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my hectic but interesting life!!

Today is not a very good day for me..
the only best thing happening to me today is going back home...
its been a very hectic yet stressful day for all of us..
especially for me,nid,a.j and sue..
let see.....

8.50 am~our math lecture was a total disaster..being yell at..OMG..its really
painful to hear Mrs. S talking bout something that really absurd!!

10.00 am~ Bio quiz..i think dis time I'm going to set my first track record!! getting come Mrs A doesn't gave us the topic first like before??!!
she just said that its going to be either chapter 5,6 or 7..well..its a BIG
problem 4 me!!which one should i read first??those are the chapter that
i missed before when I'm sick..So..RESULT!!!..its my worst nightmare!!

12.00 pm~ Going to have a PAI test!! haven't read a single word yet!!

2.20 pm~ Damn!!I'm late 4 the test!!haven't pack my things yet!! how am i suppose to
go home without it??

2.45 pm~ Yess!! i made it to the test..the question..kinda of OK..LOL..haha..
I finish it early so that i can go back home faster..i want to break the fast
with my family..

3.15 pm~ Why our college front gate is soo full with students?? I looked around..aha
..solved..there was a bunch of JPJ uncle with their striking orange coloured friend say"apela diorang bwat kat sini" cannot take those
"prebet sapu" cars..ouhh..uncle JPJ..why on earth did u choose today to
clean up this prebet sapu..??We want to go back la..

3.35 pm~ urgh!! why this uncle jpj doesn't get the signal??go away la..we want to go
back!!..we get fed up waiting like we decided to walk...All the way..
we got crazy..waving frantically to the cars on the road.."ouhh..pakciks2..
tumpangkan la kami!!" of our friend..Dayah..she already bought a bus
ticket..she need to get there before 4 pm...We were thinking so hard on how
to get her to kuala pilah bus terminal first..few mins after dat..then..we saw
a car moving out from one of the kampung house there..without thinking
anymore..we screamed!! "makcik..makcik...stop!!".."cud u take our friend
to the terminal??"(making cute face)...thanks to Allah..that makcik is nice
enough to take Dayah...

4.00 pm~ One prob is to our fate!! with sad and tired face..
we walk..slowly..being optimist..thinking dat Kuala Pilah is getting nearer..
(But actually its more than 5 KM to reach there..)..suddenly..we saw a blue
old van...hooray!!its one of the prebet sapu..haha..i really feel that
dat pak cik look sooo damn handsome today..haha..we've been saved
by a handsome Kuala Pilah's the perfect time to say good bye to
old times 'prince charming with white horse dream..ahaks'

4.05 pm~ I thought that everything already settled at that point..but..another thing first..we wait at the bus stop near the pekan..but..there wasn't
even a glimpse of bus there..Aha..we wait..we wait..n finally..we decided to
walk to the terminal...while crossing the bridge..exactly the time we reach
the last step..there was a bus coming..AND..stop at the bus stop..
During that feeling on dat was like stepping on a cat's poop..

4.15 pm~ starting to feel really exhausted..haha..we made it to the terminal..but once
again..problems...the bus going to Seremban was really packed!! I think..
if the bus can talk..4 sure we can hear it cursing all the people..its looked
like an overload can of sardines...soo..we wait for another bus..but this wasn't an air-conditioned one..feeling a little overwhelmed.. to the bus..we can't bear another problem for the mean
time..and thank God..we got the seat..except for Yanti..poor her..but
what can i do...on dat up the chair feels like the last thing
i would do...

6.00 pm~ its already six..and we just arrive at the KTM station...the journey was
soo long and boring..sue wasn't with us anymore..she dropped off the
bus do yanti...she decided to travel by, nid and
A.j..we decided to stop at Kl Central first to break the thing for
sure...we won't make it if we want to break the fast with our family...

7.27 pm~ still in the usual..soo packed with least we got our
seat..funny things happen in the train all the way to Kl Sentral..
1) we're not sure if its already time to break the fast or not.. looking at one were we waited another 5 min..we broke
the fast with mineral water..sob2..Btw..there was a group of boys..
when they saw us drinking the water..excitedly(actually.. not dat
excited)they took out something from their bag..and it was kuih2
for them to broke the fast..eating while standing..they look really
funny..Nid said if she is not mistaken..she saw one of the boy eating
popiah with chili sauce..haha.

2) There was this little active..talking non-stop all the way..
The funny part is dat the boy tried to 'main mata' with A.J..soo

7.45 pm~ FINALLY!!! arriving at KL Sentral..we rush to the food court.order some
food and start the feast!!haha..we talked about the journey...we pity nid
as this is her first time going back alone..with train...

8.15 pm~ we separate and continue our journey..for me..I'm stopping at KLCC to
buy some stuff..

10.15 pm~ reach the LRT Setiawangsa..walk to my house..a bit scary..coz the place
is soo dark..not scared of ghost..but scared on people..i decided to call with her all the way...

10.30 pm~ at home...taking some porridge my dad cooked..haha
and lastly..sitting in front of computer typing this...
i thought..dis is d end of story..then..bang!!!

10.45~suddenly..n abruptly...the pc shutdown sendri..ayoyo..i dunno la..

**so..i post ni 4 hari kemudian..haha



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