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Pablo Cheese Tart Malaysia: Discovering New Matcha & Chocolate Flavours

Not long after my first 'rendezvous' at the Pablo Cheese tart's first Malaysia outlet in 1 Utama Shopping Mall, I was invited there once more. This time, it was to taste test their special flavoured cheese tarts which was not yet available during the first launching.

If the first visit was like an adventure in a cheesy-land, this time we were spoilt with the Japanese signature matcha (green tea) flavour. From the desserts to the drink, Pablo managed to infuse the matcha ingredients into the menu well. The main signature would be the Freshly Baked Matcha Cheese Tart with Shiratama and Azuki (RM49.90), which has indeed an interesting flavour to it.

Unlike the light baked cheese tart, this one has a stronger and more savoury taste to it. The Shiratama (a type of dango/ Japanese mochi) inside it makes it fun to chew while the Azuki beans give more depth to the taste. Personally, I love the cheese tart version more, but for matcha lovers, this might be just perfect for you. 

The matcha version of the Pablo Frute (RM15.90) drink is basically a clever twist of the tart, with extra cream on top. If you want something more different, I suggest you to try their Matcha Cheese Soft Serve Ice Cream (RM11.90) instead as that was a truly new flavour to me. My favourite one out of the four items that I tried from the matcha line is the Sabrel Cheese-Matcha (RM36.90) cookies. Just like the original, these cookies are just so addicting I can't seem to stop eating them. 

Meanwhile, if you are not a big fan of matcha, you can always opt for the all-time classic; which is their chocolate flavour. Also available as the Freshly Baked Chocolate Cheese Tart and the Pablo Frute, the chocolate taste surprisingly reminds me of Milo taste. They are available from now onwards at Pablo 1 Utama, retailing at the same price of the matcha range. Now, all I need is to try out their premium line and you can call me a 'Pablo connoisseur'. HAHA! For more information on Pablo, visit their Facebook Pablo Cheesetart Malaysia.

Pablo Cheesetart 
Level 2, Old Wing
1 Utama Shopping Centre. 

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


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