Affordable Pak John Steamboat and BBQ, ECurve Damansara Review

Foods are definitely one of the biggest joy of my life. I am always searching for awesome new places to try. One of my favourite 'makan' session is when I can just chill with friends or family for a longer duration, catching up on life and of course filling our stomach to the brim. Hotel buffets are nice but there is something I prefer much more over that, which is steamboat & grill dining.

You have to be clever in choosing the best steamboat & bbq place. Being a self-proclaimed true foodie, I have my own checklist when it comes to finding a value for money steamboat or bbq restaurant.

The Ingredients Selections:

They have to be fresh with a wide range of selections. I especially care for the proteins and veggies. The fresher they are the better!

Steamboat Broth and Dipping Sauce:
Different people love different broth/soup. The wider their base soup selection, the better it is for me. The dipping sauce is definitely a flavour booster so it needs to be good and of course with wide varieties too.

Price / Value for Money:
Being a true Malaysian, I am always on the lookout for a place that offers service that can compensate the amount I am paying. Of course, cheaper is better. *giggles*

Dining Comfort: 
I am asthmatic so dining area with bad ventilation is a big no-no for me. I'll start feeling suffocated due to the smoke and keeps on coughing and that will definitely distract me from enjoying my meal. I also hate it if the tables are too cramped with each other.

Pak John Steamboat & BBQ Experience

If you are a regular visitor of IKEA Damansara & The Curve area, I highly recommend you to try dining at Pak John Steamboat & BBQ Restaurant which is located in E-Curve. Location guide; just turn left from the main entrance, walk straight and go one floor down near the Din Tai Fung (non-halal dim sum place) escalator. I have been going to different steamboat/BBQ places but this is one of the few restaurants that managed to fulfil all of my requirements above. Seriously, requirement number four can be hard to follow considering how sensitive I am to smoke. Even though their restaurant is indoor, I have to say their air circulation is controlled really nicely.

That aside, they also have a wide array of fresh ingredients. The main star among them all is definitely their freshly sliced meat station. With five different selections; Australia beef slices, smoked duck breast slices, New Zealand lamb slices, smoked abalone slices and chicken slices, you won't be running out of protein options! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the smoked duck slices. Best thing ever! I can't even count how many plates of them I had on my last visit there. What is better is that the staff there will slice the meat in front of you according to the number of plates that you request; all in order to maintain their freshness.

Veggies? You won't run out of choice either. Even their Surimi/Seafood/Meat section offers a wide variety of ingredient. My favourite is definitely the fishcakes with stuffed cheese inside it. So sinful !*giggles* As for the broth you can opt between the Tom Yam soup, Prawn soup, Beef Bone Pepper soup, Miso soup, Chicken soup and Curry soup. I managed to try the ones highlighted and I highly recommend the Curry soup if you are looking for a change. The curry soup taste tasted especially good with cockels, dried tofu, and fish balls! I am looking forward to try the miso soup base on my next food-venture there. Other types of food are also available for you ranging from Fried Rice (buffet counter), varieties of dim sum, waffles and kaya balls, ice-cream and desserts.

If you want to bring up your dining game, Pak John provides King Crab and Lobster option too; but make sure to contact them at least 3 hours before your visit time to ensure their availability. They also provide private dining area if you need a more intimate experience. No extra charge will be incurred but they advise customer to book beforehand. For kids, they can get a half price discount or even dine in for free; as long as their height fits in the range assigned by them.

My favourite dipping sauce is the furthest one on the right.

You can request for a freshly made okonomiyaki too.

Unexpectedly impressive. Batter is made nicely so the waffle is crispy on outside and fluffy inside.

TL;DR | The Thinker Belle's Picks
Curry Soup Base
Smoked Duck Breast Slices
Cheese Stuffed Fishballs
Waffles (Yes, it's amazing!)
Thai Green Chili Dipping Sauce (not sure the name sorry!)
Dim Sum

Do follow Pak John's Steamboat and BBQ Facebook and Instagram page for latest promotions updates etc. You can contact 012-7050684 (CS) or 018-3863139 (Anuar) for booking. You can also check out their website on

*Disclaimer: I was invited to review this place but all opinion above is solely mine. 

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What Can You Do in Herbaline Puchong?

A few years back, if you come to me asking what do I think about a spa treatment, I will definitely say that it is not within my financial capabilities. I used to have this sad mentality that a beauty treatment in any spa is something only possible for the elites and commoners like me shouldn't even dream to experience those kinds of thing in my lifetime. I guess those images planted by soap operas and dramas did cloud my judgement. #dramaqueen

Guess what? I was totally wrong (or at least partially).

