August 29, 2009

my hectic but interesting life!!

Today is not a very good day for me..
the only best thing happening to me today is going back home...
its been a very hectic yet stressful day for all of us..
especially for me,nid,a.j and sue..
let see.....

8.50 am~our math lecture was a total disaster..being yell at..OMG..its really
painful to hear Mrs. S talking bout something that really absurd!!

10.00 am~ Bio quiz..i think dis time I'm going to set my first track record!! getting come Mrs A doesn't gave us the topic first like before??!!
she just said that its going to be either chapter 5,6 or 7..well..its a BIG
problem 4 me!!which one should i read first??those are the chapter that
i missed before when I'm sick..So..RESULT!!!..its my worst nightmare!!

12.00 pm~ Going to have a PAI test!! haven't read a single word yet!!

2.20 pm~ Damn!!I'm late 4 the test!!haven't pack my things yet!! how am i suppose to
go home without it??

2.45 pm~ Yess!! i made it to the test..the question..kinda of OK..LOL..haha..
I finish it early so that i can go back home faster..i want to break the fast
with my family..

3.15 pm~ Why our college front gate is soo full with students?? I looked around..aha
..solved..there was a bunch of JPJ uncle with their striking orange coloured friend say"apela diorang bwat kat sini" cannot take those
"prebet sapu" cars..ouhh..uncle JPJ..why on earth did u choose today to
clean up this prebet sapu..??We want to go back la..

3.35 pm~ urgh!! why this uncle jpj doesn't get the signal??go away la..we want to go
back!!..we get fed up waiting like we decided to walk...All the way..
we got crazy..waving frantically to the cars on the road.."ouhh..pakciks2..
tumpangkan la kami!!" of our friend..Dayah..she already bought a bus
ticket..she need to get there before 4 pm...We were thinking so hard on how
to get her to kuala pilah bus terminal first..few mins after dat..then..we saw
a car moving out from one of the kampung house there..without thinking
anymore..we screamed!! "makcik..makcik...stop!!".."cud u take our friend
to the terminal??"(making cute face)...thanks to Allah..that makcik is nice
enough to take Dayah...

4.00 pm~ One prob is to our fate!! with sad and tired face..
we walk..slowly..being optimist..thinking dat Kuala Pilah is getting nearer..
(But actually its more than 5 KM to reach there..)..suddenly..we saw a blue
old van...hooray!!its one of the prebet sapu..haha..i really feel that
dat pak cik look sooo damn handsome today..haha..we've been saved
by a handsome Kuala Pilah's the perfect time to say good bye to
old times 'prince charming with white horse dream..ahaks'

4.05 pm~ I thought that everything already settled at that point..but..another thing first..we wait at the bus stop near the pekan..but..there wasn't
even a glimpse of bus there..Aha..we wait..we wait..n finally..we decided to
walk to the terminal...while crossing the bridge..exactly the time we reach
the last step..there was a bus coming..AND..stop at the bus stop..
During that feeling on dat was like stepping on a cat's poop..

4.15 pm~ starting to feel really exhausted..haha..we made it to the terminal..but once
again..problems...the bus going to Seremban was really packed!! I think..
if the bus can talk..4 sure we can hear it cursing all the people..its looked
like an overload can of sardines...soo..we wait for another bus..but this wasn't an air-conditioned one..feeling a little overwhelmed.. to the bus..we can't bear another problem for the mean
time..and thank God..we got the seat..except for Yanti..poor her..but
what can i do...on dat up the chair feels like the last thing
i would do...

6.00 pm~ its already six..and we just arrive at the KTM station...the journey was
soo long and boring..sue wasn't with us anymore..she dropped off the
bus do yanti...she decided to travel by, nid and
A.j..we decided to stop at Kl Central first to break the thing for
sure...we won't make it if we want to break the fast with our family...

7.27 pm~ still in the usual..soo packed with least we got our
seat..funny things happen in the train all the way to Kl Sentral..
1) we're not sure if its already time to break the fast or not.. looking at one were we waited another 5 min..we broke
the fast with mineral water..sob2..Btw..there was a group of boys..
when they saw us drinking the water..excitedly(actually.. not dat
excited)they took out something from their bag..and it was kuih2
for them to broke the fast..eating while standing..they look really
funny..Nid said if she is not mistaken..she saw one of the boy eating
popiah with chili sauce..haha.

