March 29, 2017

5 Ways to Soften & Smooth Your Feet

Recently, I realised that my feet and heels area keeps on becoming so dry and started to crack more seriously than usual. Well, I would have to blame it on my not-so-comfortable sandal that I've been wearing lately, so everything is on me. It reached the point of turning so bad that I had to try different approaches to fix it. After several experiments and testing, thankfully it is getting better. Knowing that there might be others who is facing the same issue, I wanted to share some of the tips and tricks that I have.

March 27, 2017

Miracle Romance Sailor Moon Eyeliners Review

Sailormoon Miracle Romance Eyeliners; Sailormoon Miracle Romance Liquid Eyelibers; Miracle Romance Sailormoon Eyeliner Review

If you and I are close enough, you would know that there are three major things that I'm really crazy about and wouldn't trade for anything; Super Junior, Harry Potter and Sailor Moon. I have less control over my impulse when it comes to these three. Sailor Moon for instance always reminds me of my childhood, Harry Potter of my teenager days while I fell in love with Super Junior as soon as I finished high school. They kinda represent my youth and even until now, I just love and can't get over them. Some might call me childish, immature, and that it's just a waste of time but I don't care anymore. I used to be extra conscious about what people say but nowadays, I've just decided to embrace the things that I love. I am good at that and I plan to keep on doing it.

March 25, 2017

Seoul Travel: Hongdae Night Chill (Day 1)

Finally, I'm sitting down to share about my trip to Seoul, South Korea last year. I know some of you have been requesting about this ever since I came back, I'm sorry to make you wait! #guiltyascharged. Anyway, it was a pretty last minute trip and I only get to stay there for 5 days 4 nights. Some people might say it was long enough of a visit but for me who has been dreaming of going to Korea since forever, it was a really short one.

March 23, 2017

Sunplay Sport Suncreen Lotion & Mist Review

I received a PR package from Mentholatum awhile ago (actually it was around the end of last year) containing two of their newest sun protection products which are the Sunplay Sport UV Sunscreen and the Sunplay Sport UV Mist. They are formulated exclusively for sports activities; both wet and dry. As you may know, I'm not exactly the sporty type. #chubsalert Since I'm probably 99% not a sports person but once in awhile on a very rare occasion, I do participate in some sweaty activities under the sun. For example; going to the beach. Since these products are formulated with the Wet Skin Technology, you will be able to enjoy the most intense sport with maximum sun protection

March 21, 2017

Weekend Gateway in KL: Sekeping Tenggiri, Bangsar

One of the perks of working in my office is that each team got monthly funds which we can use to do group activities to strengthen our bonds and improve our team work; we call it the 'team bonding'. Sometimes, we went for an eating adventure (eg: trying out fine Indian cuisine at Malgudi) because everyone in the team is major foodies and on some other times, we would opt for longer activities like going for a 2 Days 1 Night stay-cation together. The planner/mastermind behind these trips is usually our boss/mamasan +Tammy Lim and she never fails to impress us every time. Seriously, she is one of the best people I know at the art of deals-hunting. I never knew that I could go to such gorgeous places with a minimum budget!