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I have missed so much these days..

Its been five days since i started to feel sick.. n i already missed 4 days of my class.. n dats mean i need to catch up a lot on all the subject...OMG..hopefully it wasnt as much as i think it is..
As usual..the "tamiflu" pill i've been eating lately had cost me so much..but i got to be xtra strong as this is the only way to prevent me from getting the H1N1 flu...(hoping..insyallah)
Btw..the number of students who got sick here had increase tremendously...most of them are being quarantined in the guest house near the lecturer's apartment...
I cant help to wonder..why r we staying here now..i really think that this college admin should take earlier precaution in preventing the virus..eventhough we already take our temperature during the first day after the mid sem holiday...but due to the improper way of separating the patient n the student..there are so many people getting sick day to day..
While im writing friend Sandy which is the block leader of c3 called..and ask me to collect as many xtra bed as possible n put it in the sick bay(as the sickbay is in c4 n i am the c4 block leader..ngeh) for now..there are more than 50 people thats being quarantined...(thanks to Allah im not of them..haha)..maybe..the college should be close least till the virus stop attacking..hehe...
But a lot of thing should considered tooo(i guess...) the schedule for our one year programme is tooo pack..maybe dats one of the reason y we r not closing yet..
I really thing that these sickness is one form of God's warning reminding us what are the things which is more important in life..



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