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A Busy Week Indeed^^

annyeong!! hello~~
it's been awhile ^^
i've been very busy these 2 days..
plus the internet connection for the past!! T T
(almost die due to excessive boredom..LOL)

and there is a bunch of thing i would like to mention here..huhu

1st Agenda!! priority~Super Junior..
We won at the Music Bank last Friday!! yay!!

2nd Agenda!!

Yesterday (22nd May)
I went to Saranghaeyo Korea Club launching ceremony!!
and of course..i had a blast..kihkih!~~
Thanks to Wani too..for joining in with me^^
We took some pictures..
Got some freebies..and ate some Korean Rice Cake..
Some of them taste weird..but there are delicious one too..LOL

 3rd Agenda!!
Today (23rd May)
Went to yana's office..with Yana&Alif
Attend some business talk??ahaha
Then have Nasi Goreng Kampung for lunch at 5.00pm..huhu
Before that..went to Mydin and have some doughnuts
After that went to Sunway Piramid and have photo session^^
Watch some performances!!and cute tigers^^ rawr~~

Then ate at Carls Jr.
3 mouth on one burger..ahaha
Then yana send me back at Bangsar LRT
I'm home around 10.45PM
and sitting in front of PC..writing this^^


4th Agenda!!

Tomorrow (24th May)
Will be going to Yana's house^^yay!
Before that..might be going somewhere else
To have another FREE^^ photo session with Alif

5th Agenda!!

On the next day(25th May)
Will be going to Pasir Salak..
Meeting my old schoolmate and teachers..
Reminiscing some old memories.. T T
(miss it soo much!!)

6th Agenda!!

Maybe on Thursday??
Will start my Score A project with Yana
Sending brochures to houses..

7th Agenda!!

The last one is on next Saturday (29th May)
Going to have school reunion..
My primary school batch reunion to be exact~
Maybe would have some BBQ..yummy~~!!

That is very busy right??
But i think..the busier i get..the better..
I hate wasting time all day doing nothing..
Especially nothing beneficial!

i hope all those things will turn out well~
and i'll be updating everyday
(if i'm not that tired..haha)

So,till my next post..
Take care..and

Thanks for reading


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