2) There was this little active..talking non-stop all the way..
The funny part is dat the boy tried to 'main mata' with A.J..soo

7.45 pm~ FINALLY!!! arriving at KL Sentral..we rush to the food court.order some
food and start the feast!!haha..we talked about the journey...we pity nid
as this is her first time going back alone..with train...

8.15 pm~ we separate and continue our journey..for me..I'm stopping at KLCC to
buy some stuff..

10.15 pm~ reach the LRT Setiawangsa..walk to my house..a bit scary..coz the place
is soo dark..not scared of ghost..but scared on people..i decided to call with her all the way...

10.30 pm~ at home...taking some porridge my dad cooked..haha
and lastly..sitting in front of computer typing this...
i thought..dis is d end of story..then..bang!!!

10.45~suddenly..n abruptly...the pc shutdown sendri..ayoyo..i dunno la..

**so..i post ni 4 hari kemudian..haha


August 27, 2009

BeNgaNg...SoMetHinG BuLLsHiT!!!!

Situation 1
A: Y..mane poster yang aku suruh hantar ari tu??
Y: Ahh...poster da ada..tapi x lukis lagi..
A: Bukan ke aku da bagi taw due date ari niyh..ak bg taw 6 hari lepas kan??
Y: A'ah..but kertas lukisan xde..
A: (dalam hati mula membuak2)
A: x kan x bole pikir sendri..gne ketas A4 sudah..
Y: aah..yela..tapi kan kaler x de..
A: (kang ada yang kene sepak kang)

Situation 2
A: Z..mane poster untuk aktiviti merdeka aritu??
Z: xde ar..budak2 ak malas nk buat...
A: $%*#?!!!

** I feel like slapping these people rite come they didn't care the order i've given before..its not like i want to be a dictator..but..these people really pissed me off..huh..
and all the reason they gave me..its soo damn stupid...ouhh..please la..u all are already mature adults ok!!at least think of a reason which is more suitable..What the hell about having no pencil colour for the poster??!!!Well..the above conversation is juz some part of these..Cant write anything more now...this thing is a real BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!

P/S: Hello, this is Anis from the fututre. I just reread this pos (now is 2013) and I just can't believe how childish and brutal i was before. But hey, I don't want to delete this. It reminds me to be a better person as I get older..kekeke

August 26, 2009

BeRat Hati..

da beberapa ari ak x sehat..
so x balek kmns..
satu lagi sbb..
ak x smpi ati nk tggl
ak yg baru accident
diorang bukan ley masak sgt pon..
ngan mak ak kat wheelchair..
ngan ayah ak drive kete sebelah tgn jer..
x mau balek..x mau..
nnty sape nak tolong masak
4 sahur n berbuke..
dugaan tahap giler2 niyh..

August 24, 2009

PerJaLAnaN SeMaLam II

~PerJaLAnaN SeMaLam II~

~one of the shirt~

~d snap dalam tren yg x de org..haha~


August 23, 2009

PerJaLAnaN SeMaLam..

lepas berbuke..
aku meneman adikku shopping raye..
di klcc..
sampai..kami ke topshop..
tgk jeans..
but postpone dulu..
nak usha tempat len..
then g kuar duit..
we both menuju ke atas..
mencari kasut n t shirt beliau..
kasut akhirnya dijumpai di Converse..
t shirt di graffi tee~
harganya...haha,,,bajuku x semahal itu..
t-shirt yg dibeli ak sangat suka
tgk la gamba2 itu..
ak post dalam "PerJaLAnaN SeMaLam II"
lps tuh..
kami nak beli jeans di topshop itu semula..
n some hadiah for bapaku..
rupe-rupenyer..klcc nk tutup..da kol 10
memandangkan bapaku sdg terawih..
kami x ley pulang lagi..
berjalan keluar menuju pavilion..
saje2 je..
tiba d pavilion
pemandangan yg kurang enak berlaku..
bau arak n segala macam adik beradikya yg ak x tahu..
trus keluar..menuju times square..
perjalanan yg menakotkan bagiku..
di tepi2 sangat ramai..
tin2 beer merata2..
asap rokok berkepul cni sana..
semua nmpak m'curigakan..
adoi..better ak g terawih saja..
akhirnya nek monorel utk ke kl central..
ntah tiba2..kami salah lane..
trun d hentian seterusnya n tuka tren..
sampi di kl central..
berlari2 anak ke lrt..
jam menunjukkan 11.45 pm
adess..takot x smpat
naseb baek sempat..
sampi d rumah
sgt exhausted..
klu bukan sbb adek ak minta teman..
jgn harap nk kuar malam2 tuh
haha..but good experience anyway..
anda macam mne??
ad perkara menarik bbrapa ari niyh??


