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BeNgaNg...SoMetHinG BuLLsHiT!!!!

Situation 1
A: Y..mane poster yang aku suruh hantar ari tu??
Y: Ahh...poster da ada..tapi x lukis lagi..
A: Bukan ke aku da bagi taw due date ari niyh..ak bg taw 6 hari lepas kan??
Y: A'ah..but kertas lukisan xde..
A: (dalam hati mula membuak2)
A: x kan x bole pikir sendri..gne ketas A4 sudah..
Y: aah..yela..tapi kan kaler x de..
A: (kang ada yang kene sepak kang)

Situation 2
A: Z..mane poster untuk aktiviti merdeka aritu??
Z: xde ar..budak2 ak malas nk buat...
A: $%*#?!!!

** I feel like slapping these people rite come they didn't care the order i've given before..its not like i want to be a dictator..but..these people really pissed me off..huh..
and all the reason they gave me..its soo damn stupid...ouhh..please la..u all are already mature adults ok!!at least think of a reason which is more suitable..What the hell about having no pencil colour for the poster??!!!Well..the above conversation is juz some part of these..Cant write anything more now...this thing is a real BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!

P/S: Hello, this is Anis from the fututre. I just reread this pos (now is 2013) and I just can't believe how childish and brutal i was before. But hey, I don't want to delete this. It reminds me to be a better person as I get older..kekeke


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