You don't have to be an heiress to deserve some pampering once in awhile. While some spas are considered high-end and luxurious, there are plenty of affordable ones that should be able to make you happy to spend money on. A couple months back, I discovered a spa called Herbaline that totally fits in the later category. It gives high-quality beauty treatment service, have a really nice ambience and comes with a very interesting twist. Rather than calling Herbaline as just a beauty spa, I would say that it's a super affordable wellness centre that is family friendly. Their aspiration is to provide a 'unique and holistic wellness experience based on the Eat Well, Look Well, Live Well principle' via three primary brands:

1. Facial Spa and Therapeutic Massage with Herbaline Facial Spa

They provide different type of treatment at a very affordable price. For example; skin analysis and different types of facial treatment, butterfly threading, EE treatment, ear candling and face moisturising, and waxing. You can check out more about their spa services on Herbaline website .I managed to try one their signature treatments below during my visit which is the Natural Sea Salt Foot Spa . I also managed to spend some time relaxing in a room filled with natural sea salt there. 

2. Hearty, delicious and health conscious meals by Mama Kim restaurant.

This restaurant provides healthy yet delicious meals to their customers. Open both for public and their spa and guest house visitors, Mama Kim restaurant dishes are personally curated by the owner's wife herself. I am super in love with their Sauna Mee. It's a fun dish to eat as they will pour hot broth into the noodles claypot in front of the customer when they come to serve it. Taste wise? Sumptuous and is really filling! Lots of vegetables inside and the claypot bowl keeps the broth warm until your last sip. It's a real comfort food so if you just feel like having something healthy and reminds you of mom's cooking, this would be a perfect choice. A variety of other dishes is also available to try to, although I highly recommend trying this Sauna Mee. My favourite is their fish broth but you can also opt for a vegetable base broth too.

 Healthy yet yummy salad!
Blogger friends enjoying Sauna Mee

3. Relaxing de-stress session at Sojourn Guest House.

If you want to take your spa experience to a whole new level, book a stay at their Sojourn Guest House. Perfect for a weekend retreat for those who don't want to travel that far on a weekend. It's family friendly so you can spend quality time with your loved ones doing something relaxing!

The branch that I managed to visit was the recently opened Puchong branch. This branch only provides spa and Mama Kim's service but you can also check out the list of available Herbaline branches in Malaysia here to contact them for more information.

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Althea's Birthday: What's Happening??!

*My cat is dope*

Weeee~!! Today is a super amazing day for me and Althea team. Althea is officially one-year-old and we are celebrating it big! Daebak right? It seemed like just yesterday when I was doing the beta testing for the launching of Althea Malaysia site and of course joining Althea team! Working in Althea so far has been the bomb. The expansion has been happening really fast too! Coincidentally, we are also launching Althea Thailand today so if you are living there, do check out the Thai website for a separate grand launch promotion!

I have pretty fun (read: crazy) colleagues that always make it less dull in the office; especially since Malaysia scorching hot weather is pretty much affecting us even when staying indoors (sleepy sleepy). LOL. Yes, I am pointing at you guys, Sydney and Mira! Anyways, it's a privilege to be working in Althea. I was trying really hard to not put out spoilers for our birthday for weeks but now it's time to let everything out! Seriously guys, lots of amazing promotions and prizes to be won! You must not miss this out:

#1: Limited Edition Birthday Box and Party Kit!

Yes! One thing that make me keep on buying is the special edition boxes. I know I work there but that doesn't stop me from buying. LOL actually that made things harder so far because I need to resist the temptation everytime Althea had awesome promotions. Sometimes, I succumbed and be seduced though!

So for they had released the Christmas box, the Romantic box, the Chinese New Year box and Hari Raya box. So if you are an Althea box collector like me, make sure to not miss the Birthday box! Both designs are so cute!! Plus, you will get a DIY party hat that you can decorate. And of course selfie with it and get rewarded! (Check out #4 for more info). The boxes are well, limited edition so it's only while the stock last. Start shopping from today 20 July 2016 to grab it!

#2: Free Full Size Goodies for first 1500 Shoppers!

Santa Althea is giving away presents and gifts on Althea birthday! Yes, shop from today and for the first 1500 shoppers will be receiving a full size product as an extra goodie. It's a thank you from Althea for fans continues support which enable them to reach this far. Like seriously, five countries in one year? Amazing! Ohh, did I mention Althea Thailand just launched today too? Oh I did right? LOL. So many things to celebrate on Althea now. So glad to be part of it.

#3: Birthday Giveaway. Pick 3 Top Sellers for 100% Rebate!

