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New Mentholatum Oxy Whitening Oil Control Wash Review for Oily Skin

Hello guys!

I received another surprise from Mentholatum just a few weeks after they sent me their brand new Sugar Lips Coloured Lip Balm which I have also reviewed. It was a pretty good timing because my brother had  ran out of his cleanser and the Oxy Whitening Oil Control Wash is just perfect for his oily skin type. On the contrary, my skin is on the drier side on the cheeks but my T-Zone can be either normal or a tad oily depending on the weather. I did use it on my T-Zone to at least have a better idea on how this cleanser work on my skin but thankfully I have an extra person to experiment on for this review! 

Fast forward to two weeks later, I'm finally ready to share about this product with you! First of all, this range is fairly new and it comes in two sizes; 50g and 100g . I will say that this is very affordable product considering the quality. I know Oxy has been around for quite sometimes, and I bet it have a pretty wide fan base already. So, you won't have to worry if the brand is trustworthy or not because it won't be here for that long if it's not good enough.

Mentholatum Oxy Whitening Oil Control Wash is made to focus on improving these five aspects of oily skin condition:

1. Giving fair and brighter skin.
2. Help in controlling shine.
3. Minimize appearances of pores.
4. Deep cleansing factor.
5. 72-hours moisturization with just a facial wash.

Yes, just because you have an oily skin doesn't mean that you won't need moisturization. As opposed to popular belief, oily skin is also caused by lack of hydration. Insufficient hydration will end up triggering more sebum production. So, with the right amount of moisturization, you can actually combat overproduction of oil and at the same time, help reduces overly enlarged pores.

I think this cleanser smells like men's aftershave product. Very clean and fresh. If you feel lonely, maybe you can just smell yourself if you don't have a man. LOL, just kidding! *giggles*

It is not too thick nor too watery and it lathers pretty well with just a bit of water. I also noticed that it gives off a cooling feeling on the skin during cleansing! I checked the ingredient afterwards and saw Balm Mint and Peppermint included in the ingredient list. I guess that's the reason why. Really love that cooling feeling since it often helped me to 'wake up' even more in the morning.

Price wise, this Mentholatum Oxy Whitening Oil Control Wash is an absolute steal. Sometimes, a meal at a nice place can cost you more than that. The whole tube lasts quite long considering it has been two weeks and still there's more inside. You can purchase this at major pharmacies nationwide for RM8.50 (50g) and RM13.90 (100g).

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


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