Vanquish Fat Reduction Treatment at Premier Clinic, Bangsar.

Hello guys!

I struggle a lot with weight management since as long as I can remember. Born a chubby baby, the fact that I enjoy different types of foods while growing up on top of my craving tendency when it's 'the time of the month' doesn't really help with my weight issue. I realized crash diet is not effective at all. Starving myself will give the opposite result which normally includes a bad case of gastritis attack. The best way to lose weight is to control my meal portion (challenge number one) and exercise regularly (challenge number two). Yeah, I know what should I do. I'm just bad at realizing it. So, I need help. A motivational push.

As if they heard my SOS call, Premier Clinic invited me to try out one of their aesthetic treatment services and that made me jump with happiness. They have two branches at the moment, one in Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI) and the other one is located in Bangsar. Luckily, my office is located near the Bangsar branch, so I decided to give it ago. Why not right?

Step 1: Booking.

My appointment was done about two weeks earlier to avoid unnecessary crowds and to ensure the doctor's availability. I would recommend you do the same too so that you won't have to wait for consultation compared to a sudden walk in registration. Opening hours differs between the Bangsar and TTDI branch so do take note on that too:

TTDI Branch: 
Tuesday-Saturday (10AM-7PM)
Monday/Sunday/Public Holidays (Closed)

Bangsar Branch:
Monday (2PM-7PM)
Tuesday-Saturday (10AM-7PM)
Sunday/Public Holidays (Closed)

Step 2: Consultation

Premier Clinic Bangsar is located on Jalan Telawi; right next to Raj Banana Leaf Restaurant and is on the same row with Bangsar Post Office. When I arrived, I was greeted by the receptionist and proceeded to fill my details on their registration form. A few minuted after that, my name was called and I entered the consultation room. Very quick and no fuss at all. After saying hello to Dr. Aarthi Maria who was the one in charge for my treatment consultation, the discussion on my treatment started. I chose to experience one of their weight loss treatment, so Dr. Aarthi recommended me to try out their Vanquish Fat Reduction facility.

What is Vanquish Fat Reduction?

According to their website, Vanquish is a new, non-invasive fat removal and fat elimination treatment that uses safe radiofrequency (RF) technology to destroy unwanted fat cells. Suitable for both males and females, each session lasted for about 30 minutes and they are typically done up to eight treatments. According to clinical test, this technology has proven its ability to decrease belly fat by two or more inches. It is also able to eliminate up to 59% of the targeted fat cells. The treatment only targets your fat cells and it doesn't affect surrounding tissue. No anesthesia is required for this. Destroyed cells will then be naturally eliminated by your body system. The optimum result can be within 2-3 months after the last session.

From my understanding, basically this treatment gets rids existing fat cells in the targeted area. According to Dr. Aarthi, fat cells can expand and shrink and it is controlled by a lot of factors including our eating habits. If you ever wondered why yo-yo weight happens, this is one of the reasons for it. When you crash diet, the fats stored in the cells might be converted into energy to be used by other body cells in order to function normally. So, you might lose weight but the cells are still there. When you started to eat normally again, the excess fats goes back to the existing cells and you will gain back all the weight you lost previously.Using this technology, the tendency to gain back in a blink of eyes is reduced. As long as you successfully control your eating habit at the same time, the result would be satisfying. Yeah, no point of doing thousands ringgit worth of treatment if habits are not changed. #selfreminder

Step 3: The Treatment

*Flabby cupcake tummy is censored for various reasons*

Soon after consultation, I was shown to the treatment room. My treatment consultant then started gathering all the necessary data which includes weight, body fat index and measurement of my tummy including the upper, middle and bottom area. My treatment started soon after everything was done. I was asked to lay down on the treatment bed and the machine was then set up so the process can be started. The treatment session was quick and painless as the machine won't touch your skin. But a tinge of warmth (a comfortable one I would say) can be felt on your skin. It's so comfortable that I managed to take a quick nap while doing the treatment. LOL. You will also be given a portable caller device so you can ring them up if you need any assistance during the treatment.

