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Caffe Bene Ultra Violet Sweet Potato Party 💜

Annyeong friends!
I'm back with another post. Today, I am going to share about The Butterfly Project x Caffe Bene Malaysia event that I attended a few weeks ago along with my fellow butterfly bloggers. The theme was UltraViolet (read: purple vibes) as the event was held to introduce Caffe Bene's latest seasonal menu; the UltraViolet Sweet Potato Series. If you follow me on my Instagram, you might have seen my stories about the happenings during the event which took place at Caffe Bene's 1Utama branch. As usual, I was once again acting as a volunteer BRO (bloggers relation officer), helping Tammy (our mamasan) and the community to take care of all the attendees' registration but this time I was joined by our little caterpillar Syahira.

Caterpillar Syahira (BRO assistant)

Anyway, since the theme of the event was purple, I actually had to search everywhere for a suitable outfit. Coincidentally, it was right around Chinese New Year time so it was even harder to find since most of the clothing stores featured a lot of red, white and gold to match the festivities instead. After looking for awhile and being not happy with what I found, I just decided to go for the next best thing; a purple kimono top with floral pattern from the Cotton On, mainly because they were having a discount! LOL. My choice turned out to be a good one because I ended up twining with someone that day! *giggles*

Quiz: find my twin in the pictures below!

Eros: Mr Photographer of the day

The event that day started with Butterfly Project founder a.k.a our Mamasan Tammy Lim giving us a welcoming speech and then followed by Miriam explaining further about the Caffe Bene latest's UltraViolet Sweet Potatoes series to everyone in attendance.

Mamasan Tammy giving a welcoming speech
 Miriam explaining about Caffe Bene new seasonal menu!

Without further ado, let's check out what's currently in-store for everyone to try! I'm going to spam some pictures that I took with the Butterflies that day as well;

Me: the team BRO :)
Sydney: Emcee of the day
Spot the three musketeers
Butterfly Shirley and Angie
Butterfly Candance and Tiffany
Butterfly Syafiqah Hashim

Ultra Violet Sweet Potato Bingsu

Caffe Bene Malaysia seasonal menu will never be complete without their star menu; bingsu. For this series, this yummy icy treat is made with shaved ice, Caffe Bene Malaysia seasonal sweet potato gelato, purple sweet potato milk base, crunchy granola, and also agar jelly made from seaweed! Personally, among all of Caffe Bene Malaysia's seasonal bingsu creation, this has got to be the best one for me! Price: RM29.90

Butterfly Sharon

Thinker Belle Tips: Make sure to add it the Bene's way by mixing all the ingredients together before eating them rather than going through it by layer!

Ultra Violet Sweet Potato Cream Waffle

This waffle is amazing, I lost count how much we had that day! With the Caffe Bene Malaysia signature Belgium waffle (plain or walnut), this new series adds a touch of ultraviolet by adding a layer of purple sweet potato paste on top of it, along with crunchy granola, a scoop of sweet potato gelato and a dash of sweet potato powder on top. Price: RM18.90

Angie with her waffles!

Thinker Belle Tips: Eat them warm! You'll feel all the happiness in the world 😋

Ultra Violet Sweet Potato Freppeno

Perfect for a hot summer day and super Instagram-able too, just like the others in this series. This ice-blended drink is made with purple sweet potato frappeno, topped with whipped cream and added with a sprinkle of sweet potato powder for a little touch of magic! Price: RM16.90

Thinker Belle Tips: Best enjoyed with friends around!

Ultra Violet Sweet Potato Latte (Hot/Cold)

Mamasan Tammy loving the Sweet Potato Latte!

Got to say that the Caffe Bene Hot UltraViolet Sweet Potato Latte is my absolute favourite among the four followed by the waffle. This is saying a lot because I rarely choose drink over dessert although I'd say everything from this range is so on point, it's hard for me to play favouritism. I just love the taste, the level of sweetness, the creaminess and the warmth of this drink as it went down my throat. A lovely treat especially on a rainy day but you can choose to have it cold too! Price: RM14.90

My favourite kiddos

I would like to thank Caffe Bene Malaysia and Butterfly Project Malaysia for holding such a fun and relaxing event for us bloggers to catch up and hang around. It was such a fun day! I'm looking forward to more exciting gathering with the fellow butterflies soon! *hint* unicorn party *hint*.

Fellow butterflies! 💜

Last but not least, I just want to point out that I actually really love this range so much that I am wishing that this is not just their seasonal menu. I don't think I can't be apart from the latte anymore! Each seasonal menu will only last for about three months a time so if you haven't gotten the chance to try out this amazing UltraViolet range from Caffe Bene, make sure to visit them before 15th April 2018.

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


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