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5 Reasons Why Veet Sensitive Touch is Your New Bestie

I have this love-hate relationship with feminine shaving/trimming products. With a pretty sensitive skin, I always ended up getting irritation when using said items; be it a shaving cream or a shaving blade/device. I always need to opt for products that are made to cater for people with extra sensitive skin instead, and being extra also means extra budget needed to purchase them every time! Honestly, it was one of my biggest concern when it comes to personal care. It's just too expensive and those shaving cream ran out pretty fast too.

Unfortunately, I had no choice but to continue purchasing them over time. The stressful cycle continues until recently when I first discovered Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimming device. When I first heard about it, I was sceptical as I always do; until I actually tried using it myself. It totally changed my perspective and I ended up loving it! Not only multi-purpose and hassle free, it really does help people with super sensitive skin like me. It's my new bestie and it should be yours too! Not convinced? Here are the 5 reasons why you should give it a chance:

1. Clean Up Your Mess

If you need something that's reliable to clean up your mess, Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer is for you. With the size no more bigger than majority electric toothbrush, this device is perfect to help you solve multiple 'fuzzy' issues at hand! You can use it to:

- Trim and shape your eyebrows.
- Shape/shave your bikini lines.
- Shave your underarms hair.
- Gentle hair removal on upper lips and chin area.
- Help trim and shape for perfect looking sideburn

There is also no fear of cuts since the blade doesn't touch your skin. I've tested it myself by putting my finger on the activated trimming head and it does not hurt me in any way. The design on the trimming head is specially made to avoid the issue from happening. 

2. Doesn't Irritate You

The trimming heads of the Veet Sensitive Touch is interchangeable and rinse-able. Personally, I find the interchangeable feature to be very hygienic (since I can rinse it off after usage) and it also means that I will be able to use the product in the long run (the heads are not sold separately right now but I hope they will!). The replaceable bikini trimmer head above can also be used for underarms. Like I said above, I have a pretty sensitive skin so conventional shaving blade is not suitable for me. It was a pleasant surprise to find that this product doesn't irritate my skin like how other shaving blades did before. I am so glad to find a resolution to this problem that's been bugging me for years now!

3. Answer Your SOS

Waking up to a bushy untrimmed eyebrow is not a nightmare anymore. With the replaceable 2 sided trimming head (16mm/6mm), Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer will provide you with the optimal and high precision eyebrow shaping experience. You can also attach the 2mm/4mm comb attachment on top of the trimming head to ensure a uniform hair length is trimmed. It does a fairly quick and precise job and you can now trim your eyebrows to the style that you wanted; be it Korean style straight brow (my favourite) or a more arched eyebrow look that Westerners prefer. You don't have to worry about eyebrow-disaster anymore!

4. Perfect Travel Partner

One of the biggest hassles of shaving products is also the fact that they are always made to cater one type of issue. Imagine having to travel somewhere and having to pack three to four different items just to make sure everything is taken care of. Urgh, what a pain right? This is why I love this product. Since Veet Sensitive Touch is made to take care multiple problems at one go, my travelling worry is now gone. Not only the interchangeable trimming head feature made my life easier, the fact that the product comes with a cute pouch make it a very practical item. Even with all of these parts below packed together, it's still way smaller than bringing a brow shaver and a feminine shaving cream altogether. Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer set comes with:

1. AA battery
2. Replaceable bikini trimming head (20mm)
3. 2mm/4mm comb attachment to uniform hair length
4. Cleaning brush
5. Styler cap
6. Comb attachment to uniform hair length
7. Replaceable 2 sided trimming head: 16mm & 6mm for optimal eyebrow shaping
8. Easy twist gadget to activate/deactivate.
9. Beauty pouch for easy mobility

5. Won't Slip Away

The size of the handle of Veet Sensitive Touch is just perfect to hold on to. It doesn't get slippery even when using it with a wet hand. On top of that, since the product is battery operated you won't encounter the hassle of having to recharge the device over and over again. Honestly, I find it more time-saving. If you find the device to be out of power to use in times of emergency, a change of battery will solve your problem faster than waiting it to be charged. It definitely won't slip away when you need it the most.

Overall, I find this device very convenient and affordable. The size, the design and most importantly the features does help me shave away my worries (unwanted hairs) away so quickly and easily. So far, my sensitive skin has not gotten any bad reaction from it at all! There's a reason why it's called 'sensitive touch' after all. Leave behind all those unnecessary expenses and switch to Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer now! It is available to purchase at major pharmacies nationwide for only RM119. For more information, visit

*This product is sent to me for review but all the opinion above comes from me after trying it out.

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


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