August 22, 2009

HappY FaStIng DeaR fRienDs...MuaHaha

Just wanna say..
Heppy Fasting
Tambahkan amalan anda di bulan mulia ini..
p/s: mari shopping beramai2

August 20, 2009

Love is Cinta..Ape Tuh??

Orang cakap..cinta x bole cakap kasih x bole cari..
tapi skali ia menyapa..susah utk lepaskan pergi..
kalau sayang..biarkan dia pergi..klu rindu..simpan saja dalam hati..
post niyh..untuk org2 yang aku sayang..

x de bende yg lebih indah dari cinta..
tapi kdg2 bole jadi paling menyakitkan..
rasa kasih mmg fitrah..
rasa rindu mmg norma..
rasa sayang mmg ada..
klu ko terluka..
ak pon sedey juga..
even kte niyh nampak suka ria..
ak taw..masing2 simpan rahsia..
jangan sedey..
even ko hilang something..
kami masih ad utk ko..
org cakap..
lebey baik kita ilang something tu..
waktu ia paling bernilai..
sbb nnty kte akan hargai..
selagi hayat d kandung badan..
ko taw..even ko blom cakap..
ak taw ko masih blom lupa pada dia..
ntah nape..ak bole rasa..
jgn la simpan lama2..
ak da jumpa ngan ko bnyk kali apa..
Post ko kat blog arini...mmg bwat ak sedey..
n ak rasa..ramai dari kte..
yang ad rasa apa yg ko rasa..
msg2 simpan jer..
aku rasa..
mulai ari ni..kte kne lebey terbuka..
luah je apa yg kte rasa..
sbb mungkin org x paham..
kalau kiter diam jer..
+ +(azi,zek,dona,nid,nina,sue,a.j,sherry,ayun,aten,fana)..
n all my beloved friends...ak SAYANG korunk sumer!!

P/s:post ni d tujukan pada yana n zek juga(if korang bce lar)


August 19, 2009

hmm..pape je la

i got tired waiting..
wondering if u were ever coming around..
my faith in u is fading...

August 17, 2009


aku sedey la...
result exam teruk gler..
ntah pape la..
berangan jer nak 4 flat..daa
watever..tapi dunno la..
yang paling aku terkilan..
result english ku yang x berapa memuaskan..

August 16, 2009



dari atas kiri...ayun a.k.a ratu ayam..ahaks
dari atas tengah...hanna a.k.a lady L(lipas)
yang menongkat dagu..aten a.k.a princess mentadak..
n aku..sebagai Queen oF Antz..
ntah mengarut la kami berempat niyh..
asal usul nama ni akan diceritakan len kali
Btw..mereka2 ni bukan roomate ak..
just bilik mereka adalah bilik keduaku..
terutama untuk bersuka ria kerana kami semua adalah gila2..
rommate mereka yang lagi satu tuh..
da balek..sbb suspect H1N1..n sbb cuti PDT(program 2 taun)..
tambah2 lagi..mereka2 ni adalah menteri2 c4 yang diketuai oleh aku "si Kb berwibawa"...ahaks
Gambo niyh diambil di sick bay c4..haha
memandangkan scenery yg lebey ok dari bilik kami yang tunggang langgang..hehe
kami baru je pulang dari dinner di cafe c yang indah dan permai itu..haha..itu saja..
(haha..berposing adalah hobi semasaku..)

August 15, 2009

aqim dan bapaku..ahaks

aku memang suke gambar niyh

ntah la..

dengan ayahku tersengih camni


ak x taw pon..

wujudnya gambar ni dalam henponku

selepas bbrapa ketika baru perasan


pasti tatkala ini bapaku sdg sgt free

dan x da keje



aKu DaN ToiLeT TutoRaN..

