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Sofwanah Cosmetics First Impression and Review 🍑

Note: I wrote this review in January but with COVID-19 and everything, I only managed to post this up properly now. But the opinion stays the same so hopefully, it'll still help if you are thinking of purchasing these babies!

Hello, friends!
Today I am going to share a quick first impression review of a local cosmetics brand that I've finally tried out recently called the Sofwanah Cosmetics. Albeit being aware of the brand's existing since the beginning of their launch and eyeing on their products, wanting to try them out; I managed to stop myself because let's be real:
  • I have one face
  • I don't wear makeup as often as I wish to
  • And...I have plenty of eyeshadow palettes to play with as it is
Then again, not needing it doesn't mean that I don't want it right? LOL! So, when Sofwanah Cosmetics approached me, offering a collaboration, I was really excited. It has been quite a while since I last accepted any beauty review offer due to my current work schedule so I really miss doing this! 

There are a total of four products that I am going to be talking about in this post including the Sofwanah Cosmetics Timeless Eyeshadow Allure, the Sofwanah Cosmetics Timeless Eyeshadow Demure, the Sofwanah Cosmetics Wonderstruck Lipcreme in Aurora and the Sofwanah Cosmetics Wonderstruck Lipcreme in Dawn.

Sofwanah Cosmetics Timeless Eyeshadow Palette Review

Comes in two options; Allure and Demure, I absolutely adore the colour schemes that the Sofwanah team had picked for these two eyeshadow palettes. Allure, with a slightly more pink, coral-ish and purple plum tone gives an overall sweet vibe while Demure, being true to its name is a more toned down basic palette with warm and neutral brown shades. Each palette also has a mix of mattes, sparkles, and shimmers making it a great option to bring during travelling. This compact eyeshadow palettes also comes with a double-ended eye makeup brushes with one end for application, and the other for blending.

As a local brand, I also appreciate that the shades in the two Sofwanah Cosmetics Timeless Eyeshadow Palettes complement Asian women skin tones (usually yellow undertones and brown eyes) better in general compared to other Western brands out there. They also have lovely pigmentations and minimal fallout during usage.

Personal Favourite: 
Sofwanah Cosmetics Timeless Eyeshadow Palette in Allure as it suits my skin tone best! 

Sofwanah Cosmetics Wonderstruck Lipcreme Review

I am very picky with lipsticks. Choose the wrong one for the day and my lips will end up either looking crusty and flaky (from overdrying) or dead (when the pigment don't last on the lips). So when I was about to try the Sofwanah Cosmetics Wonderstruck Lipcreme for the first time, I prayed hard that it won't be a disappointment. Why wouldn't I? Especially since they have such beautiful shades range! Thankfully, the pigmentation is great and the product glides beautifully on my lips as I expected it to be.

Formulated in five beautiful shades; Dawn, Aurora, Twilight, Dusk and Stellar, I managed to get my hands on the first two colours (Dawn and Aurora) when Sofwanah Cosmetics sent me the package. With a semi-matte suede finish and an oh-gosh-i-am-salivating chocolate-like scent, these lipsticks also have a unique applicator tip design which is curved in the middle instead of the standard doe-foot style.

The Sofwanah Cosmetics Wonderstruck Lipcreme is formulated in Italy with Vitamin E and Hyaluronic Acid which are great in maintaining the natural lip colour while minimizing any darkening. The ingredient also helps in keeping it moisturised and plump-looking as well. 

Personal Favourite: 
I love Aurora the best although Dawn is pretty sweet too. I think I just have a higher affinity towards coral shade!

Did You Know?
Sofwanah Cosmetics is also vegan, paraben-free, animal cruelty-free and KKM (Malaysian Ministry of Health) approved?

To sum it up, I think Sofwanah Cosmetics is an affordable local brand with pretty great quality. The overall colour selections would suit your normal daily makeup and yet still come with viable shade options if you would like to go for a slightly strong look.  So, the Sofwanah Cosmetics Timeless Eyeshadow Palette is definitely versatile enough for your needs. The two Wonderstruck Lipcreme that I received also has great quality and is non-drying which pretty much checked my boxes as a good semi-matte lipstick.

If you are reading while thinking if you should get yourself one, I would suggest you give this brand a try. I have little to no complaint about the products tested given the overall quality and price. Hopefully, we'll share the same opinion.

For more information, you can visit @sofwanahcosmetics account on Instagram.

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


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