Thinker Belle

As thoughts grow in time

just pose and say cheese^^

knock..knock..'s me again..huhu
i'm just arrived at yana's house like 30min ago..
and in a very exhausted state..

today was fun..just like yesterday..
in the afternoon yana came with alif to pick me up at my house
and then, together..we march to Taman Tasik Titiwangsa..
and take some pictures..

some correction..i think the word
'some' picture is a little out of place..
it should be..a LOT of pictures..
about 300 shot..ahaha..
the number is shocking right????

well..alif is camera addict..
and yana and myself loves to take picture..
so give and take lahhh..

we took about 3hours taking pictures and stuff'
i even bought some 'bubbles' n play around with it..

after that..we went to KLCC..
hang out at the food court..
i ate some beef teppanyaki..yummy~~
and drives back home..

tomorrow will be going pasir salak,,
need to sleep early..
so..bye2..and gudnyte^^


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