Thinker Belle

As thoughts grow in time

"Be Part Of ♥ChurpChurp Today!"

10 Facts On Me

  I live on my own thought
♥ I love talking and be connected to people around me
♥ I am a student who is desperately addicted to twitter and facebook
♥ I love writing therefore I heart blogging so much!

ChurpChurp is Singing in My Heart ~♪

Do you believe in love at a first sight?
Have you ever been in love?

Love is an abstract feeling
Which we have on someone or even something!

Make us wanna to meet the person everyday
Make us wanna do the thing we love every second

What is ChurpChurp?
Why I love it so much that I called it love at first sight?

Introducing ChurpChurp!

A Little On My Sweetheart ♥♥♥

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Another ChurpChurp Story!

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Why Do I Love ChurpChurp!

How can you resist such cute blue bird with that dazzling eyes!
Since I got to know ChurpChurp 
My life got better!
Even tweeting or playing facebook is not a waste anymore

ChurpChurp add a new definition in life
It makes me work smarter
It gave me a lot of advantage too!
Which is $$$$$ 

I am a shopaholic, bookholic, movies addict!
With ChurpChurp I can do whatever I want!
Because ChurpChurp is my source of income!

Somewhat like a Sugar Daddy? LOL

For a student like me!
ChurpChurp is like a dream come true!
A little fragment of a modern fairytale!

All I have to do is spent some time
Tweeting Ads on Facebook and Twitter~
Which is no problem at all!
Because the internet is my virtual home! Kekeke~

Being a Churper is easy!
You do a good job!
You will be pay well!

Date with ChurpChurp?

ChurpChurp will also organize an event for all the Churpers!

Like Cinderella going to her dream ball!
We are going to have a date too!

For me!
If we are going for a date~

I would love it to be something romantic-like
Like going ice-skating !
Or spending time at a theme park!

That would definitely be a fun thing to do :3

A Proposal !

Because I love ChurpCurp so much already
I want my beloved ones to love it too
So mum! dad! friends!
Meet my new sweetheart!

Get to know ChurpChurp
And be part of us! 


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