March 19, 2010


i was like weeping every day..
to go tu SUJU concert..
and finally..

March 16, 2010


i've hope and i've tried..
i've went and try every single measure possible..
each of it with every single bit of hope i have..
but until now..i haven't succed..not a single streak of light..
i'm desperate..
at this kind of time..
i really doubt friendship..
does people really treasure it..
(not u yana..u always be there for me..moon too)
nobody can help me..
i just need one helping hand..
just one..
oh my god..
maybe i'll cry later..

do you ever had a feeling..
where your heart ache so much..
i think this is one of the most painful stab i had ever had..
i really wanted this..
i don't think i've experience this..
hard to let go..
hard to realize that i won't get it..

i just want to go..
for once and last time...

March 08, 2010



it's actually means feast..
well..yesterday..we actually had a feast..

a food feast!!
a party!!

ahaha..i do loves party..
we actually had this because its only about one month left..
before my classmates in KMNS..
and myself..
start to walk on our own path..

muka2 mengelat dari bakar ayam~~

picture and H1P2.. cannot be separated..
beloved friends <3

my present~~a frame from Nasha

the event went well..
and smooth..ehehe~~

but still..i still feel sad..

it's really frustrating to think of the separation..
urgh..i really hate saying goodbye..
no one does?? right??

but still....
thinking of getting my butt off from this college..
the fact is really intimidating.. be true..
it is much more than intimidating..
it's exhilarating..
it's heaven..
of course i don't want to get stuck here forever..
only just thinking bout it made me shiver..
matriculation program is HELL!!
well..not exactly hell..

quite like a torture chamber..
a punishment room..

the thought of getting into a REAL university..
and being a REAL undergraduate student..
it's exciting..
ahaha..really can't wait.. the same time..
i'm face the FINAL exam...

haa..but i do have to accept it..
life without challenge..
we actually can't call it a life...

what ever it is..
anis farhana aliman..
is definitely NOT a quitter..

but i do love TWiTTER..

March 07, 2010


hello there.. always..i'm here again..
to talk on some other nonsense thing..
and the topic that i choose for today is...

drum roll...........................................
             drum roll.......................................
                          drum roll...................................


the main question now is...
why one earth..i choose this topic in my almost nonsense and 'fact less' babbling??
answer: its easy..because this is my blog column..and i get to choose whatever i like..
ahaha... no wonder being a dictator can be nice..

what with the wedding thing??
when people mentioned wedding in front of me...
the very first thing that appeared in my mind is...

a very beautiful white gown...
and flowers...lots and lots of it..agaga..
next is..a ring...
a classic yet elegant ring.. i wish to have dat..

now..i'm going to make some simple point..
on these days..
why people do people think easily on marriage topic??
shouldn't it be something too sacred to be played with..

i bet.. when we were younger..
especially for the girls..and maybe some boys..
we would imagine a marriage is something meant greater than anything else..
a perfect representation of "happily ever after"
we would dream of meeting the one for us..
fell in love and get marry..uhuhu ^^ we grew older..
it seems dat those kind of thought had already starting to fade..
replaced by words like..
"i don't really believe in love at first sight"
or " i don't think that true love existed"

pardon me for being a hopeless romantic..
but i still believe in that..

what made our generation experienced a marriage failure??
as nowadays..almost all marriage are said to be love-based..
rather than the old match-making trend..
why our grandparents seems to be happily married..
even though their spouse is not chosen by them..

it's really frustrating to think that maybe..
one day in  the future, i will stop believing in things like this..

but right now..right here..
my belief on marriage is still strong..
and yours?? seems i really get into this 'marriage' conversation..
i don't care what people think..
but i rather be a hopeless romantic than losing my childhood dream..

P/s: yana..if u are a boy..i'll definitely propose to you..
years ago..


i'm gay..

i don't know my..
but i feels like babbling through out the night..
well..its actually my top 10 specialty kann..ahaha..
back to the topic..
why on earth i'm gay??
well...the things is..
i think..and realize..
that i have more than 1001 reasons to make me gay.. other word..happy..

so..the reasons for me to be gay..
i am gay because:

