handbag must have!

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


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