this is me and my praktikum mate,,sulastri..
dis pic was taken a month ago kowt..
haha..btw..misses her soo much..
y??sbb i x g klas seminggu da..
so x nampak sue dkt seminggu
ahaks..nama jer dalam matriks yg sama
gambar ni dalam toilet kat bangunan tutoran..
toilet ni dah dianugerahkan toilet terbes dalam KMNS
oleh geng2 ku..
klaka kan..
kadang2..even ktorg kat bangunan len pon
budak2 niyh sanggup jalan jauh untuk ke toilet kesayangan
bagi ak..x kesah sangat..
mne2 pon bole..haha..
bercakap pasal toilet niyh..
korang taw tak
kat jepun kowt(yeker??x pasti la)
diorang macam bina satu bangunan niyh bentuk toilet..
macam2 la kan..haha...



just nak cakap..
skang niyh aku nga ngidam nak makan
Even baru penah makan skali di MId VaLLey!!

aku sangat2 teringin

x kesa ar tenpayyaki salmon or beef

adess..sedap nyer



hahaha...selalu nyer.. ak bukan la jenis yg minat specific artis niyh
but lain kes bwat minah bernama taylor swift niyh
ntah la tapi kan
aku ske sumer lagi dier
da la comel gler
concept music pon ak ske..
x heran la klu ad peminat yg snggup
jadi stalker klu da minat satu artis tu..hehe
tapi kan lagu dier sumer best2
nnty ak nak bli la album fearless niyh...

lagu2 yg ak ske:
1) you belong with me
2)love story
4)white horse
5)our songs

ada lagi la...senang cakap
ak mmg ske dier..
adess..susah la gini
ak ni klu da ske..
bole tahap fanatik
tapi x mampu nak menandingi
Munirah Nabihah la
yang sgt2 setia kat
Backstreet Boys dier tuh..
ha..lagi satu Faizal Tahir..
but..bwat ak..
ak tetap ske citer korea n taylor swift lebey dari
mende2 len..haha
Satu lagi..
aku ni ngah OBSES giler ngan
kenapa la anda sangat comel n heart melting
dalam yu hee the witch pon comel..
hot gler..
x silap
dier belakon dalam muvi X men yg baru kuar tuh
ini la Dennis Oh ku

August 14, 2009

My FRieND is PoSiTiVe!!!

Best friend of a friend of mine is positive with H1N1!!and theoratically she's a friend of mine too la..yg x bole belah nyer..budak tu bukan sakit mane pon...ntah2 sbb kne kuarantin dgn bdak2 sakit..dier yg kne..To FARHANA KAWAN AYUN... hehe..cayo2...cpt2 la sehat..
haha..pada AYUN yang baru dimerdekakan...tahniah..u need to snap out of the dream now.. no more princess-like nyer layanan yerp...hek2..mntg2 kne kuaratin..ko dpt makan free mggu niyh...amboi2..jeles i taw..
Btw..we(Hanna, Aten , n Me)are more than happy with ur "kepulangan" Hanna.. no need to cry anymore kayh,..wawawa...AYUN..Hanna misses u a LOT taw..hak2
2 je la for now...kinda of lapar now..nak g makan..Hanna brought me some nasik ayam.. havent eat since dis morning..haha..sakit niyh bagos gak kan2...k la...klu malam niyh rajin nk update..i update lg..chow cin chow!!!

alone in the fed up

why2 dis happen to me..last night..i cukup berkobar2 nak g kuliah..then eventually it turn out that dis morning..i MUNTAH2 lagi...ouchh..n skang..perut makin x selesa.. macam nak gastrik pon ad..OMG..nape ntah i slalooo sgt sakit..
i taw la skit2 ni tuhan yg bagi..but of course ad sbb..i x pandai jage diri kowt.. sob2..really want to have a year without sickness.....agagga..but still walaupun tgh sakit gler perut niyh..i maseh bole menaip..kre bole hidop la kot...
tonight we got penilaian for KD(p/s:KD is a subject related to protocol n manners in public..lbey kurang la)..da la i da x g kuliah dkt seminggu..wat am i suposse 2 do nnty...ahaks..btw..i x taw nk g x..coz i x larat gler niyh.. last night..really feel like going home..i call my brother last night..(haha..mrsm dier n matrix i bkn jauh sgt)...dier baru tawu psl parent ktorg accident..cian dak tu...tensen nk pmr lak 2...haha(NASEB BAIK DA LEPAS!!..AHAKS>>)..
now..i nak g tido..da x tahan sgt da..nk muntah lg..isk..i already telan another tamiflu n another ubat..ape name pon x ingt da...doakan i baek lps niy kayh..i hve a LOT to catch up lps ni..


pick two out of three...

haha..betol x rakan2,,,ngeh2


BeeN MissInG TheM aLReaDy!!


