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Looking For The Upside: How To Feel Better About Yourself? ☔

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Dear friends,
How are you? Or to be specific, how are you feeling? Is life dragging you down recently? Because I feel like mine does. Although incomparable to the sufferings of people who are having it worse; this year has been very challenging for me, especially when it comes to my mental state. It is very hard to stay positive, to keep on the bubbly and happy mask when you keep on hearing bad news days after days. It is very tough to keep up with that good spirit when everything in the world is basically trying to hack away the last of it anyway. And I'm sure many of you are feeling it too. 

I Went to IU Love Poem Concert in Malaysia! 💜

Annyeong, friends!
Fangirl Anis is back. As some of you might have seen on my Instagram, I went to IU's first concert in Malaysia last December. To be completely honest, I didn't really want to go initially because the ticket was pricier than normal and I've also gone to the GFriend and D&E Concerts earlier in the same year. But well, I ended up purchasing it anyway because let's be real, it's IU! I've been listening to her since like forever and she is such a versatile musician, it would be such a shame if I missed it.

Sofwanah Cosmetics First Impression and Review 🍑

Note: I wrote this review in January but with COVID-19 and everything, I only managed to post this up properly now. But the opinion stays the same so hopefully, it'll still help if you are thinking of purchasing these babies!

Hello, friends!
Today I am going to share a quick first impression review of a local cosmetics brand that I've finally tried out recently called the Sofwanah Cosmetics. Albeit being aware of the brand's existing since the beginning of their launch and eyeing on their products, wanting to try them out; I managed to stop myself because let's be real:

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