June 24, 2010

Lalala Ver of Bonamana

love this one
Only kyu,yesung,donghae,sungmin and wookie was present^^

June 23, 2010

The Story of A Child~~


Sigh~it's already been years since I left primary school
This evening..while watching my little brother playing football
Laughing and running around with his friends
Past memories comes flooding my mind

Ohh~how I sometimes wish that I can turn back to my childhood
and I bet almost everyone has the same desires
no worries at all~all we need to do is study and play
we don't have to burden ourselves with adult issues.
especially money^^

In just a few days
I'm going to enter UiTM
I've been anticipating it
But still have some doubt
Can I do this?
What will happen to me in the future??

But, ..after thinking hard
I came out with one solution
As long as you try hard
All you need to do is just go with the flow~~

Haha~sometimes, simple solution is needed in adult life
(I'm considered as ADULT now??OMG~feel so old..kekeke~~)
That's all for today
Credit to my little dongsaeng
For being the picture model
Huhu~you'll receive your payment soon!!
(An ice-cream is enough rite??gigglesss~~~~)

Edit: Rereading this 6 years later, I'm thankful that my writing is definitely improving (less emo) LOL!

June 20, 2010

Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics

Course: Bachelor of Science (Data Communication and Networking)
Total Semester: 6

1st Semester  
-Fundamentals of Computer Science      
-Fundamentals of Computer Problem Solving     
-Probability and Statistics           
-Financial Accounting     
-Islamic And Asian Civilization   
-Co-curriculum I   

This is my future from now
And it's making me nervous         

A Whole New World..Will It Be Such A Happy Ending?


Gosh~i miss writing and babbling here
Many things had happen
But there is one MAJOR event happening now

The University results is OUT!!
When i was on my way checking..
i was like..freaking out

Now i know
I got accepted at UiTM Shah Alam
Majoring in Data Communication and Networking
(Haha..suppose to be Komunikasi Data dan perangkaian..just translate sebijik2 je)

Well..it seems a little different
I've been picturing that
I'm going to do something more into sciences
But i got computer course

Btw~it's fine for me
I've taken ICT during SPM
I don't think i'll get a culture shock on the subject

And i'm so happy i got accepted to UiTM
It's soo near..
After all these years staying away from home
Now..KL is just a blink away^^

I have good feelings about all these
Will it turn out good in the end??
We'll see then
Hahaha~let's march into the future

June 16, 2010

Siwon Choi

ok~i've just finished my Oh My Lady
and i love it
Siwon!! You are just soo cute^^

June 13, 2010

upside down :((

everything feels wrong
and things doesn't turn out good as expected
my life is a total wreckage now~

first,my cat is lost..yeah lost.. disappear..
like it has been evaporated into the air
and that one thing is enough to make me feel so bad now
i miss my cat
please come back :'(

next,i cut my hand
actually i don't even know i injure myself
even though it's just a small cut
it feels like hell..sigh~i should be more careful then
and the pain won't go until now!

and i hate my home broadband connection
it sucks!! i feel like i want to sue the company!!!!!
yeah~all the talks and promotion means nothing
it took one hour to buffer a 9min videos
what the hell is that

Ok2..too much cursing..pardon me

More distressing story
I am so pissed off that SuJu didn't win on Music Bank
last Friday..i mean
someone told me that the rule stated
if the have won for 3 consecutive weeks
they won't be considered as winner on the 4th week
what kind of rule is that??yeahh..whatever

The only good thing for today
is South Korea won against Greece 1-0 today!
Yeahhh~victory Korea
(haha..because Malaysia is not in..i can give my full support to them)

And lastly
Today~(i mean yesterday)
it was Ayun's Bday
I want to wish her a Happy Life
Love you babe
Hugs and kisses from me

Yeahh..i should go now
My brain is going to explode anytime soon
If i stay with the computer
Seriously..if the internet connection is actually a person
It will have a good memory with my side kick..huh

June 11, 2010


Adakah anda happy sekarang?
well~i'm always happy! that is me~

Kenapa anda heppy?
well~first..my name reflect it all..haha
x taw maksud nama saya?cari lahh

Apakah benda yang boleh membuatkan anda heppy?
a lot of thing can make me happy
my family,my besties,my super junior..haha

Pernahkan anda menerima tag?
perghh~countless..ada yang x smpat2 nk jawab..huhu

Nyatakan warna yang anda suka.
sapphire blue!!
lime green

Beritahu 9 orang yang anda mahu tag.

June 09, 2010

All I wanted~

I just hope
Everyone would be fair
All I wanted is a fair play

I hate to say this
But you aren't in that kind of group

Please just be fair!

June 05, 2010

Going to miss you~Liyana

Hey guys..
I've been skipping my updates for two day
Or is it three??

Hmm..what am i up to these days??
LOL..i'll make it short as simple(if i could..haha)

On Thursday(3/June)
Went to Mid Valley with my Liyana^^ and the best part is..it's all her treat..
Huhu..Well, we went watching Shrek Forever After 3D..it was awesome..Everyone laugh non-stop in the hall..haha
I love Puss and Donkey Part:
Donkey~You are cat-as-trophic
Puss~Yeah..you are ri-donkey-lous
And we went shopping for yana stuff
and the trip end at Belanga~eating Laksam!!
Back to yana's house..
(yeahh..i went there again^^)
Go to Soribada Trial Listening to vote for Super Junior Music Bank the next day
and you know what??
We WON!! (The 3rd time..so they got triple crown i guess)
Then finish my Score-A project with Liyana
Lastly..before went to sleep
Watch some Suju movie on Youtube..
Yess..SUJUing is an everyday MUST..haha

The next day~Friday(4/June)
Went to SS23 Petaling Jaya
To check on Liyana's car
Ate satay~
Lastly, stop by Mid Valley
(Again..yeahh i know..huhu)
Eat laksa~
And went home..
Ohh..forgot to mention
my brother came home from taiping yesterday
and his pointer is...soooo goood..i am so jealoussss

Haha..i think dats all..LOL

Btw..one thing is

I'm going to miss u a LOT liyana~~
hugs and kisses^^

June 03, 2010

Dream Concert_Bonamana!

