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L'Oreal Color Riche Collection Star 24k 💛 Gold Lipsticks Review

//Note: This blog post was written by me months ago, but being the old forgetful person I am I just realised that I haven't published it. Not want to waste, so here you go!

I have too many lipsticks, said no girl ever. 😂 So yeah, today I'm here to share about another lipstick range that I have in my collection, which is the recently launched L'Oreal Color Riche 24k Gold Lipsticks. Alright, to be honest; it's not that recent. I was invited to attend the L'Oreal Gold Obsession Party along with Sydney, Eros, Bo and Dash to celebrate the launch of these beautiful babies last May but I was not able to share it earlier since I was hospitalised not long after that due to the perforated appendicitis surgery #storyofmylife. Here are some throwback pictures of that night:

photo credits:

Anyways, since I have fully recovered, I finally got to play with the six beautiful metallic shades of the Color Riche 24k Lipsticks + a limited edition pure gold lipstick from the same collection.💋 These Star Collection lipsticks are also printed with the signatures of well-loved female celebrities to bring out that star-quality in you! With six versatile shades that are suitable for different occasions, you can create a totally new look each day. Awesome right?

If you haven't heard of it, the L'Oreal Color Riche formula was actually launched 30 years ago and up until now; it has been loved by many due to its rich colour formulation that provides lip care all in one lipstick. 💄 The newly developed shades from the 24k gold range also contain the same awesome formula; the difference? Some extra gold magic is added in! Seriously, each lipstick is infused with luxurious 24-carat gold pigments that provide an awesome metallic finish. ✨

Available colours (from left to right) include:

G101 Le Gold
C601 Coral Gold (Chom)
N601 Nude Gold (Barbara)
P601 Rose Gold (Sonam)
R601 Rogue Gold (Aishwarya Rai)
RB602 Scarlet Gold (Luma)
M601 Mocha Gold (Eva Longoria)

Want to be extra fancy? Add on the pure gold shade on top or you can also wear the gold alone! There is no limitation in art; you can create a look that's all you.😉 These babies are also 'enriched with lip-loving oils (jojoba oil) and velvety pigments that dress your lips in glossy gold lustre'!

Coral Gold | Nude Gold | Rose Gold
Rogue Gold | Scarlet Gold | Mocha Gold 
Le Gold
Correction: With 'Le Gold' Topper

These lipsticks are very creamy with a satin/glossy finish which means there is no need to be worried about dry lips. They glide on like butter and are very pigmented. I also love how versatile and glamorous my lip look can be with just an added touch from the Pure Gold shade. By the way, the gold lipstick can also be used to glam up your eye look too. Just a bit on the corner or centre of the eyelids for that extra glitz. My favourite shades out of the six? I would say the Rose Gold and Mocha Gold. These babies pretty long as well. You can now purchase them at major retail store and pharmacies retailing at RM38.05. For more information, visit L'Oreal Paros Malaysia Facebook page.

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


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