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Life is #100Mmmmm 🐄 Fun with Fernleaf UHT Milk! 🥛

Hello, friends!
Are you a milk person? I totally am! I am so obsessed with milk, I pair it up with the most random things. Really, I can drink a whole carton of 1-litre milk in a blink if I want too. LOL. Today, I am going to share about the Fernleaf UHT Milk, their story and what makes it 100% trustable to be your daily source of milk goodness. But, before that, here comes story time! What is my blog without one right? This is gonna be a bit long but believe me it'll be worth it. At the end of the post, I'll help make you at least much more knowledgeable on milk and Fernleaf compared to before! I'll also talk about my fun picnic yesterday featuring Fernleaf UHT Milk along with my good friend Eros from fishmeatdie a.k.a my official foodie/photoshoot/kpop partner in crime. We even colour coordinated our outfits to match Fernleaf's fun yellow vibe!


🐄 Milk Story: The Past.

Milk has always been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Since the early age, my mom has always reminded us that we need to drink milk according to the amount needed daily to grow healthy and strong. For that onwards, I have never parted ways with life's creamiest gift. Since my mom is a working mother, preparing a breakfast that requires long preparation time during weekdays is pretty hard but one of my fondest memory when it comes to her, is that she never fails to prep something for us even though it's just something as simple as a bowl of cereal with cold milk. Simple but full of love.

So yeah, milk always bring in good memory like that. Even until now, my mom always makes sure that our fridge never runs out of milk so that whenever her children are hungry and she's not around to whip up something for us, there is always something nutritional and fulfilling ready for us to consume. Years passed and yet I still enjoy my cereal + milk time. As a matter of fact, I had quite an impromptu picnic with Eros yesterday, and we brought some cereal and Fernleaf UHT Milk to 'noms' at while chilling at the Perdana Botanical Garden.

Read on for more picnic story + pictures!

My good memory when it comes to milk does not stop there. During my childhood time, my late grandfather on my dad's side had a cow farm. Since his place was just 40 minutes away from where our home is, I spent a big part of my childhood frequently visiting him over the weekend so I had a real soft spot for farm animals. I remember running around the fields, accompanying my grandpa while he attended to his cows and even got scolded once I was not being gentle enough with them. My grandpa always told me that animals have feelings and we have to treat them with as much care and love.

Despite how strict he was around his children, I can never forget his soft side that I managed to see while he was taking care of his cows. Every morning and evening, he'll bring them around to open grassy field and let the cows wander around to have their meal. He'll talk to them, pets them and sometimes laugh at them when they do something stupid or funny. Yeah, I might sound like I am describing a human. That's how much my grandpa treasure his cows. Even when he was milking them, he treated them with the utmost respect and gentleness.

Although we've lost my grandpa due to his passing more than a decade ago, the memories from my years of visiting him and the lessons he taught me on how to respect other forms of life are very important to me up until now. He used to say, the more we need something from nature, the more we have to care and love it. That is the truest form of humanity and that's why ethical dairy farming is such an important topic for me. I need to know the milk that I purchase and consume comes from an ethical and happy farm environment.

Fernleaf's farm, for example, takes really good care of their cows and this is definitely something I approve of. Their farm is located in the beautiful country New Zealand, and we all know how high-quality milk sourced from there can be! How I wish I can see it myself too. I have a feeling that if I can once again see dairy cows grazing happily in a green open field, it'll invoke a precious memory from the past one more time. Sigh, I miss my grandpa.

But don't be sad, I am just telling my story to show you how I relate deeply to what I want to talk about today. My milk story continues on and even when I was in boarding school, I'll always have a stock of UHT milk ready. You see, we don't have a fridge to keep stuff fresh longer there; but when you stay somewhere with very little distraction (aka very boring), you tend to get hungry in the middle of the night. So having milk around so I can dunk in my biscuit (super combo: milk + oreos) is super important. It's definitely healthier than gulping down instant noodle too!

