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Anmum Materna: Your Extraordinary Journey Companion πŸ₯›

No Added Sugar

Hello, friends!
Before you jump to conclusions, let me say that that; no, I am not married nor pregnant at the moment. Won't be anytime soon either as far as I know, 🀣 but then, who knows what the future would bring right? Anyway, I have a lot of friends that just tied the knot or are expecting at the moment so when I was invited by Anmum last weekend to attend their talk regarding extraordinary pregnancies journey; I thought, why not? It's good knowledge and it might help those who are planning to get pregnant or are already carrying a child inside.

No Added Sugar

Even when we are younger, we are told to appreciate our mothers because all of the sacrifices that they have done for us especially for carrying us around with them for nine months long and bearing the pain during childbirth. Honestly, even thinking about how painful that would bring tears to my eyes. It's the greatest sacrifice a person could have done, risking one's life for the sake of another life; yet I've never encountered any mothers who said that they regret taking that choice. Instead, a lot of them would brag about how extraordinary the experience was and would never exchange it for anything in the world.

No Added Sugar

It's amazing to think that a growing human can be inside another human's belly for nine long months and it's pretty much a miracle to see how amazing a human body can be, adapting to all those changes. Do you know that during pregnancy:

🀰Mothers would experience weight gain due to the increase of fluid inside the body and it can be up to 11.5 to 16 kg?
🀰The amount of blood will also increase to about 30-50% than usual (about 1.5-2 litres) in order to transport oxygen and nutrients to the growing child.
🀰To pump the increasing blood, their heart rate will also increase correspondingly to about 10-20bpm (beats per minute) more
🀰Breating rate will also increase about 20% to supply enough oxygen to both the mother and child 

It sounds almost magical, right? In order to have all of those above happen without any problem, enough nutrients are needed by the mother so the body can withstand all the sudden changes. A good, balanced and healthy diet is crucial as well since too much of a weight gain can cause a condition called Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) which can complicate things during pregnancy and childbirth. Same goes with lack of nutrient; a mother's body won't be able to function at optimal without it either if it's not supplied with enough energy source.

The most important thing to follow in order to make sure that your child is growing healthily inside the womb is to listen to your physician's advise. All mothers are different and your pregnancies circumstances may differ from each other so make sure to consult your doctor for a professional opinion. Try to follow a healthy diet following the Malaysian Food Pyramid and try to exercise variety and balance in every meal and remember; moderation is the key. The experts at the talk also recommend pregnant mothers to actively discuss with their attending doctor when it comes to the best diet for them. Nowadays, a lot of expecting mothers rely on online research and information about their pregnancies but please bear in mind that not all of them are accurate as everyone's pregnancies circumstances can be different. For example; the OBGYN expert advises against taking too much durian during pregnancy as the king of fruits contain blood thinning component that in some cases can cause complications to you and your child. Of course, this may not apply to everyone as our body are different so always check it with the professionals before believing it heads on.

No Added Sugar Chocolate

Realising how important the journey is for expecting mothers and how extraordinary it can be, leading pre-natal milk brand Anmum Materna introduced a newly-improved pre-natal milk brand Anmum Materna, specially formulated to help provide nutrient support for both mothers and child developing inside; with Probiotic DR10 a unique patented probiotic that is clinically tested to promote good gut health. Available in two different flavours plain and chocolate, this formulation comes with no added sugar and low in fat formulation with added benefit from 100% Folate and Calcium too. The best part? They are now can be purchased in a pack of seven sticks (plain flavour 36g) and (chocolate flavour 42g) perfect for a mom who is always on the go! Each pack is priced at RM19.90. You can also opt for the bag-in-box 650g variant for consumption at home retailing at RM42.00 each.

*Sucrose, Glucose Syrup Solid, Brown Sugar, Dextrose, Lactose, Fructose, Honey and White Sugar are defined as 'sugar' and 'added sugar' under CODEX Standard 212-1999.
* Sucrose, Brown Sugar, Dextrose, Glucose, Fructose, Honey are defined as sweetening substances under Malaysian Food Regulations 1995. 

Radio announcer Ng Kar Yoon enjoying the oat with Anmum Materna

Get added nutrients and go creative with it! On top of drinking the milk on its own, you can also try to incorporate it into your daily menu such as making a milk pudding with it or a delicious overnight oat! Celebrity mommies-to-be Jihan Muse (actress televisions host) and Ng Kar Yoon (radio announcer and celebrity host) are also a fan of Anmum Materna, especially the convenient stick packs considering their busy daily schedule. Two glass per day would help support the pregnancy development while keeping tabs on the daily sugar intake. So, go creative and make Anmum Materna your extraordinary journey companion today!

Tips: Get 15% OFF for the newly improved Anmum Materna on Lazada with code N15MUM discount on top of any existing discount. Promotion ends 31 January 2018.

Till next post, toodles~! ♥γƒŸ


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