Thinker Belle

As thoughts grow in time


i've hope and i've tried..
i've went and try every single measure possible..
each of it with every single bit of hope i have..
but until now..i haven't succed..not a single streak of light..
i'm desperate..
at this kind of time..
i really doubt friendship..
does people really treasure it..
(not u yana..u always be there for me..moon too)
nobody can help me..
i just need one helping hand..
just one..
oh my god..
maybe i'll cry later..

do you ever had a feeling..
where your heart ache so much..
i think this is one of the most painful stab i had ever had..
i really wanted this..
i don't think i've experience this..
hard to let go..
hard to realize that i won't get it..

i just want to go..
for once and last time...


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