🐄 My Milk Story: The Present and Future

Now, I loveeee my milk in my coffee. To be honest, I think the art of making a latte is a masterpiece because it managed to combine the two things I love; coffee and milk. Nothing beats a full cream milk in a coffee lol! And I also love to have my matcha latte on days where I want to avoid caffeine. Not only that, I am always adding milk to my food when I am cooking. From the simplest thing like making breakfast (pancake, waffles, scrambled eggs etc)  to a complete dinner (pasta, curry, buttermilk chicken etc). Why? Do you have any idea how good milk makes my pancake taste?  I made some using Fernleaf UHT Full Cream milk for breakfast today and it turned out so fluffy and soft! Just look at the picture. I know you want some. Hihi. And oh, not just for pancake and waffle batter, you can also try using the Fernleaf UHT Milk as a substitute in cooking. I'll suggest the Low-Fat kind if you want to make it more healthy.

Here I am making a fluffy pancake! Don't ask me for the recipe though, I googled + eyeball it.
Use Fernleaf UHT Milk in your cooking for a 100% added Mmmmm #100Mmmmm

By now, you should have a general idea on how much I love milk. Sometimes, a tad too much HAHA! But, I am definitely passing on my obsession for it to the next generation. When I have my own kid(s), I'll definitely make sure that they'll love it as much as I do too! After all, what my mom taught me before should definitely be taught to my children too right? As for my top favourite kind? I think Fernleaf UHT Milk does seem to cross off all of my checklist of 'What Makes a Good Milk?', and here are the reasons why;


🐄 About Fernleaf

My story with Fernleaf doesn't start recently. I've been drinking milk from Fernleaf since I was younger. That memory of drinking Fernleaf milk (the powder kind) prepared by my mom, on a rainy day is something that I've always love. Now Fernleaf has the UHT Milk which comes in three flavours; full cream, chocolate and low fat. The variants can be found in 1 litre (all three flavours) or 200ml size (full cream and chocolate).

Fernleaf is actually a brand under a mother company known as Fonterra. Fonterra's history in Malaysia started in 1975, and now it is the leading supplier of dairy ingredients for foods and beverage manufacturer in this country. Experienced in New Zealand's dairy farming for 140 years, they know what makes a good milk and how important it is to give enough attention and love to their cows. Yes, just like my grandpa say! When you want something from nature, treat and raise it with utmost care. Because of their good practice and pride in their work, they gain something priceless; happy cows that produce good quality milk and probably among the best in the world too.

Happy cows = quality milk = happy us!

Did you know? 
Here is a fun trivia I found while researching about this brand. According to data, Malaysian has been drinking more than 2.2 million glasses of Fonterra Milk so far including the Fernleaf milk! That is a lot of milk right? I am pretty a'MOO'sed by this fact!

The home base of Fonterra company is in New Zealand. It is where all of their dairy farms are located. Their success in dairy farming is further solidified by the fact 25% of New Zealand dairy exports now are Fonterra products. With that amount of products being exported, there is no denying that this company is absolutely a dairy expert. This proves the point that Fernleaf UHT Milks contains 100% trusted goodness that'll make you go 'Mmmmm'!

Fernleaf UHT Milk is 100% Mmmmm!

🐄 What Makes a Good Milk?

Have you ever wondered why New Zealand is the best location for dairy farming and why they managed to produce such high-quality milk? First of all, it's all about the NZ's climate as well as the geographical aspect of the country. It has fertile soil, excellent rainfall and abundant sunshine thus making it ideal for dairy farming. New Zealand is one of few places globally where cows can graze outdoors almost all year round and does not get confined by cubicles. Cubicles can be bad for 'cows happiness index' because it is not just small but can be harsh on them too. Animals do get depressed if they don't get to step outside for a long period of time. Being able to graze outdoor freely means they are able to eat only high-quality fresh grass; and this translate to better quality milk!

Yes, there are dairy cows out there that only feed on grains instead of grass, but the latter condition is always the more superior and better option for the cows. I also found out another very interesting fact about outdoor grazing cows. As a result of spending 90% of the time outside on sunny days, these grass-fed cows seem to receive a higher level of vitamin D and because of that, their milk has a higher amount of that vitamin D compared to cows that spent time being confined indoors. Grass-fed cows are also healthier as they'll have a better fat profile (less fat in the body).

Fernleaf UHT Milk contains goodness from New Zealand!

Letting the cows graze happily in the open field of New Zealand lush pasture also bring about many other good benefits. For example, the milk produced by them contain the richest natural food source of bio-available calcium. Not just that, the milk also contains high-quality protein, vitamin A and vitamin D that is definitely good for the health! 

