Thinker Belle

As thoughts grow in time

Lalala Ver of Bonamana

love this one
Only kyu,yesung,donghae,sungmin and wookie was present^^

The Story of A Child~~


Sigh~it's already been years since I left primary school This evening..while watching my little brother playing football Laughing and running around with his friends Past memories comes flooding my mind
Ohh~how I sometimes wish that I can turn back to my childhood and I bet almost everyone ha…

Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics

Course: Bachelor of Science (Data Communication and Networking)
Total Semester: 6

1st Semester
-Fundamentals of Computer Science -Fundamentals of Computer Problem Solving -Probability and Statistics -Financial Accounting -Economics -Islamic And Asian Civilization -Co-curriculum I
Ouhh..yess... This i…

A Whole New World..Will It Be Such A Happy Ending?


Gosh~i miss writing and babbling here
Many things had happen
But there is one MAJOR event happening now

The University results is OUT!!
When i was on my way checking..
i was like..freaking out

Now i know
I got accepted at UiTM Shah Alam
Majoring in Data Communication and Networking

Siwon Choi

ok~i've just finished my Oh My Lady
and i love it
Siwon!! You are just soo cute^^

upside down :((

everything feels wrong
and things doesn't turn out good as expected
my life is a total wreckage now~

first,my cat is lost..yeah lost.. disappear..
like it has been evaporated into the air
and that one thing is enough to make me feel so bad now
i miss my cat
please come back :'(

next,i cut m…


Adakah anda happy sekarang?
well~i'm always happy! that is me~

Kenapa anda heppy? name reflect it all..haha
x taw maksud nama saya?cari lahh

Apakah benda yang boleh membuatkan anda heppy?
a lot of thing can make me happy
my family,my besties,my super junior..haha


All I wanted~

I just hope
Everyone would be fair
All I wanted is a fair play

I hate to say this
But you aren't in that kind of group

Please just be fair!

Going to miss you~Liyana

Hey guys..
I've been skipping my updates for two day
Or is it three??

Hmm..what am i up to these days??
LOL..i'll make it short as simple(if i could..haha)

On Thursday(3/June)
Went to Mid Valley with my Liyana^^ and the best part's all her treat..
Huhu..Well, we went…

Dream Concert_Bonamana!

Hello guys^^
So, This is SJ on Dream Concert
and Heechul look SUPER CUTE with the hairband!!!

And..there's a funny part
It's not in this perf
But on Sorry Sorry
Poor Hyukjae..He slipped and fell

But i love him no matter what..weeee~~~

Jang Geun Suk~Magic Drag

this is my oppa^^ huhu
kinda neglecting him since suju comeback

and while i was blog walking
i saw this

(been missing him so much since his you're beautiful drama)

my star~

i wish i could write it all here

how i miss my
how i want to see my
how i long for my
how i want to keep my

but i know
my is too far
i can see my
i can feel the presence
i wish that my
will always be happy

because as long my is shining
my heart will shine too
because as long my is…

I am touched to the core!!

Ok guys~
I'm going straight to the topic

I was busy fangirling tonight
When I discover this!
A song made by ELF for Super Junior

It is so beautiful
I am so near to tears
The lyrics and music is simple
Yet it has a deep meaning

Btw, i've already put it in my mixpod playlist
But the translati…

fan war?never occured in my mind

annyeong everyone!!

i'm back again
well..i didn't post anything yesterday
because i don't feel like writing anything
but actually..
i have a lot to usual

what with the post tittle?
don't worry~no one get killed
it just a war between ELFs and Suju Anti's


entertaining my ayun♥~~^^

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