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Beauty Clinic Mediheal ADE Masks Range Review

Lately, I have been trying a lot of masks in office. We started with Tuesday and Thursday as a 'mask day' just for fun and because of that, my skin condition is now getting much better than it has ever been for awhile. The twice a week masks session is now becoming more frequent and we kind of influenced our other colleagues to join in the fun too. Seriously, working with a face mask on feels really nice as it's cooling and makes you feel fresh all the time. Thanks to that, my masks stash have been diminishing faster than usual. I'm not complaining though since I got an excuse to shop for more. *giggles*

I have a few masks that are now in Anis's list of 'Masks I Can't Live Without' which I will share about maybe next time, but for today I'm going to review the Beauty Clinic Mediheal's ADE masks that I got during Sasa's sale in Sunway Pyramid about a month ago. I was not planning to get anything that day so you can call it impulse shopping. In my defence, the price was too good for me to miss out. In the end, I managed to grab five out of six masks available in that range which are Cacao, Pumpkin, Pomegranate, Kiwi Apple and Acai Berry. I wish I can try out the Lemon Lime type too. Maybe I will try to look for it again and review it later on. (Update: I went to another SASA outlet after I wrote this and it's still not available)

My Thoughts

One of the very first things that I notice about these Beauty Clinic Mediheal's ADE masks is their scent. I love that each of them smells (faintly) like the ingredient. For example; the cacao masks really smell like chocolate. This may be a turn off for certain people, especially for those who dislikes artificial fragrance in their skincare but they just smell nice to me. My favourite scent would be Cacao, Kiwi and Pumpkin.

Sorry for my huge face attack but here is how the sheet texture look like.

Compared to other masks that are sold with the same price range, I would say that this Beauty Clinic Mediheal's ADE masks have a really great sheet. From all the sheet masks that I have tried so far (except for the hydrogel type), this range has the thickest sheet after Dr.Jart+ Clean Up Your Pores mask (which I totally love). It uses the natural cellulose tencel sheet which helps it to stick better on the skin. These cancel sheets are also highly dermotropic, in which according to means that it is 'attracted to, localising in, or entering by way of the skin'. From what I understand, it is most likely to mean that it helps the absorption of the solution into your skin . I also love how the sheet holds a lot of the essence in instead of letting so much product to be wasted at the bottom of the pack.

Cacao: Pore Cleaning & Skin Texture

Acai Berry: Skin Energy & Light Up

Kiwi Apple: Pore Care & Clearing

Pomegranate: Skin Firming & Hydration

Pumpkin: Face Line & Revitalizing

As for the individual 'flavour', I have mixed feelings about each of them:

First of all, I find Cacao to be the best one to work on my skin as it doesn't give my skin any irritation or stickiness feel afterwards. The Pumpkin mask perks up my curiosity the most since it's not the most usual ingredient to incorporate in a face mask (or at least from what I have tried so far). It's also similar to the Cacao mask as it doesn't have that overly sticky feeling to it. My least favourite one will be the Acai Berry because it made my skin feeling overly itchy (not just normal tingle).This is maybe caused by the active ingredient in Acai Berry, so I ended up taking it off 10 minutes after I put it on. Kiwi Apple, Pomegranate and Acai Berry are also stickier than the first two.

I'm not exactly sure how much is the normal price per sheet as I got them during a sale, but I think it will be around RM5-RM7 each. If you know how much it is, let me know and I'll update it here. Am I going to get more of them? Probably the cacao and pumpkin one because I just love them. 

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


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