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US Fries & Burgers Fiesta: Kawaii is for Mini Mini Cafe

Hello guys!

My potato-filled journey with US Fries & Burgers Fiesta in this whole month brought me to another participating outlet called Mini Mini Cafe, which is located on Level 3, Mid Valley Megamall. Both visits I had prior to Mini Mini Cafe was really splendid so I was hoping to keep it that way until the end. KGB Bangsar showed me that even a burger can taste like million dollars (gourmet) while Tryst Cafe let me experience a very laid back tasting session. The two of them have a totally different dining concept with each other so it made my review became even more interesting. That's why I couldn't seem to contain my excitement before going this last one.

This cafe is located at the new renovated part of Mid Valley so I have no idea about their concept. I can't draw any image of the cafe in my head beforehand at all so you can say that I was so surprised, almost taken aback by how cuteeee the decoration at the Mini Mini Cafe. It turned on my geeky side as the cafe is literally a cross between Alice in Wonderland and a toy shop. Yeah. They have toys or more specifically dolls, displayed all over the place. I felt like I'm in a tea party. I realized I didn't take any more picture of the interior ESPECIALLY THAT KAWAII SAILORMOON DOLL that was displayed near our table so I am definitely going back even if it's just to soak in all the cuteness, and take pictures. Lots of them.

Insta-worthy? Checked!

Like the other two outlets, Mini Mini Cafe Mid Valley also have two participating dish in this fiesta. The first one is the Ox Bites Burger and the second one is the Roasted Chicken Burger. Without further ado, let's go through each of them!

Ox Bites Burger.

This burger is very meaty and has a strong beefy flavour to it. The burger bun is soft, and the patty is topped with salad, cheddar slice, and the Mini Recipe Sauce. As usual, no burger can be complete without its fries buddy and this dish also come with the U.S Skin-on fries. You know what? After going around fries last May, I found that I really like the crispiness achieved with a skin-on fries compared to the naked one. LOL!

Roasted Chicken Burger

If you approach me any day and ask if I am a beef or chicken person; most of the time my answer would be beef. Like probably 99% of the time? The rare 1% goes to a certain moment when I feel like a chicken dish is more amazing than the beef one. That includes this Roasted Chicken Burger from Mini Mini Cafe. Just like it's ox twin, the burger is served with U.S Skin-on fries. The burger has the same stuff inside too. Salad, cheddar slice and the Mini Recipe Sauce. But what set this burger higher than the first one is the fact that the patty is so juicy, not overcooked at all. Roasted perfectly. I notice that the burger patty is mixed with ground black pepper which gives it a fun spice taste.

In overall, both burgers are good but the chicken tops the game this time. The portion is just nice to eat per person, especially if you're hungry. As for other sauces like chili sauce or ketchup, Mini Mini Cafe provides a condiment section which allows you to customize the amount of sauce you want.

My journey with U.S Fries & Bugers Fiesta 2016 ends here. I would like to thank you to the U.S Potato board for having me as a part of this gastronomic fun. I had so much fun trying and enjoying a various style of burgers and fries! If you want to check out the full list of the participating outlet for this fiesta, you can read my previous post. May 2016 officially became the month where Anis eats burger almost every week! Not that I'm complaining. LOL!

Mini Mini Cafe
T-005C & T-007A,
3rd Floor, South Court,
Mid Valley Megamall,
59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Mon-Sun: 10.30AM-10PM

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


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