1. my family is always there for me..(thanks mum,dad,amir n aqim)
2. i got someone named Nur Liyana Zainal Karib in my life..
3. i have my moon..and my star.. (F.I.Y~my moon is..moon and my star is ^^ )
4. i have my own room!! its a must to be happy..coz..since im the only daughter..i had it for myself..
5. i have a brain..well better than brainless.. even though its not big enough..
6. my sense is well developed..i'm really sorry for those who is senseless..esp..on others feeling..ROBOT
7. i am not SHORT..maybe not tall..but definitely not short (p/s: yana..don't say anything)
8. i have a good sense of humor..better than 'certain' people..
9. i got to know Super Junior..haha..this is utterly true..
10. i got to know MRSM Pasir Salak, MRSM Tgb and KMNS..and the people in it..
11. i have least for talking in front of crowd..well..i did tell u that i love talking rite??
12. i have a wonderful uncle and aunts..jon2..cik yong..cik n..tralala ~ ~
13. my cousins are superb!! u guys rock!!
14. i have brothers to fight with..its a good way to reduce stress  actually..ahaha
15. my limbs are working well so far..even though it may have some malfunction sometimes..eheh..
16. i am in a perfect health~~apart for some asthmatic and gastric problems..LOL
17. i am a book-freak!! not geek but freak~~its ok to be a book freak
18. so far~ i know how to love and hate to's fair enough..ahaha
19. i am the eldest and only can have a split personality..mommy's girl..or independent sis..
20. i still got the chance to breath..or in other word..not dead.. hello dunia!!

and the list goes on~~

crack the egg..crack my head..

crack the head??
don't has nothing to do with any injury..
the latest one is still my little finger..
haha..speaking of little finger..
it reminds me of lady gaga's little monsters..
cute..(mcm x de kne mengena pon..LOL^^)

the main reason for this post is..
actually..we are going another class's party..TOMORROW!!..
and..for job give cartoon character's name to my classmates..
haha..its a fun task though..and made me miss my childhood time..
that time...i can say that i am my mum's "little monster"..

after two hours of cracking the head..
thinking the names of famous cartoon characters..
eventhough this is actually a 10-mins only kind of task..
but dozens of the name got rejected..
ahaha..thanks to Nid and AJ..
for not even knowing Dumbo and Bambi..

these are the characters for my classmates..

sue-mickey mouse
shery-minnie mouse
zahid-donald duck
fiza-daisy duck
bugs bunny-faiz
tazmania devil-aizat
patrick star-nurul
woody woodpecker-nas

and lastly...and most importantly..

as my beloved 
and cutest character of all..


March 05, 2010

my day..mayday...mayday!!

urgh..i think..i need some help here..
many unfortunate things happen to me in this week..
i really thought the worst one which
i hurt my right 'little finger'  ..
while we were playing hockey..i!!
well..actually i don't get it..
why should i suffer an injury from a game which i'm not familiar with??
the answer is simple..because i was so damn unlucky..yup..that's me..
and today,..something much annoying and unacceptable did happen..
i (was) angry at my friend..for some reason that i think..
very acceptable..and..what annoyed me to hell is..
i manage to keep being angry..just for an hour!!
for Godsake..sometimes i even mad at myself for being too nice..
well..i didn't mean to be harsh or impolite..
but i think..sometimes..i do need to be a little more hard at heart..
and less nice..haha...
in this cruel world..being too nice is actually a weakness..
especially for people like me..

but ONE fortunate thing is..
today is once again..a 'FRIDAY'..
so i will get pamper myself..
have a good rest..
and hoping+praying that..
next week is going to be a whole LOT better than this..

March 01, 2010

Fry Day & The Moon

its late usual i am awake..and alone...
my roomates had already deep in their sleep~~
sigh~i always had problem in sleeping..
klu berjaga...susa nk tidow..
klu meletop pon blom tentu bangun..ehehe..
well..sbnrnyer..tajuk post kali niy..dalam sket..haha..
nak bercerita pasal ari jumaat lepas..
act..aku kuar ngan cik MOONTARRY~~
rindu sangat dengan beliau..
yelah suda berabad lama x jumpe..
so..after the date was set..
aku pon berangkat lah ke Times Square..
along with my youngest brother..Aqim...LOL
(baik x akak bawak adik jalan..huhu)

then..we all pon berjalan2 ler..
and main bowling..
n yg bestnyer..
i bli handbag baru!!! weee~~

thanks to cik bulan kesayangan saya...
dapat lahh diskaun bli beg tu..
sbb beliau ad membership card..
huhuhu...gembire!! the lahh gamba yg diambil from hp moon..
me n my brother..
but yg sedeyh..
gamba ak n moon x de lak..
anyway..thanks again to MuNiraH NabiHah..
we had  fun!!...tralala~~
hope can see u again soon..
LUV u...^^

(at the bowling center..huhu)