March 08, 2010



it's actually means feast..
well..yesterday..we actually had a feast..

a food feast!!
a party!!

ahaha..i do loves party..
we actually had this because its only about one month left..
before my classmates in KMNS..
and myself..
start to walk on our own path..

muka2 mengelat dari bakar ayam~~

picture and H1P2.. cannot be separated..
beloved friends <3

my present~~a frame from Nasha

the event went well..
and smooth..ehehe~~

but still..i still feel sad..

it's really frustrating to think of the separation..
urgh..i really hate saying goodbye..
no one does?? right??

but still....
thinking of getting my butt off from this college..
the fact is really intimidating.. be true..
it is much more than intimidating..
it's exhilarating..
it's heaven..
of course i don't want to get stuck here forever..
only just thinking bout it made me shiver..
matriculation program is HELL!!
well..not exactly hell..

quite like a torture chamber..
a punishment room..

the thought of getting into a REAL university..
and being a REAL undergraduate student..
it's exciting..
ahaha..really can't wait.. the same time..
i'm face the FINAL exam...

haa..but i do have to accept it..
life without challenge..
we actually can't call it a life...

what ever it is..
anis farhana aliman..
is definitely NOT a quitter..

but i do love TWiTTER..

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