Keep note that you will need to drink lots of plain water before and after the treatment. My recommendation would be 2 litres and above. This will help in the fat elimination process and to prevent them from clumping back together. The price for each session Vanquish Fat Reduction treatment would cost around RM3000 per session. For more info on Premier Clinic price range, you can visit their website on premier-clinic.comYou can also find Dr Aarthi Maria at

For More Info:

Contact Details: 012-6625552
Email Address:
Instagram: @premier_clinic
Google Plus: +Premier Clinic Kuala Lumpur

Visit Premier Clinic:

TTDI Branch:
Address: 31 Jalan Wan Kadir 2, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-77325552
Hours: Tues-Sat : 10am - 7pm
*Same row as Pizza Hut and next to Maxis and Digi Centre

Bangsar Branch:
Address: 40 Jalan Telawi, Bangsar Baru, 59100, Kuala Lumpur.
Hours: Mon:2-7pm. Tues- Sat: 10am -7pm
*Same row as post office and next to Raj Banana Leaf Mamak Restaurant.

*This is a sponsored post but all the experience in it is based on my own

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Affordable Luxury with TrupCotel: House Hunting Made Easy!

Hello guys!

House hunting is hassle full but thanks for the advancement of science and technology (specifically, the internet), even this long and arduous task of finding the perfect place to call home can be simplified. Introducing TrupCotel, a one-stop property to tenant matching service to ease the rental process for your executives! Yes, old style house hunting is time-consuming. With TrupCotel, you will be able to skip all the tedious processes and let the professional do it for you. Just a click away! 

Why is TrupCotel the perfect alternatives for busy executives?

1. They provide rental with a minimum length of lease of 1 week and up to 2 years. It will be great both for a long time stay and a temporary living. If you have to travel to Kuala Lumpur, be it for work or vacation TrupCotel stay might be a more 'homey' option over the regular hotel stay.

2. Everything is included! Tenants can rent a fully furnished apartment at one price, which includes the rent, utilities, free WIFI, free weekly housekeeping and access to building facilities.

3.  Rental area in prime properties near KLCC (KL Golden triangle) such as SOHO Suites, ViPod Suites, Summer Suites, Marc Residence,  6 Capsquare, Embassy View, and Fraser Place.

4. They help solve issue for people living far from town or have issue with landlords or high deposit.

Aiming to provide tenants with the best place for perfect work-life balance, the TrupCotel properties are usually near major office areas for the comfort their client. How to book? You can choose between 3 booking option based on your personal preference:

a. Online Booking
b. Over the Phone or Email Booking
c. Go to TrupCotel Office

In order to experience the online booking, TrupCotel invited me to try out their website. They were fairly straight forward and easy. All I did was check out this website at and start to make a booking on After filling up the necessary details in the enquiry form (including your preferred property based on the profile listing), budget and others, TrupCotel will start finding the best place based on your preference. If you are satisfied with the property matched to you, you can sign it the lease and move in! Not just that, the deposit is just RM399. No more three months deposit upfront, unlike the conventional house hunting. Do note that even though they provide both short term and long terms stays, the minimum rental period is at least a week!

After going through the booking, I was invited by TrupCotel to experience a short staycation at one of the properties to see how liveable it is; which is the Fraser Place KL, and it was amazing! From the welcome to the utilities provided, they exceed my expectation. I was there with some friends for a girl's sleepover together, and we were having a blast! No more ranting, I think it's better for you just to check out how furnished the place is and how nice the interior are through my short Vlog down below:

See? They are nice right?! The property in Fraser place had 2 bedrooms, one huge bathroom with bathtub, a spacious living room,  and a perfect bar style kitchen, and a dining area. The lightings inside are amazing, air-conditioners are working perfectly and the entertainment system including the sound system are in good condition too! And oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention the most important part. The WIFI is fast :D We had a Korean drama marathon. LOL

 Dining Table with Complete Cutleries
 Living Room
 Second Bedroom
 Main Bedroom
Main Bedroom

The best part of the stay was the building facility! I am so in love with the communal area. They have gym, game room, swimming pool, and the best part, a steam and sauna facility called 'RefresH' which is separated for women and man. We ended up chilling there the whole night from 8pm until it is closed (open from 7am to 10pm). Not just sauna and steam room, the area also have a hot and cold dip pool for us to relax. Lockers are provided too so you don't have to worry about your belonging while trying to de-stress. Clean towels are also there, so you can just go straight up to the floor without bringing anything!