~bell n moontary~

~my cousin,echa~

~aliah,farahlina n kaiyisah~



2 both of u..haha
may all ur wish come true...
sori no hadiah at all...
da bankrup la 2 tiga menjak ni..

To nedz...
Sori da lama x contact ko..
Moon baru bagi no baru ko..
I'll call u dis evening...
Hope u'll be hepi always..
i'll pray 4 u n faliq tooo..

To aten..
Even kte baru kenal..
ko pon x lame jadik roomate ak..
but hope kte akan jadi kawan yg baek..
balik cpt taw...
makan ubat....
kim salam org Rembau...
n mr pilot


Wrote dis Long Time aGo..JusT FeeLs Like SHaRing iT

3 May 2009
Malam yang dingin lagi suram membuatkan aku lebih berfikir.Lebih memahami perkara-perkara yang pada kelihatan tidak penting dan remeh.Malah, malam yang berlalu juga membuat aku lebih jujur pada perasaan sendiri.Lebih jelas tentang khayalan dan impian., lebih tahu masa depan dan arah tujuan.Kadang-kala aku berharap agar malam-malam seperti itu akan berlalu dengan perlahan.
Aku pernah mengecapi kejayaan dan kemudiannya kejayaan itu perlu dibayar dengan sesuatu yang lain.Aku juga baru mengalami kegagalan yang menghampakan. Lebih jelas jika dikatakan ia adalah kegagalan pertama bagi seseorang seperti aku. Namun, aku sentiasa tahu bahawa kegagalan itu juga mula membuka mataku akan sesuatu.Sesuatu yang penting padaku.Sesuatu yang pada mulanya aku ingin elakkan.
Sikap perfectionist yang ada pada diriku kadang-kadang membuatkan aku rimas. Selalu berfikir “adakah keputusanku sesuatu yang tepat?Mungkinkan aku memandang sesuatu perkara itu terlalu serius,”Mungkin juga dilema yang aku alami dua tahun kebelakangan ini menyebabkan aku tersasar dari landasan yang sebenarnya.Mungkin ia adalah sesuatu yang bagus agar aku tidak lagi jauh tersasar pada masa hadapan.
Namun, kegagalan kali ini merupakan sesuatu yang asing.Membuatkan aku berasa lemah dan tiada arah tuju.Aku tahu masih ada peluang untuk menebusnya.Peluang ini harus aku hargai sepenuhnya.Menebus segala kesilapan lalu.Mula membuka semula langkah yang tempang pada sebelumnya.Aku akan membuat mereka-mereka yang bergantung harap padaku mampu menunjukkan senyuman bangga mereka.Ingin membuat diriku berdiri standing dengan insan-insan yang penting bagiku.Agar suatu hari di masa depan aku mampu bertemu mereka dan memberikan senyuman yang cukup yakin.Bangga dengan diriku dan dengan perkara yang telah kucapai pada saat itu.
Langkahku tidak perlu lagi tempang, aku akan mengapai semula perkara yang telah terlepas dariku dan meraih kemanisan yang belum kucapai.Menikmati semua saat-saat yang berlalu kerana aku tahu, pada masa depan aku pasti menginginkan agar masa-masa seperti itu kembali padaku.Aku akan berbangga dengan siapa diriku dan cuba menjadi lebih baik dan hampir kepada kesempurnaan.
Kerana mulai saat ini aku adalah aku.Tidak akan menoleh kebelakang lagi. Bertemankan hati dan fikiran, kenangan lalu sebagai pedoman dan masa depan sebagai arah tujuan.Kembali pada diriku yang sebenar.Walaupun ada perkara yang tak mungkin aku lupakan, yang sentiasa bersamaku, yang menjadikan aku seorang berperasaan. Tahu pada rasa cinta, kasih sayang dan persahabatan.
Dan aku akan berikan semula kilauan pada permata yang satu masa dulu pernah aku miliki.Yakin pada diriku dan tahu bahawa aku mampu.Dan pada masa depan, perasaan yang aku simpan ini, yang menjadi penemanku dalam menghadapi cabaran, yang menjadi penguat semangat.Aku akan laungkannya. Aku pasti,perasaan ini akan ku luahkan pada masa depan supaya tiada lagi penyasalan.
Pada mereka yang menyayangiku, yang tidak pernah menghakimi pilihanku dan sentiasa berada disisiku, akan ku berikan hadiah atas kepercayaan itu.
For those who dream for future,
Longed for success and victory,
Hoping that the past will be the guide,
And be exactly the same person as you actually are,
I hope you and me will achieve it soon….


