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GrapH n FunCtioN+ LiMit n ConTinuitY+ DiffeReNtiaTioN+ InTegRaTioN = MatH eRRoR

At first..i was like sooo damn mad about this of the most ridiculous thing i've ever had in my 18 years old of existence..The questions was killing was a nightmare.. the worse i ever had..out of ten question..there isn't even one problem which i can solve..while writing this..I'm still hoping that dis is a dream..Really hope that i haven't take that stupid paper..i feel like i've been trying my best..but still..i'm really sucks at mathematics..I wonder if dis is really my mistake..n i should take the blame not others..Maybe to God..The effort i made is not enough n cannot be compared to all the excellent student out there..haa..i think i'm starting to accept the fact that i haven't give my fuuuulllll n extra effort for this matriculation program...Sorry mum..sorry dad..because once again..i let u down...isk2..anis is bad girl...she really is..Let see.there will be another 4 paper..2 for chemistry..n 2 for biology..OMG.. need 2 be super duper extra carefullllll bout this..Haha.. n to Alip n Farah..thanks 4 reminding me coz i'm using that harsh (B***) word in facebook..Ur sincerity is appreciated....LoL..Haha..(Da lama x dgr Badar menegur..P/s:dont take this seriously..i budak baek kt tgb dulu..mne de badar marah)..wawawa...ok..i'm off study CHEM n BIO........tatatata

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