October 30, 2009

as we go on..

haa..actually i've been thinking to post dis few days ago..
but i just get the mood today..
when i was at yana's house last week..
we were looking back at her photo albums..
the memories while we were both together in pasir salak..
it seems just it was yesterday..
my classmates..
who ever they are in the past..
all of the pictures..
like it was going to tell me everything..
we were so naive..
but it seems dat things had change..
well..i need to accept the fact that people change..
so am i..
what i cant possibly accept about the changes is..
whether we becomes better..or even worst
after we left ps..
we've been acting like we were strangers..
like we were completely a different person..
but in either way..
how much did u change after a few years..
i just wanted to tell u..
i will always accept u guys.
because u all are my friends..
n dat what friends do..
its a little bit frustrating..
coz some of the people i've known before..
they seem like forgetting us..
their friends..
whether its a he or she..
i just hope dat..
what ever changes happen in your life...
just dont forget old friends..
like they were just a piece of useless junk..


October 29, 2009

and the best actor award goes to..

im really tired with all these..
stop faking..
stop creating the drama please..

October 24, 2009


 When you were 8 years old,your dad
 handed you an ice cream..
You thanked him by dripping it allover your lap

 When you were 9 years old,
 he paid for piano lessons..
 You thanked him by never even
 bothering to practice.

 When you were 10 years old,
 he drove you all day, from soccer to
 gymnastics to one birthday party after
 another.. You thanked him by jumping
 out of the car and never looking back.

 When you were 11 years old,
 he took you and your friends to the
 movies.. You thanked him by asking to
 sit in a different row.

 When you were 12 years old,
 he warned you not to watch certain
 TV shows.. You thanked him by waiting
 until he left the house.

 When you were 13,
 he suggested a haircut that was
 becoming.. You thanked him by telling
 him he had no taste.

 When you were 14,
 he paid for a month away at summer
 camp.. You thanked him by forgetting
 to write a single letter.

 When you were 15,
 he came home from work, looking for a
 hug.. You thanked him by having your
 bedroom door locked.

 When you were 16,
 he taught you how to drive his car..
 You thanked him by taking it every
chance you could.

 When you were 17,
 he was expecting an important call..
 You thanked him by being on the phone
 all night.

 When you were 18,
 he cried at your high school
 graduation.. You thanked him by
 staying out partying until dawn.

 When you were 19,
 he paid for your college tuition,
 drove you to campus, carried your
 bags.. You thanked him by saying good-
 bye outside the dorm so you wouldn’t be
 embarrassed in front of your friends.

 When you were 25,
 he helped to pay for your wedding, and
 he cried and told you how deeply he
 loved you.. You thanked him by moving
halfway across the country..

 When you were 50,
 he fell ill and needed you to take
 care of him.. You thanked him by
 reading about
 the burden parents become to their
 children. And then, one day, he
 quietly died.
 And everything you never did
came crashing down like thunder on

love you dad..always n forever

Best FrienD..

Last night..
I had a dream..
In that dream..
I feel really sad..
When I woke up this morning..
It makes me think..
How my life would be without my family n my friends..
I write today to say thank you
4 everything that u did 4 me..
Love u all always

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October 22, 2009


well is not that huru-hara apart from the fact that i am the totally injured rite now..
yesterday..i go out with yana to mid valley..
actually our actual plan were to go to sunway pyramid..
but because we were late yesterday..
n we hate the fact that we'll be going to get stuck in traffic jam
if..we carry on with the decision to go to sunway..
so..to shorten the story..
we go to mid valley..

 i dont want to talk about how we look for the parking lot..
it was damn tiring n no fun at all
at first we want to go n watch Sorority Row...
but then the que was soooooooooo long
thus..we cancelled the main agenda..
n went to buy my new outfit for the dinner im going to attend
In overall..this is what we both bought yesterday:

 1)Black Blouse by Tom's Girl worth RM 89.90 after 20% less RM72
2)Brown Cardigan by Scarlet worth RM 15
3)Pink Tee by Scarlet worth RM 10
4)Red Necklace by Ruscoe n Co worth RM20 after 20% less RM 16
5)Vintage-like Blouse by Tom's Girl worth RM89.90 after 50% less RM 45
6) Pink Purse by Tropicana Life worth Rm39.90 after 20% less RM 32
7) Ayun's Necklace worth RM 80

ok2..i know its a lot..but that doesnt include what we ate yesterday:

1)Oreo McFlurry at Mc D
2) Mineral Water at Mc D
3)Asam Laksa + Soya Bean+ Free Dessert at Jusco
4) Nasi Lemak Ayam + Soya Bean + Free Dessert at Jusco
4) Crispy Popiah at Crispy Popiah
5) 2 Vanilla Cream Puff at Beard Papa

Hahaha...after finishing all that..
We decided that we still want to watch Sorority Row..
So we bought the tickets n the show started at 9.30pm
The movie was awsome...
Thumbs up for the producer..
The movie finished at 11.15pm
And on that time..
All the shops are closed..
Bad for us because we actually park the car at The Garden next to Mid Valley..
We walk so fast because its already dark in Mid
plus..we're not so sure which one is the exit to The Garden
Soo..yana ask one of the pak guard
 We thought it was an old uncle..
but as we walk nearer we learn that it was a Mat Bangla Pak Guard
And..it was so dark there..
I start to get goosebumps
When we we were going down the stairs..
i missed on step..
n fell..
there were no one around..
my right feet is injured..
i cant walk..
n the car is sooo far ahead..
holding yana with one hand
and all the shopping stuff with the other hand..
i walk to the car park..
which felt like a thousand miles away on that time..
Haha..it is indeed such a huru hara night..
so..the moral of the story..
watch 4 ur step..
n stop feeling panic if u n ur bestfriend were in the dark
near to a bangla pak guard..
its been such a loooooong
need to go..
haven't told my mum bout this..
im going to now..
prepare for lunch my dear ear..haha


October 20, 2009

i dun feel the ground..

when my dad pick me up dis evening..
i was so happy..
well..holiday just start..
all those feeling were gone..
when my brother told me..
"along, tam is dead last week..got hit by a motorcyle"
**Tam was my cat


I was like..
i felt really bad..
then i started crying..
my brother told me..
my mum n dad cried a little too..
i really miss her..
she was the best cat
i've ever had..
i'm still mourning for her death..
sum people wud say..
it was just a cat..
but 4 me..
it wasn't
because it was a part of my family..
n will always be..


while writing this..
i dun feel like my feet is touching the ground..
but still..
i am grateful n thankful..
to have such a good cat..
dear Tam..
i hope u will be happy up there..
luv u always..
n we'll be missing u..

 got to stop now..
my tears started to fill my eyes now..
can't say anything more


October 19, 2009


ouh yeah..oh yeah..

October 18, 2009

RumaH TeRBuKa TeKKy!!

"Rumah terbuka Tekky"
Sangat seronok
But Banyak Dugaan
Here are some of d pic taken

 the pinkies..

gadis2 aras3a

me n herda

our BIG family



yg kat blakang sumer hyper..


me n tekky!!!

back from tekky's house

penat sgt smpi terbaring

mencapub ni..

