April 29, 2017

A Silent Voice, Koe No Katachi Movie Review

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I am a huge anime fan, especially when they are sentimental as heck. I used to hate it when people called me 'too emotional' or 'overly emphatic' but maturity has led me to the door of acceptance ❤ and I am not being denial about it anymore; in fact, I am kinda proud that I am very keen towards emotional changes in people. My philosophy in life these days is to treat others with kindness and understanding because no matter how high your status are in life, it'll do nothing in reflecting your life value as a human being if you lead it without a good heart. Anyway, my point is, I just love stories that teach good moral ethics to its viewers because it'll help them think, reflect and relate to the good values in it. 

April 27, 2017

Keeping Cozy with PS Love Co: Menstru Heat, Neck Heat & Back Heat Patches Review

Lately, I noticed that I've started to feel ache all over my body. I don't know if it's the age factor or it's because of the lack of movement in office, or because of both, I keep on feeling sore in different areas especially around my back and my neck. I wonder if my office's IKEA chair is not ergonomic enough too. LOL. Anyway, putting that aside, I needed to find a quick relief because it can get pretty uncomfortable sometimes, especially at 'that time of the month'.

April 16, 2017

5 Reasons Why Veet Sensitive Touch is Your New Bestie

I have this love-hate relationship with feminine shaving/trimming products. With a pretty sensitive skin, I always ended up getting irritation when using said items; be it a shaving cream or a shaving blade/device. I always need to opt for products that are made to cater for people with extra sensitive skin instead, and being extra also means extra budget needed to purchase them every time! Honestly, it was one of my biggest concern when it comes to personal care. It's just too expensive and those shaving cream ran out pretty fast too.

March 29, 2017

5 Ways to Soften & Smooth Your Feet

Recently, I realised that my feet and heels area keeps on becoming so dry and started to crack more seriously than usual. Well, I would have to blame it on my not-so-comfortable sandal that I've been wearing lately, so everything is on me. It reached the point of turning so bad that I had to try different approaches to fix it. After several experiments and testing, thankfully it is getting better. Knowing that there might be others who is facing the same issue, I wanted to share some of the tips and tricks that I have.

March 27, 2017

Miracle Romance Sailor Moon Eyeliners Review

Sailormoon Miracle Romance Eyeliners; Sailormoon Miracle Romance Liquid Eyelibers; Miracle Romance Sailormoon Eyeliner Review

If you and I are close enough, you would know that there are three major things that I'm really crazy about and wouldn't trade for anything; Super Junior, Harry Potter and Sailor Moon. I have less control over my impulse when it comes to these three. Sailor Moon for instance always reminds me of my childhood, Harry Potter of my teenager days while I fell in love with Super Junior as soon as I finished high school. They kinda represent my youth and even until now, I just love and can't get over them. Some might call me childish, immature, and that it's just a waste of time but I don't care anymore. I used to be extra conscious about what people say but nowadays, I've just decided to embrace the things that I love. I am good at that and I plan to keep on doing it.