Note: Bio-available calcium refers to a part of dietary calcium that is potentially absorbable and the incorporation of the said nutrient into your bone. Cow milk generally has about 30-35% of good bioavailability of calcium.

Fernleaf UHT Milk (Low Fat Variant)

🐄 What is a Naturally Produced Milk?

Fernleaf UHT milk is sourced from grass-fed cows that produce milk naturally; which means NO booster is used to increase the milk production. Its all done by giving the cows the best environment possible, including high-quality grass, comfortable climate, as well as clean air and water! That does make sense, right? I mean, a high-quality working environment does produce high-quality workers. These cows are happy thus they are super productive. They don't do drugs (booster) because they don't need to either. They are well loved and well taken care of. LOL.

🐄 What is a UHT Milk?

I've gotten curious on what exactly the term UHT means as I am writing this post, so I decided to make a quick research. According to Wikipedia, UHT or Ultra High-Temperature Processing is a method used to sterilise liquid food, mainly milk by heating it above 135-degree Celcius in order to kill off the spores in milk. This process, also known as Ultra Pasteurization or Ultra Heat Treatment usually takes only 1-2 seconds to be done. The absence of spores allows the milk to have a longer unrefrigerated shelf life to up to six to nine months as long as the milk is stored in a sterile and unopened container.

Such an interesting fact right? We are so lucky to have this technology created! Less spoilt milk, more spoiled us. Hihi.


There are so many ways you can choose to enjoy the Fernleaf UHT Milk. For me, I actually went for a quick brunch picnic with Eros + his brother Euri this weekend at the Perdana Botanical Garden. We just want to go and chill around, and planned to probably take time snapping some pictures for the 'gram'. But us being us, the picnic plan turned more elaborate as times goes by, and the more we plan, the more it becomes something bigger than 'chilling around'. In the end, we actually decided to colour coordinate our outfit! Yes, we're extra like that and I don't mind it. Since we brought together some Fernleaf UHT Milk to enjoy with some snacks and fruits that day, we decided to go for a sunny, yellow and happy concept to match Fernleaf's happy vibe.

Are you team Milk+Bread or Milk+Cereal

The day was beautiful, there were not many people at the Botanical Garden so we had a great time munching foods, drinking milk and of course snapping pictures. If you've read Eros's blogpost's on the picnic, you'll know that one of conversation that came up between us was whether we like drinking milk with cereal or with bread. It was really hard for us to decide, so we unanimously agree that they're great for both! I mean, how can we choose? We're a bunch of people who love foods so much. *giggles*

Fernleaf UHT Milk only uses milk from grass-fed dairy cows!

Anyway, although I am the type who is not so 'big' on chocolate, I personally really like the Fernleaf UHT milk in the same flavour. It's very smooth, not powdery despite is formulated from NZ's milk powder ( made with 100% milk from New Zealand). It is also just nice, not too sweet for my taste buds. The full cream milk is amazing + creamy too. I ended up getting myself the Fernleaf UHT Low-Fat type afterwards too since the first two are super delishh! It was at a great timing as well since I've been wanting to restock the milk in our home fridge. All of the three flavours doesn't have any overwhelming flavour so I think everyone from children, adult and elderly will enjoy drinking it. I gave some of the extra Ferleaf UHT chocolate milk that I have to my brother and he seemed to like it as much as I do!

So yeah, it's been a fun weekend for me with Fernleaf UHT Milk! I hope this post managed to show you different ways to enjoy milk and the fact that you can bring it everywhere doesn't give you an excuse not to drink milk at all! They're good for you so make sure to drink at least the bare minimum. For milk lovers like me, I am sending you a virtual high five. For those who are reading this, I hope you'll try having a milk picnic like us too. It's totally fun! Except we would advise you to check the weather first before going or you'll end up drenched in the rain halfway through like we did! It was a great memory though, a funny one in a way; or like how Fernleaf always says, it was totally 100% Mmmmm.

Fernleaf UHT Milk is now available in major supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide. Make sure to give it a try. It's super yummy, healthy and affordable! Learn more about Fonterra, Fernleaf, their visions and more by visiting Fonterra website, Fernleaf Malaysia Facebook Page or Fonterra Malaysia Instagram.

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


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