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Looking For The Upside: How To Feel Better About Yourself? ☔

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Dear friends,
How are you? Or to be specific, how are you feeling? Is life dragging you down recently? Because I feel like mine does. Although incomparable to the sufferings of people who are having it worse; this year has been very challenging for me, especially when it comes to my mental state. It is very hard to stay positive, to keep on the bubbly and happy mask when you keep on hearing bad news days after days. It is very tough to keep up with that good spirit when everything in the world is basically trying to hack away the last of it anyway. And I'm sure many of you are feeling it too. 

While getting to stay at home for a long period of time has its perks especially for an introvert like me, not being able to take a breather comfortably outside (literally) is not exactly good for me as well. I often feel like I am stuck in time; not moving forward nor having something to look forward to. True, life is full of uncertainties but I've never experienced this much of the 'unknown' before 2020 happened. If I have to describe the feeling clearly, it is like I've accidentally stepped into a dark and cold tunnel and now is being forced to walk forward blindly, not knowing if the next step will be the entrance that'll lead me towards the light or if there is a steep cliff waiting to pull me to the bottom of it.
Sigh, life is really not much fun these days.
Sometimes, I just wish I can sleep the whole day, without doing or thinking about anything. 

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But then again, I also know better than just to let myself wallows in self-pity and sadness every single minute of the day. That won't exactly help me find the map out of this creepy tunnel either. So, whenever I start to feel down, I'll try to search for the upside of things; no matter how small they are. Today is that kind of day for me. The evening rain pouring down in the past two hours has gotten me feeling a little bit gloomier than I usually am. So before this depressing feeling starts to engulf me whole, I decided to write down my thoughts here and get it a little bit more organised and less jumbly.

Hmm, 'jumbly'. Is that even a word?

Anyway, if you are wondering about what do I do to try and get my thought organised, the answer is pretty simple. I just start to bullet point every single good thing or little accomplishments that I've done recently; no matter how small it is. For example:

🍵 Getting Into Editing Again
I edited a video of me making ice green tea latte yesterday and I quite like how it turned out at the end. It was random but it gave me a small sense of accomplishment and I like that feeling.

🔨 Me Time With Dad
Also,  I recently managed to 'almost' finish making over my room with my dad. I've been wanting to repaint everything and we did it. It took both of us more than a month to clear out my stuff, repaint the walls, repaint the windowsills, change out the floor and built the huge IKEA wardrobe by ourselves. It was tiring but it was also super fulfilling. Without the lockdown, I don't think I'll ever have the time to do all of these so it was definitely one of the upsides of staying at home.

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🚫 Marie Kondo-ed Away A Bunch of Stuff
I finally managed to sit down and start to sort my things. Some are recycled, some are donated, and some are thrown away. It is true when they say that cleaning help to clear your head as well. I feel really good and somehow my mind feels empty (the good kind) after that.

💻 Back To Writing
This has been the longest gap of me not writing anything on the blog. I like that I've decided to start again. Writing has always been my happy place. I need it now more than I ever need it in my life. 

For others, all of these might not be anything worth mentioning. But if you yourself like what you did, and it made you feel good about yourself; jot it down. Seeing that list of accomplishments grow will help you get out of that negative headspace and hopefully help you feel a little better about yourself. That's how I feel anyway. And I hope this simple tip will be able to pull you out when you feel like you're stuck in a rut.

If you've tried everything and it still doesn't work, just remember that you have the people you love around you that you can turn to. I am sure they are more than happy to pull you out from that dark place. Just know that you are never alone.

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


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