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VR Lab SS2: Experiencing Gaming in Virtual Reality

Awkward looking but you'll get pass that.

"The future is now," said my colleague Sydney when I told her about my recent gaming experience at one of VR Lab outlet located in SS2, Petaling Jaya. I still vividly remember how my younger self used to imagine a far-in-the-future world where virtual reality is possible and commercially accessible for normal people to use. All those sci-fi films made me wonder how great it would be to experience something thats even better than the traditional flat screen 2D entertainment world that we are already used to. Little that I know at that time that my imagination would turn into a reality way faster than I initially thought it would be and that I am lucky enough to be experiencing it in my youth.

Pablo Cheese Tart Malaysia: Discovering New Matcha & Chocolate Flavours

Not long after my first 'rendezvous' at the Pablo Cheese tart's first Malaysia outlet in 1 Utama Shopping Mall, I was invited there once more. This time, it was to taste test their special flavoured cheese tarts which was not yet available during the first launching.

B-Lab I'm Sorry Just Cleansing Peeling Gel & Cleansing Water Review

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One of my new year resolutions is to start reviewing all the beauty products that I have been using but never got the chance to write about last year. My shopping habit in 2016 has totally changed from how it used to be (read: ex-Sephora serial shopper). These days, rather than shopping at the counters, I realised that I've been doing online shopping a lot more instead; and working at Althea kind of made it worse HAHA. That is why, a majority of the products I have been wanting to write about were purchased from Althea (I always fail to resist the temptation just like others LOL). Knowing that there are tonnes of new K-beauty brands to discover excites me; thus, the unstoppable spending! My vanity drawer is kind of filled up to the brim right now, so I've been putting myself on a shopping ban. Does anyone relate to this?!

Jerlynn'L: A Safer Choice for Kids & You

I love discovering new brands, especially ones with stories and Jerlynn'L is a local brand that fits perfectly in that category. Established by a father who wants to give the best for his children, Jerlynn'L provides a range of products that are formulated to suit children's delicate skin by using natural & earth-sourced ingredients. Needless to say, this means that the products from this brand will definitely cater to adults with sensitive skin too. In this post, I'm going to share my thoughts on four products from Jerlynn'L that I have been trying for the past month.

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