July 27, 2010

Super Junior Goodbye Stage [No Other+Bonamana]

even though they lost on goodbye stage
we will always support you guys
waiting for ss3!


July 21, 2010

✭Bintang Hati Saya✭

Saya mimpi bintang hati saya
Macam biasa bersinar-sinar terang dalam hati

Saya sedar itu mimpi
Saya enggan bangun bertemu realiti

Hari ini
Saya masih rindukan semalam
Hati bertanya-tanya sendiri
Mungkinkan bintang hati akan muncul lagi

Hari ini
Saya teringat-ingat sinaran semalam
Masih terang memancar di hati
Sukar malap, enggan pergi

Saya pasti masih mencari
Enggan lepaskan si bintang hati
Walau diberi emas berguni

Saya tetap berpegang janji
Terus mencari si bintang hati ♡

July 18, 2010


i have only few purpose now!

Being in UiTM..New Life and New Aim! Even though life is very busy and exhausting
With classes and extra curricular activities..I have  a good feeling bout life here!
Next week going to Gunung Datuk,Negeri Sembilan..Brassband camping
Yeahh~I'm in brassband uniform club..again! lols
Money is very important here..and needed in a LOT of amount

Yes~because i need a lot of money now..
I became an agent for KPOP Merchandise
So anyone wanna buy kpop stuff..you tell me,,i'll put link at my blog page kay!

[Super Junior]
This is weird..but this guys gives me strength..
That sound weird rite?
Just~when i see them work hard
I feel that i haven't done enough in my life
Thus my spirit is lifted back

and few announcement!!
first~i am Spazz Leader for Eunhyuk Official Spazz Thread in Chocofam!
next~i am an admin at @KyuhyunDaebak in twitter!!
acece~busy pulak skang nihh

but thats all i wanna write actually
i'm quite happy lahh :))

July 11, 2010

super junior land ♥~

No Other MV~By Super Junior!
The best!! My top 1!! jjangg!!


i have one statement about my current life~it's a bliss

i am happy and i enjoy everything
even though there are some worries
i am not feel threatened at all ^^

all in my mind now is happy thoughts
i have everything a person can wish for
my family, my friends and super junior~

and i can feel more happiness in time to come!

July 03, 2010

Under the star~~~

It's around 4 in the morning
Since I'm being an over-nighters in the McD restaurant today
So, I'm a little too free so I'm able to write one more post~~
So,here me and farahlina..taking pictures outside the McD
Because it is too cold inside~
Walking under the star which I know it was there even though I can't see it
Taking some funny pictures
And laughing..i mean....A Lot!

It's been awhile since my last time spending such happy times with her
Haha...actually my other roomate,Syira is here too..
But she was busy using this lappy that time
(We take turn because we only bring one)

Outside,there are so many people watching the world cup
It's Ghana vs Uruguay if I'm not mistaken...
But seems like the games is a little boring
Because we barely able  hear any cheers from the guys outside
Comparing to the time earlier, where Brazil was lost to Holland

We're going back to campus at 6.00am maybe..
So, i'll find my own way to entertain ourselves here while waiting..haha

Btw~I swear to myself,next time I'm hanging out late at night in McD
I'm going to bring extra sweater..haha

Orientation(Part 2), Spazz Again..!!

i'm back with my latest post..
sitting in an icebox-like McD..
i'm cold near to deathh..haha

officially~the orientation day has ended..
banzaii for me...^^
oh..i have a few agenda here today..
so ready your popcorn and read slowly then..

today i went to my faculty..
the good news is..the building doesn't look so bad
the bad news is..the distance is a little far..
haha..it will be my everyday routine,,a very exhausting one too..
(bole kurus ke??haha..ntah lerr)

next..while i'm having my MDS(orientation)
bonamana repackage is out
got four new songs!!
they say it's daebakk!!i'm listening to it now..
a short journey which was written by EunHae is daebakkk!!!!
KangIn sang in the song too^^

And today,,it's their new comeback for no other after Miinah
and the perf is super awesome!!!!!!
so cute!!!with white cloth..there was so many historical moment in there~~
flying kisses,peace sign..cuteness overload..and the choreography is daebakk!!!
**additonal info~daebak means great/really good^^

i'll upload the videos later then..kikiki~
anyway..i shall stop now..
going to enjoy my roomate's Bubur Ayam McD..hehhehe
(btw,di i tell u i become's farahlina's roomate again??)
P/s:farh is my ex-roomate in MRSM Jasin..

haha..till then..tata^^

July 01, 2010

orientation (part 1)

Minggu Destini Siswa(MDS) in UiTM Shah Alam is indeed a very stressful week!
Well~maybe that is too much exaggeration in that statement
It is not that stressful..to be accurate, it's actually far more comfortable than my previous expectation!!

The seniors are very nice..all we have to do since last Sunday was to sit and listen to some talks..no pressure..and no bully..(just ignore the fact that some of the speech is tooo boring compared to a mathematic class which i often found not very exciting at all)

But, after three days..i start to lose my voice..haha..before registering in UiTM, i already said to myself that i'm going to have a low-profile, unnoticed life in here..Instead, it turn out...ME being one of the cheer war commanders for kolej mawar...(me and my so-called low profile aim^^)

now, i got two more days to go..tomorrow we'll be having a MDS launching ceremony with our beloved VC in DSB(Dewan Seri Budiman)**take note..it's not KMNS's DSG!!

Haha..that's all for now..i'll update this later..
maybe something exciting will be happening next??
Who knows rite???haha

P/s~SOME SUJU SPAZZING^^ eunhyuk and sungmin dye their hair blond..the repackage song is out now..i want to listen to them..but i'll postpone it untill the orientation week end..

P/p/s~There are some people i've been missing..but..the person i think about most is liyana and ayun..kekeke~(jangan kembang nooo...)