August 13, 2009


Ni yg i nk ngamuk niyh...whats wrong with dis blog..why i cant upload my photo...
tried so many times already..b4 dis x de pon susa cam niyh..
aisey..da la ngah berkobar2 nak update gambar hari nie..wateva...apesal la bnyk sgt prob ak ni..
da adik sakit..diri sendri sakitt..parent accident..nak balik tgk diorg pon x ley.. assignment belambak...stupid2..stress plak i...
my roomate yg baru dmm smlm pon da balik umah arini..i yg da nk seminggu sakit niyh...x dapat balik2 lagi..OMG..da la rooomate i yg sorg tu mmg BALIK jer keje nyer...NO OFFENSE kay.. i bukan JEALOUS ke ape..what the...bwat pe nak jeles..i da DOK ASRAMA BERTAHUN2 da...BUT..klu asyik balik jer...cmne nak biasa kan diri... i tau la u tu anak last..but.. x ley ke try ignore perasaan nak balik tu...EVEN DIE BALIK TETIAP MINGGU pon..smpat gak dier homesick lagii...STRESSSSS TAW X!!!....
Dua tiga menjak ni..sumer yg i wat x btol...da la i x g kuliah lame gilerrrrr..ntah bape chapter tetinggal pon x tw la...WATEVER...i malas da nk pk..kang lagi stop jap..nk g amek air smayang..nk coool down balik...bwat sesape yg membace niyh..sori la..terpakse menahan telinga..(walaupun ni text jer..haha)

Klinik Kesihatan Kuala Pilah

Today i went to the klinik to recheck my status lps 3 day makan that tamiflu pill..its quite nice compared to all the "klinik kesihatan" i went before.. ahaks..the "tempat menunggu" and "pharmacy" is nice too..'quite selesa 4 us to wait la..

but..4 today..the patient waiting is "gler ramai"..Plus..rombongan from KMNS itself sramai SATU BUS ..made the clinic sooo damn crowded...(da nama pon ktorg datang naek bas..mmg la ramai kan) usual i pown pegi la dkt registration counter..all the nurses and MA (medical assisstant) there agak terkejut la dgn "keramaian" we all...haha..then they told us to sit need to of the nurse gave us the form to be isi..haha...first time g klinik nurse soh isi personal detail sendri (bayangkn la keramaian org time tuh..ngeh2)

Pastu we alll pon tggu la dkt tempat menunggu tu..i ngan praktikum mate i..Dee..pon borak2 la...suddenly..we all dengar satu bunyi pelik yg amat menarik perhatian..,.giler ar.. there was dis girl..about our age...coughing soo badly..its like all eyes in the clinic are looking at her..mmg kesian la time too kt budak tuu...Few minutes l8tr..the same nurse who gave us the form before.. came and ask me n all the go upstairs..(did i mention b4 dat these is a 2 storey clinic??haha..gmpq kan?)..

Then..the nurse soh we all duduk...rupe2 nyer..they all bukak booth khias utk bdak kmns..haha.(lain kali klu nk g klinik cpt..dtg satu bas..confirm x yah beratur..ngeh2x)...sorang2 stdnt d check...i plak d check lmbt..smbl2 dgr lagu tu..i pon tgk la bdk2 niy kene check.. sorang bdak laki niyh...nanges sbb nk kne amek darah,,habes la dier kne usik ngan MA kat situ,..mmg la..amek darah pon nk nanges..but i kecian gak la kt dier...(haha..i kan baek)..smpt gak i snap gambar bdak2 tu kne amek darah..hehe

Finally..sumer abes check dalam kol 1 camtuh...huh..agak lama la..around 4 hours gitu...hehe..Btw..its an interesting day too..hehe..tgk ragam bdak2 ni..klaka pon ad..tomorrow.. i da bole g kuliah..haha..busy again..ngeh2


August 12, 2009

Miss you too

Got this pic from yana few days it...
haha.. sometimes i got jealous with dis gurl.. how come u are sooo free now.... Btw..miss u too.. hope to c u soon...dont 4get our date..the shopping spree.. ngeh2..need to save some money starting today if i want to spend more during the date...

p/ salam buah hati pengarang jantung u taw(hehe..only u taw sape...huuu~~)muahxxx..!!