 ResfresH Area. Towels are provided!
 RefresH Area
Steam and Sauna Room

I really loved my stay there. It was convenient and close to city centre. KLCC is just a stone throws away, and you can book Uber easily too if you are a Uber user like me. Personally, I haven't been renting anywhere after university since my parent live in KL and near my workplace but I remember all the headache that I experienced while looking for a room to rent in Shah Alam when I was in UiTM. They're hard and deposit can be really high so I think website like TrupCotel make all these easier! You can check out other properties available on TrupCotel now on or just go book your place straight away! For first 20 readers, you can use my promo code TrupCotelxTheThinkerBelle to get 5% discount on rentals.

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Hello to US Fries & Burger Fiesta 2016!

Hey guys!

Do you know what else that goes as well as bread and butter? It's fries and burgers! Everyone who agree with me on this, let your tummy rejoice as the US Potato Board has kicked off its first U.S Fries & Burger Fiesta in Kuala Lumpur! Starting from 1st-31st May 2016, a variety of unique creations of U.S fries with burgers which have never seen before will be available at 19 popular burger joints and cafes in Klang Valley.

Malaysian do love their fries. Don't believe me? Alright, let me prove it with the statistical mumbo jumbo instead. According to the US Potato board, Malaysia is the number one market for U.S fries in South East Asia in terms of per capita consumption and we're only second behind Japan for whole Asia. That's a lot of fries you know. 

So why US fries are the best?

1. Ideal growing temperature.
2. Rich soil.
3. State of the art processing facilities.
4. Generations of expertise.

Another interesting fact, U.S. potatoes destined for processing must contain high “solids” and low sugar content, which are important characteristics for achieving a finished product with desirable appearance, tastes and texture. That's why their fries are impeccable. I know this because last year, I attended the 2015 US Potato Culinary Festival which allows me to try a whole lot of dishes with their potatoes. It was potato-riffic!

One of the highlights of this Fiesta is that it provides an opportunity for the public to acquaint themselves to the different U.S. fry varieties. Many of these outlets are offering new cuts of U.S. fries for the first time. The participating outlets of this fiesta are excited as it provides them an opportunity to showcase new U.S. fries and burger combinations to their customers. U.S. fries promise many advantages including better flavour, taste, texture and distinctly enhance burger servings.

So, what are you waiting for? Don't miss out on the amazing gastronomic experience waiting for you at these outlets participating the U.S Fries & Burger Fiesta:

1. Big Hug Burger
2. Brooklyn B-Venture
3. Chequers
4. Choo Choo Chicken
5. Crazy Bites
6. Fatboy's the Burger Bar
7. Hide & Seek Cafe (Non-Halal)
8. Junkyard Burger
9. KGB
10. Kulcat Barrior
11. Melur & Thyme
12. Mini Mini Cafe
13. My Burger Lab
14. The Card Cafe
15. The Grind Burger
16. The Burger Factory
17. Swensen Cafe
18. Carl's JR
19. Tryst Cafe

*Noted the non-halal outlet that I know. For others, check with the restaurant for more info.

Be prepared to enjoy U.S fries and burgers like never before! There will also be an Instagram contest where 3 winners with the best pictures of them enjoying the promotion US fries and burgers will win RM150 cash prizes weekly. All you have to do is send your picture of #USFries&BurgerFiesta. For more information on the U.S. Burger & Fries Fiesta, please call Kent Low or Eddie Saw at (03) 8070-7216. 

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Tiki's Parent's Day BBQ Buffet Dinner at Kontiki Federal Hotel International

Hello guys!