When they say rebate. They mean full rebate. Shop top 3 sellers on Althea and you will be eligible to receive a rebate afterwards in Althea points. Like seriously, this is super worth it. You should not miss this out. The product list can be seen on the website so head off to Althea birthday page now!

#4: The #AltheaTurns1 Instagram Contest!

The da-bomb news of all is this! Join #AltheaTurns1 Instagram contest to win awesome prizes. Like seriously awesome. Just take the your best shot with Althea Party Hat that you receive in your birthday box and send Althea your birthday message. You might stand a chance to win a Macbook Air, iPad Air 2, iPhone 6s, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, Canon EOS M10 Selfie Camera, Althea shopping credits and beauty hamper!! Gosh I wish I can join too!

The celebration will be going on starting from today 20th July 2016 until 31st July 2016! Make sure to keep on stalking the website and follow the Facebook pages and Instagram for more exciting news and details. Once again, 생일 축하합니다 Saengil Chukhahamnida; happy birthday Althea! 

Do you hear that music singing in the air? 🎼 Gosh it's here! Althea 1st Birthday!! Get your box and put on your party hat, the magical celebration is now all set ✨ @altheakorea has a lot of awesomeness in store so head out to the website now!! Don't miss out on #AltheaTurns1 Birthday promotion starting today: - Get a limited edition Althea Bday Box and DIY Party Kit when you purchase from Althea from 20/7/2016. While stocks last. - Free Full Size Product Giveaway for first 1,500 Shoppers. While stocks last. - Choose Top 3 Seller products to get 100% Rebate after purchase. - Join #AltheaTurns1 Instagram Hashtag contest from 20th July 206 until 15th August 206 to win awesome prizes which includes a Macbook Air, iPad Air 2, iPhone 6s, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, Canon EOS M10 Selfie Camera, Althea shopping credits and beauty hamper! *Terms and conditions apply. Head off to my blog now for more info. Link on the description box! ❤️ Once again, Happy Birthday 생일 축하합니다 Saengil Chukahamnida Althea! Cheers to more awesome years to come!! Love, Your Biggest Fan #thethinkerbelle #altheakorea #altheamy #altheaph #altheasg #altheaid #altheath #kbeauty #koreancosmetics #birthday #korean #blogger #beautyblogger #bloggermy #beautybloggermy
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Althea Malaysia: Website | Facebook
Althea Singapore: Website | Facebook
Althea Philippines: Website | Facebook
Althea Indonesia: Website | Facebook
Althea Thailand: Website | Facebook
Althea Instagram:

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Travel Your Way with Canon EOS M10 and Rilakkuma!

You can call me a total newbie when it comes to travelling. As much as I want to escape from my mundane daily routine and just go breathe in the air of other countries, other 'worldly' commitments (read: job and student loan) made me put a temporary pause on my dream to just hop on a plane and travel. I am not the abrupt type so whenever I want to go somewhere I have to make sure my fund in my bank account is enough to support me post holiday. But recently I made a totally spontaneous decision and finally booked a ticket to fly to South Korea! *giggles* It was mainly because my boss is going to have his wedding ceremony there soon, but an excuse is a great start for someone who thinks too much like me. Yayy! So lately, realizing how clueless I am on travelling, I have been reading a lot on travelling looking for tips, do's and dont's, travel hacks, travel trends etc.

Coincidentally, right after I booked my tickets, I received an invitation to a Canon Malaysia event which introduces me to a really cute trend called Nui-Dori or more known as toy travel. I knew that people sometimes bring their toys or plushies to travel (and snap insta-worthy pictures of it) but never realise that it's such a big thing! So, of course, I went all 'OMGGG' after finding out. I mean, what a perfect timing right? I am so going to bring my plushie on my trip soon!

The art of Nui-Dori require two things, which are the toy and of course an amazing travel camera. With this idea in mind, Canon partnered up with Rilakkuma (yes, that adorable teddy brand from Japan) to bring their fans the ultimate travel companion. For a limited time, with the purchase of the special edition Canon EOS M10 box set, you will also receive the original limited edition 24cm Rilakkuma plush toy. Isn't it such a pleasant idea?!

How to Nui Dori?

Basically, it's taking pictures of your toy imitating life. Eating breakfast at a cool cafe, chilling at the beach, packing for next journey and etc. The idea is limitless and you can sort of just go with the feel. As long as you have a perfect travel camera (pssttt..Canon EOS M10), toy travelling would be a fun addition to your holiday itinerary.

