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LoVe n FrieNdsHiP ABC's

A: Accept you for who you are
B: Believes in you
C: Call you just to say hi
D: Doesn't give up on you
E: Envisions the whole you
F: Forgives your mistakes
G: Gives unconditionally
H: Help you
I: Invites you over
J: Just love to be with you
K: Keep you close to heart
L: Loves you for who you are
M: Makes a difference in your life
N: Never judge you
O: Offer support wherever they are
P: Pick you up when you are down
Q: Quiets your tears
R: Respects you and your decisions
S: Say nice things especially when you need to hear it
T: Tried to always make you smile
U: Undertands you
V: Value your opinion
W: Walks beside you not too slow nor too fast
X: Xplains things you dont understand
Z: Zaps you back to reality when you're not

**tag for: Liyana ZK, Munirah Nabihah,
Amir Farid, Amir Mustaqim
Ain Nadia,Afiq Rain,Fatin Shazea
Aznida,Sulastri,A.J,Shariatul Nabila
,Khairunnisa,Farhana,Fatin Nasuha,Sha,

Nur Husnina,Fatin Atiqah
Echa, Cik N, Cik Yong, Jon2, Abg Azeem

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