Mother's day is coming up tomorrow! Are you done planning a special surprise for your mom or still thinking about it? Because if you are looking for somewhere nice to spend time with your mom tonight *calling last minutes procrastinator like me hehe*, how about a nice BBQ Buffet Dinner at Kontiki, Federal Hotel International? Located at one of the crowds' favourite part of Kuala Lumpur, the venue is easily accessible by public transports like Bukit Bintang monorail station or you can just Uber your way there! Use my code UBERXANIS for a free first ride *wink* If you need a landmark guide, look for Low Yat Plaza lobby and you will see the hotel nearby.

With Aliza Sara, eating partner for the night ;)
Main buffet hall
Spacious dining area with stylish interior

Going up to the Mezzanine level from hotel's lobby, you will find the huge doorway towards the restaurant with the name Kontiki carved proudly on the door arch. The special part of the restaurant is the Tiki statue (which you can see at the huge doorway) which is flown straight from the Polynesian land where it came from. To preserve the proof, even the blue container used to transport it is transformed and now is a part of the restaurant. I love the industrial and contemporary feel of the spacious dining area which includes an outdoor area if you prefer a more chill and laid back environment.

Outdoor dining area
BBQ Station
The highlight of Kontiki BBQ Buffet Dinner is definitely it's cylinder BBQ station located on the outdoor side of the restaurant. It is easily accessible through the glass door situated next to the main display station. The BBQ station provides a wide range of choice, including a perfectly cooked lamb rack, tender and juicy deep fried snapper, roasted chicken and satay. Not just that, you can opt for the on the spot grilling option with wide arrays of freshly prepped barbequed ingredients such as beef and lamb cuts, tiger prawns, water prawns, flower crabs, squids, chicken wings etc. You can also request for a steamboat cooker! They provide both normal or tom yam soup broth to your preferences.

Perfectly Cooked Lamb Rack
 Assortment of ingredients for grill and steamboat
Beef & Chicken Satay!
Next, let me bring you to one of my favourite part of the restaurant. The freshly opened oysters, cockles, prawns and crab at the seafood on ice station are definitely for you who loves a 'raw' action. I was especially in love with the freshness of the oysters! Other than that, varieties of local and continental dishes are also available. You can start off with appetizers like smoked salad, shrimp cocktail or with other options at the salad bar or jump straight to a more 'heavier' choice like sushi or rice.

Freshly open oysters (Yummy!)
Sushi Bar

The chefs also prepared a wide array of dishes to cater different taste buds such as Spaghetti e Olio, gratin cauliflower with parsley, Beancurd with assorted mushrooms, Broccoli with Egg Sauce, and other dishes from Tunku's kitchen.

Varieties of dishes to suit different taste bud! 
 Desserts Island
 More desserts!

For the sweet tooths, you will go wild looking at the selections of desserts available. If you want to see my 'live' experience there, check out this quick Vlog I did last night down below. You can see the foods available as well as the beautiful interior.

Can't make it to the buffet dinner? You can also opt for Federal Hotel's Tiki's Mother's Day Hi-Tea Session. Check out the details for both sessions down if you wish to come! Hopefully, you and your mom will have a wonderful Mother's Day celebration!

P/S: They have the same promotion for upcoming Father's Day too ;)

Tiki's Mother's Day BBQ Buffet Dinner at Kontiki
Friday, 6th May and Saturday 7th May 2016
6.30PM to 10.00 PM
RM128 nett per person
RM38 nett per child
50% OFF for Senior Citizen*

Tiki's Father's Day BBQ Buffet Dinner at Kontiki
Friday, 17th June and Saturday 18th June 2016
6.30PM to 10.00 PM
RM128 nett per person
RM38 nett per child
50% OFF for Senior Citizen*

Tiki's Mother's Day Hi Tea at Kontiki
Saturday and Sunday, 7th-8th May 2016
RM78 per person
RM28 per child
Door gift for mom only
50% OFF for Senior Citizen*

Tiki's Father's Day Hi Tea at Kontiki
Saturday and Sunday, 18th-19th June 2016
RM78 per person
RM28 per child
Door gift for dad only
50% OFF for Senior Citizen*
For booking and more enquiries, call Federal Hotel at 03-21489166.

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