gadis2 di tiang bendera

October 13, 2009

GrapH n FunCtioN+ LiMit n ConTinuitY+ DiffeReNtiaTioN+ InTegRaTioN = MatH eRRoR

At first..i was like sooo damn mad about this paper..one of the most ridiculous thing i've ever had in my 18 years old of existence..The questions was killing me..it was a nightmare.. the worse i ever had..out of ten question..there isn't even one problem which i can solve..while writing this..I'm still hoping that dis is a dream..Really hope that i haven't take that stupid paper..i feel like i've been trying my best..but still..i'm really sucks at mathematics..I wonder if dis is really my mistake..n i should take the blame not others..Maybe to God..The effort i made is not enough n cannot be compared to all the excellent student out there..haa..i think i'm starting to accept the fact that i haven't give my fuuuulllll n extra effort for this matriculation program...Sorry mum..sorry dad..because once again..i let u down...isk2..anis is bad girl...she really is..Let see.there will be another 4 paper..2 for chemistry..n 2 for biology..OMG.. need 2 be super duper extra carefullllll bout this..Haha.. n to Alip n Farah..thanks 4 reminding me coz i'm using that harsh (B***) word in facebook..Ur sincerity is appreciated....LoL..Haha..(Da lama x dgr Badar menegur..P/s:dont take this seriously..i budak baek kt tgb dulu..mne de badar marah)..wawawa...ok..i'm off now..to study CHEM n BIO........tatatata

P/s:to view larger image..click on the pic

October 10, 2009

LoVe n FrieNdsHiP ABC's

A: Accept you for who you are
B: Believes in you
C: Call you just to say hi
D: Doesn't give up on you
E: Envisions the whole you
F: Forgives your mistakes
G: Gives unconditionally
H: Help you
I: Invites you over
J: Just love to be with you
K: Keep you close to heart
L: Loves you for who you are
M: Makes a difference in your life
N: Never judge you
O: Offer support wherever they are
P: Pick you up when you are down
Q: Quiets your tears
R: Respects you and your decisions
S: Say nice things especially when you need to hear it
T: Tried to always make you smile
U: Undertands you
V: Value your opinion
W: Walks beside you not too slow nor too fast
X: Xplains things you dont understand
Z: Zaps you back to reality when you're not

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Mama and Ayah


October 09, 2009


hope 2 be one..
always happy,friendly and eager 2 do things

October 08, 2009

She WeaR High HeeLs??So What..I WeaR sLipperS..

I'm BEGGING u people..
Don't try to compare me with other person..
I am trying to be myself ok!!
Perfectionist is not bad
My mum once said
"Bukan senang nak jadi skema"
We'll see..
which one is better..
N one more thing darling..
It's study week
Not the end of the world..
No need to study sampai nak giler la..
Like my BFF said
"Rezeki tuhan siapa yang tahu?"
(credit to her-Liyana)
Enthusiasm is good..
N crucial i think.
Especially for someone like u..


ImMunOGloBuLiN BerKuRanG??

 Kepala sakit..adess..
Nak dkt je exam ni memacam la plak..
Mungkin antibody 'Ig' ak da x kuat..
Daya Tahan Terhadap Exam
makin lemah..
Antigen Exam yang jahat lagi keji dan kejam..
Tolong la nyah ko dari hidupku..
Sebelum ak activatekan Tc Cell..
Kalau Cell Mediated Response aku da active nnty..
Baru ko taw..

Bila pulak nak activate????

"p/s: abaikan artikel ini..hanya ingin menunjukkan tahap kegilaan aku dikala exam menjelma"



Pelbagai syndrome pelik muncul lagi..
headache la..heartache la..
Exam makin dekat..
Kepala macam da nak pecah..
stadi nk dkt seminggu..
macam x bergerak je chapter2 ni
adoyaii..lepas ke final aku niyh??

October 06, 2009

CanDiDateS PmR 2009

 A.M.I.R  F.A.R.I.D

gudluck for PMR tomorrow..
Along doakan ko ok??
Jangan lupe baca doa banyak2 yerp..
Kacang jer..

not forgetting..
gud lak jge 



MUET speaking tomorrow

October 05, 2009


got taklimat upu..
going 2 present HIV cycle..
need 2 get redy 4 MUET..

October 03, 2009


 saya rasa baru tersedar dari mimpi..
haha..exam da dkt niyh..
baca buku da berhari2 tp mcm x gerak2 lg..
aah..jeles pada yg da fly amek degree..