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Today..(to be exact this night)..i got a text message from my lovely cousin..Echa..
She wrote:
"anis..mama okey x...jgn sedey2 sgt taw"

At first i thought it was a joke as i just talked to my mum few hours ago..but made me worried..with my hand trembling..immediately..i call my mum..

"hello..assalamualaikum..mama..nape ngan mama??sakit ke??demam???da okey blom??nape x bg taw along mama sakit...nape echa kate mama sakit??"

I started to interrogate my mum.....only God knows how worried i am on that time..then finally my mum admit the truth..she got into accident with my dad a few days ago..i mean.. (A FEW DAYS AGO!!!).. how come my mum doesnt tell me anything every time a call her before a bit frustrated but i really can understand why she hide it from me..with me, facing my own sickness here..she doesnt want me to get worst having one more problem to be stuck in my already stucked wonder when i ask her about her work trip to Terengganu she told me that she already cancelled it...

Thanks to God..they only suffer some minor injuries...the worst is my mum, coz one of her toenail broke..So...this explain so much why am i feeling so depressed yesterday..(it seems i got a very strong sixth sense..ahaks)..Actually my mum doesnt want to let us know about the accident.. but Echa had mistakenly mentioned that in her message for is no longer a secret to me..but i decided to keep it from my brother, Amir as he is having his pmr trial this week.. and i'll let my mum to take the honour to spread the news to Amir by herself..

Whats really2 funny about this is my aunty..i call her 'Cik Yong'..she felt sooo guilty as my mum already told her not to let me know about all of this..she think that she must take the blame as my cousin heard the news when she was talking to my other aunt(which is Echa's mum)...hehe..things really gettin complicated up to this point..she apologize like a hundred time to me n tell me not to cry..haha..

Well.this news doesnt make me worry that much coz i know that my family loves to "exaggerate"(is the spelling right??) simple things like this..haha..kinda of a drama queen..
But..all of these really made my life more interesting..n dats why i LOVE all of them very much...ngeh3..hopefully..after all of this major havoc that happen to me this past few days will stop n i will get my peace life back...



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