Beauty Clinic Mediheal ADE Masks Range Review

Lately, I have been trying a lot of masks in office. We started with Tuesday and Thursday as a 'mask day' just for fun and because of that, my skin condition is now getting much better than it has ever been for awhile. The twice a week masks session is now becoming more frequent and we kind of influenced our other colleagues to join in the fun too. Seriously, working with a face mask on feels really nice as it's cooling and makes you feel fresh all the time. Thanks to that, my masks stash have been diminishing faster than usual. I'm not complaining though since I got an excuse to shop for more. *giggles*

Good Morning! Got Milk?

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day as it helps the body to regulate itself after an overnight fast and personally, I am a big breakfast person. It's the driving force for me to start my day better and I consider breakfast as my favourite meal of the day. I usually find myself feeling grumpy, sleepy and demotivated when I skip my breakfast so I always make sure to get my stomach filled before I start the day.

Affordable Pak John Steamboat and BBQ, ECurve Damansara Review

Foods are definitely one of the biggest joy of my life. I am always searching for awesome new places to try. One of my favourite 'makan' session is when I can just chill with friends or family for a longer duration, catching up on life and of course filling our stomach to the brim. Hotel buffets are nice but there is something I prefer much more over that, which is steamboat & grill dining.

What Can You Do in Herbaline Puchong?

A few years back, if you come to me asking what do I think about a spa treatment, I will definitely say that it is not within my financial capabilities. I used to have this sad mentality that a beauty treatment in any spa is something only possible for the elites and commoners like me shouldn't even dream to experience those kinds of thing in my lifetime. I guess those images planted by soap operas and dramas did cloud my judgement. #dramaqueen

Althea's Birthday: What's Happening??!

*My cat is dope*

Weeee~!! Today is a super amazing day for me and Althea team. Althea is officially one-year-old and we are celebrating it big! Daebak right? It seemed like just yesterday when I was doing the beta testing for the launching of Althea Malaysia site and of course joining Althea team! Working in Althea so far has been the bomb. The expansion has been happening really fast too! Coincidentally, we are also launching Althea Thailand today so if you are living there, do check out the Thai website for a separate grand launch promotion!