Thinker Belle

As thoughts grow in time

the one of two string that connect us is gone

you won't know how heartbroken i am
when one day i saw you are not there anymore
the word 'gone'
fill my head and my heart hurt

you don't know and you won't know
since i won't tell you anyhow
because i am such a loser

i tell myself to forget and let go
day by day
for years

why are you ruining me like this
i feel i can wait for you even for ten more years
 feels like you are someone who is worth waiting for

of course i don't know love
but since it was so strange to me
it become more precious

i thought i could say goodbye
but there are times
when i am hurting and sad
i think about you the most

if the three magical wish exists
i would wish to be near with you
so i can see you
i would wish for your smile
because that would make me smile too
i would wish that the time we spend together
will be as long as it can be

i won't wish that you will come to me
that is selfish
i want to be someone that you need
not someone which has no difference than an unbearable burden

will there be a day when you finally understand my heart?


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