That's me pretending to have a coconut date with a giant Rilakkuma

Canon EOS M10 is the newest, most compact and lightweight edition of the Canon EOS M high-performance mirrorless interchangeable lens camera range, so it's just perfect to bring everywhere. It has a large 18.0 megapixel APS-C sensor and fast hybrid CMOS AF II system so users can capture excellent quality of photos during spontaneous moment! It's also perfect for selfie (which is a must nowadays). With it's Self Portrait mode, flawless smooth skin is just one click away! Social sharing is also easy with Canon EOS M10 as it have the build in wireless (Wi-Fi) feature will enable user to share easily on multiple social media channels. 

The Canon EOS M10 comes in three different variants with price ranging from RM1999-RM3199:
1. EOS M10 Kit (EF-M15-45mm)  |  View specification and price
2. EOS M10 Kit II (EF-M15-45mm & EF-M22mm)  |  View specification and price
3. EOS M10 Kit III (EF-M15-45mm & EF-M55-200mm) |  View specification and price

Falling in love with camera but short on fund? Then you must not miss out Canon #ToyTravel Photo Challenge! Because all you have to do is participate in all 3 theme challenges from Canon and you might stand a chance to win an EOS M10 and a Rilakkuma!! I already fell in love with both of them so I am totally joining! First theme is Food and its now extended until 8th July 2016; they also just announced the second theme which is Favourite Chillout Activity! Hmm I wonder what is the third theme?

Contest Mechanics:
1. Take your toy travel picture according to the theme.
2. Post the picture on Instagram/Facebook with hashtags #EOSM10Rilakkuma and #toytravel
3. Set the post to public.

Visit for more information on contest themes, datelines and winner announcement or watch out for news on their Facebook Page Canon Imaging Asia or Instagram @canonasia 

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DocLab Korea Face Ampoule Review

Let me be honest with you; I've heard about ampoules for the longest time but I was never really curious about them. I mean they can be crazy expensive for such a little amount of product. I just couldn't fathom the reasoning behind spending such big bucks if I can opt for a cheaper and more affordable alternatives. That was basically my main opinion on ampoules before I discovered DocLab. Now, my thought on ampoules had been greatly changed. They are currently my Felix Felicis, my liquid luck. And yes, that's a Harry Potter reference.

I just want to just emphasize how much I love them. They are now my quick solution during a bad skin day; especially when it suddenly turned to be as dry as a desert. Not just that, whenever I need a quick fix to my skin, when it is irritated, when I need a great primer before putting on makeup, I'll just use my DocLab Face Ampoule.
What Is Ampoule?

First, let's start with the basic. What is an ampoule?

Basically they are sealed glass container that contain certain kind of liquid with pre-measure quantity ready for usage. Generally ampoule in 'beauty' sense is a higher concentration liquid to solve skin issue at a generally faster rate. They are high potency booster and contains more goodness than your average serum or essence. Taking the DocLab ampoule as an example, the reason why they are prepacked for one use is because ampoule ingredient usually contains active ingredients. It needs to be used up once the sealed is opened and not to be left exposed to the air for long.

- Boost skin moisture and gives deep hydration with the hyaluronic acid (HA).
- Help restore skin suppleness and elasticity with collagen.
- Retexturizes the skin, helps to smooth fine lines and reduce wrinkles with Ginseng extract.
- Natural anti-oxidant and skin protection with Vitamin E.
- Powerful skin whitening and lightening with Arbutin.
- Skin soothing and refining with Witch Hazel Extract and Aloe Vera Leaf Extract.
- Great as a primer to make your makeup last longer.
- Tighten pores and control sebum production.
- Helps to repair and strengthen weak skin tissue to make it look more radiant.

How to Use

It's pretty easy to use, especially with their new packaging. The older packaging needed you to snap open the neck of a glass vial to get the product out. The latest release and design are hassle-free. I think they are safer and user-friendly too. The small vial is strong enough to cover all your face, so don't worry about it being so small. Like I mentioned above, ampoule concentration is generally higher than any normal serum, so we don't need buckets of them.

This product is formulated in Korea and one box has five vials in it where each vial contains 2ml of product. Priced at RM138, some of you might think that its a bit on the higher end. But seriously, even with 5 vials a box, the effect can really be seen! Personally, I think it's very good to hydrate my dry skin. My complexion looks brighter after usage and this stuff totally help to get my makeup stay on long! They are also non sticky and absorps pretty quickly into the skin. Even after applying them on my face, I always have extra so I usually pat them on my hands and areas that tend to get dry like my elbow and knees!

You can get the DocLab Face Ampoule on and they are now doing a promotion where you can get a RM50 OFF by using this 'DOCLABBEAUTY' code instead (until end of this month)! It's totally such a bargain so if you're curious about trying an ampoule, I highly recommend this product for you.

DocLab Website:
DocLab Facebook:
Contact (Miss Lim): 0192062386

*I received this product for review purpose but all the thoughts in this review are solely mine.

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