August 11, 2009


Today..(to be exact this night)..i got a text message from my lovely cousin..Echa..
She wrote:
"anis..mama okey x...jgn sedey2 sgt taw"

At first i thought it was a joke as i just talked to my mum few hours ago..but made me worried..with my hand trembling..immediately..i call my mum..

"hello..assalamualaikum..mama..nape ngan mama??sakit ke??demam???da okey blom??nape x bg taw along mama sakit...nape echa kate mama sakit??"

I started to interrogate my mum.....only God knows how worried i am on that time..then finally my mum admit the truth..she got into accident with my dad a few days ago..i mean.. (A FEW DAYS AGO!!!).. how come my mum doesnt tell me anything every time a call her before a bit frustrated but i really can understand why she hide it from me..with me, facing my own sickness here..she doesnt want me to get worst having one more problem to be stuck in my already stucked wonder when i ask her about her work trip to Terengganu she told me that she already cancelled it...

Thanks to God..they only suffer some minor injuries...the worst is my mum, coz one of her toenail broke..So...this explain so much why am i feeling so depressed yesterday..(it seems i got a very strong sixth sense..ahaks)..Actually my mum doesnt want to let us know about the accident.. but Echa had mistakenly mentioned that in her message for is no longer a secret to me..but i decided to keep it from my brother, Amir as he is having his pmr trial this week.. and i'll let my mum to take the honour to spread the news to Amir by herself..

Whats really2 funny about this is my aunty..i call her 'Cik Yong'..she felt sooo guilty as my mum already told her not to let me know about all of this..she think that she must take the blame as my cousin heard the news when she was talking to my other aunt(which is Echa's mum)...hehe..things really gettin complicated up to this point..she apologize like a hundred time to me n tell me not to cry..haha..

Well.this news doesnt make me worry that much coz i know that my family loves to "exaggerate"(is the spelling right??) simple things like this..haha..kinda of a drama queen..
But..all of these really made my life more interesting..n dats why i LOVE all of them very much...ngeh3..hopefully..after all of this major havoc that happen to me this past few days will stop n i will get my peace life back...


I have missed so much these days..

Its been five days since i started to feel sick.. n i already missed 4 days of my class.. n dats mean i need to catch up a lot on all the subject...OMG..hopefully it wasnt as much as i think it is..
As usual..the "tamiflu" pill i've been eating lately had cost me so much..but i got to be xtra strong as this is the only way to prevent me from getting the H1N1 flu...(hoping..insyallah)
Btw..the number of students who got sick here had increase tremendously...most of them are being quarantined in the guest house near the lecturer's apartment...
I cant help to wonder..why r we staying here now..i really think that this college admin should take earlier precaution in preventing the virus..eventhough we already take our temperature during the first day after the mid sem holiday...but due to the improper way of separating the patient n the student..there are so many people getting sick day to day..
While im writing friend Sandy which is the block leader of c3 called..and ask me to collect as many xtra bed as possible n put it in the sick bay(as the sickbay is in c4 n i am the c4 block leader..ngeh) for now..there are more than 50 people thats being quarantined...(thanks to Allah im not of them..haha)..maybe..the college should be close least till the virus stop attacking..hehe...
But a lot of thing should considered tooo(i guess...) the schedule for our one year programme is tooo pack..maybe dats one of the reason y we r not closing yet..
I really thing that these sickness is one form of God's warning reminding us what are the things which is more important in life..


Proudly Present.

Its almost 2 am here now..n finally i manage to write my first post(DRUM ROLL PLEZZZ)..i really got stuck n dunno what to feeling a little nausea now..maybe due to the"tamiflu"pill i have taken earlier..actually now im in my college..using my friend laptop..i'm going to sleep in her room tonight..hahaha..(menyibukkan??) really glad i that i decide to have a blog..people usually says practice make perfect.. so..with the same reason why yana(my best friend forever,bff) made a blog..i think dis may be one of the best way in practicing my english writing for MUET..After all, i do hve some kind of fondness on writing..i've been keeping my own diaries since was 15..n i think its a very good in expressing my self..
Huu~i think its enough for tonight..will be writing back a.s.a.p...haha..daaa...gudnyte... muahx...xoxoxo(^___^)v