Hello guys^^
So, This is SJ on Dream Concert
and Heechul look SUPER CUTE with the hairband!!!

And..there's a funny part
It's not in this perf
But on Sorry Sorry
Poor Hyukjae..He slipped and fell

But i love him no matter what..weeee~~~

Jang Geun Suk~Magic Drag

this is my oppa^^ huhu
kinda neglecting him since suju comeback

and while i was blog walking
i saw this

(been missing him so much since his you're beautiful drama)

my star~

i wish i could write it all here

how i miss my
how i want to see my
how i long for my
how i want to keep my

but i know
my is too far
i can see my
i can feel the presence
i wish that my
will always be happy

because as long my is shining
my heart will shine too
because as long my is glowing
my face will glow too

i know i cant reveal
because i dont want to hurt my
i know i can't tell
because i dont want to lose my

i just see you from afar

because of that
you will always be my
i will cherish you in my heart

and i love you forever
because you are my

June 02, 2010

I am touched to the core!!

Ok guys~
I'm going straight to the topic

I was busy fangirling tonight
When I discover this!
A song made by ELF for Super Junior

It is so beautiful
I am so near to tears
The lyrics and music is simple
Yet it has a deep meaning

Btw, i've already put it in my mixpod playlist
But the translation is too small
Here is the link to Youtube!

Music on the ELF
(This one is by Korean ELF.. i think)

Proud to be ELF
(This one is by Thai ELF)

June 01, 2010

fan war?never occured in my mind

annyeong everyone!!

i'm back again
well..i didn't post anything yesterday
because i don't feel like writing anything
but actually..
i have a lot to tell..haha..as usual

what with the post tittle?
don't worry~no one get killed
it just a war between ELFs and Suju Anti's

I've heard about this before
But i never thought that it was this bad
You see,
It started yesterday when someone say BAD things to our oppas

I was like..so damn mad
that i would curse bad words
but thank God
ELF had vowed before this
that we won't show bad manners towards others

So, we don't fight back with words
Instead we launch one more trending topic on twitter
It's #protectsuperjunior

But, things get worst
All those antis start hacking and spamming around in the boys Baidu Bar
(Baidu Bar is kinda of a fan online cafe)
They posted scary images etc.
Sigh~thank god things has cooled down

One more thing!
This is an amazing power of worldwide ELFs!
Yesterday, Suju rating on Soribada had dropped under 5
But, within an hour (if i'm not mistaken..)
We're up ,back to 1 in no time~

Ahh..ELFs is indeed something to be proud of!
And one more thing
Because Super Junior Kangin
Is going to serve in military
sj-world.net had decided on a project
It's a video message from elf, worldwide!!!

I've submit my application form
Hopefully i'll be chosen to join
Anyway, anyone interested?
Just click on the promotional banner i've posted
The one with 'For Kangin From ELF'

Last but not least
I've wrote some dedication message for Super Junior
It's on Chocofam.com forum

Feel free to read it!and comment~
Here is the link
"A Heart From An ELF"
Actually, it is my first time trying things like this
I hope ELFs will like it..giggles
Well...i've decided to sharpen my writing skill

That's all for now..

entertaining my ayun♥~~^^

Rules: It's harder than it looks! Copy to your own blog, erase my answers, enter yours, and tag five people including the person who tagged you. Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real.. nothing made up! IF the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question.
1..2...3...go !!!!

What is ur name:
Anis Farhana Aliman

A four letter word: 
(haha~pardon me..it's the only 4 letter word i could think of!)
A boys name: 
(my brother's..i have a lot in mind this one is the safest bet..ngeh~)
A girl's name: 
(my KMNS's roomate,practicum mate..missing her soo much T T)
An occupation: 
(Yay!! my super junior will never be left behind in my post..kekeke~)
Something you'll wear: 
Anti-Aging Cream?
(Nahh~maybe someday in the future..it's so hard to find the answer for this one..LOL)
A type of food: 
Ayam Penyet
(haha..this one has no english name though..i've been seeing this menu everywhere i go nowadays!!)
Something found in the bathroom: 
Air Freshner
(yess..this is crucial esp. in public bathroom..giggles^^)
A place: 
(Now..that's what we call exotic...alololololo~~~!!)
A reason for being late: 
An emergency treatment regarding a pimple on my face?
(Haha..if someone gave me that kind of excuse..she'll be dead in just a minute..stupid excuse..!!)
Something u'd shout:
Ahhh!!! I wish I am rich
(Due to current financial trouble..money is number one priority in my mind~lmao)
Something you drink: 
Apple Juice
(Yummy!! and now i'm craving for it..haha)
A musical group: 
(Om0..why is it my name doesnt start with 'S'?i want to put Super Junior~)
An animal:
(Instant campaign: Stop buying product made of alligator skin.!!.)
A type of car: 
Aston Martin
(wohooo..that's really something..give me one!)
A type of fruit: 
(Reminds me of my apricot lip balm..looove the smell!)
I tag :
Miss Ayun
Miss Liyana
Miss Munirah
and anybody who cares^^