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Makeup Revolution UK: Ultimate Blush & Light & Contour Palette 🌈

Hello, friends!
I was supposed to post this sharing up last weekend but I was too exhausted after the KWave2 Music Festival to even lift my fingers and start typing; my favourite band Super Junior was performing so of course, I wouldn't miss it for the world. 🀣 Since I am a serial procrastinator, I figure that if I keep on delaying this, it'll just drag on. Had this for quite awhile (months) actually before I succesfully force my lazy ass to take its picture and for that, I won't let myself put it off any longer. A round of applause for my effort please! LOL So, without further ado, let me introduce you to this awesome and super affordable Makeup Revolution UK: Ultimate Blush & Light & Contour Palette.

To be honest, I was just checking out TamBeauty when Sydney said that she wanted to order something from there and ship it to her friend's address in the UK. Her friend was planning coming back to Malaysia not too long after that so she would be able to bring them back for her. I wasn't aiming for anything but the deal on that day was too good to be passed on. They were having some kind of sale at that time and as soon as I saw this palette on the website, I immediately made up my mind. It cost me just about £10 which when converted was around RM50 at that time. Such a steal right? With 32 shades that work as blusher (16 shades), highlighter (8 shades) and contour/bronze (8 shades), I couldn't help to say yes to it.

The pink and coral blusher tones are so easy to work with my skin undertone (warm to natural). Along with the different highlighter and contour shades, they made this the perfect palette to purchase in terms of affordability; especially, if you love to experiment with different kind of makeup looks or is somewhat new in the makeup world. All the shades with last you forever! LOL, seriously I can't even imagine the possibility of me finishing off this whole palette because God knows I am the type who will reach out to the same set of shades over and over again. Nonetheless, I do not regret getting baby at all! It's such an apple to my eyes, I don't mind just having it as decoration on my vanity- figuratively speaking.

It has a pretty decent payoff, considering the price. If you divide the cost of the palette with the number of shades available, it means that each colour only cost RM1.60. Honestly, with just that alone I should say that the pigmentation is more than just 'decent', it's actually amazing! I did notice that certain shades are slightly more crumbly than the other but it's not a major issue to me as they are still workable (since the palette is so affordable, it already exceeded my expectation so I am being quite lenient on other minor factors). I've also used some them eyeshadows as well, especially the contours colours as they are the perfect nudes if I decided to go on that 'no makeup, makeup route). On top of that, I absolutely love the shimmers choices too! Now, I can match them with my different makeup mood. The shades are buildable as well, as you can see in the picture below (I swatched each of them a few times to get it saturated enough so you can see them easily).

Right to left: Darkess to lightest (according to the order in the palette)

The only downside of this palette that I could think of as of now is that it does not exactly travel friendly. The size is too bulky to bring everywhere, and the only way to be able to do so it for you to try de-potting each of the shade into a smaller palette (which I will never do because I don't want to ruin it, lol). Not a big problem for me though because I have other single blushers, highlighters, and contouring items to use for travel.  Now that I've tried this brand, I am so looking forward to try more of their product!

P/S: I also found out that Makeup Revolution UK has released a newer edition of this palette this year. You can check out the Makeup Revolution UK Ultimate Blush & Light & Contour Palette 2018 on TamBeauty website.

Till next post, toodles~! ♥γƒŸ


  1. It look so pretty!! I will not be able to depotting it as well haha

    xx Alyssa | STYLE VANITY

    1. I know right?! I'll just struggle a bit and keep it intact in one piece. HAHA


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