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As thoughts grow in time

when coldness of the air surpass everything~

Oh my my, this is an entry from a bad girl (currently). I am sitting on the second row in the computer lab, staring at the screen in front, listening to the babbling of my enthusiastic lecturer, with a grumbling stomach and almost frozen fingers. It is so cold outside since there was a little rain before.To make things worst, this computer lab is an air conditioned one. Ohh~heaven!

My nose is a little red, and my feet can't stay still. Class is supposed to finish at 12.30 this afternoon but thanks to the Nets Society ( a club for networking students in UiTM Shah Alam) , we are going to have the so called 'annual grand meeting' this evening. 2.00 pm till 5.30. Oh yeah, for the whole three and a half an hour! That must be really fun, and I am really looking forward to it. Blerggghhh~ don't believe that! Of course I hate it! My precious free Friday evening is taken away by a stupid meeting where we, the juniors will be sitting silently watching the unfamiliar seniors conquering the event.

It is not that I hate the seniors or what, I just think that would be a little awkward. Then the not-so-shy me will abruptly turn into the most passive girl in the hall. Yupp! I hate first meeting with strangers. It's not that I can't handle first meeting, but I rather not to have it. Ahaa..I know, I am the little-miss-living-in-her-own-world.

Making things a lot better,

I planned to go home this weekend but once again (and as usual), the dream was crushed before it even started. Thanks to the corriculum activities for the students. I have to sacifice both my Saturday and Sunday.Arghhh~ feels like skipping all the meetings. Na Shiroooo! (means I hate it-in Korean ^^)

Duhh Duhhh

There are still about 35 minutes left. I think most of the student here can't focused on the talk anymore. Plus, having the PC and Internet in front us. The lecturers can't expect us to be fully focused on the board right?! For good sake! I did say this before. It's freezing cold! Even my fingers feels numb while typing this.

And now, my friend Nurul is making everyone hungrier! She showed us her "famous" oreo cheesecake she made during last semester break. I really think that I should keep my lips shut thight or else there might be something dripping from my mouth! Ohh, Nurul, now I'm craving for some cheesecake! Should I go and browse for Secret Recipe branch in Shah Alam? I might as well go after the meeting. LOL :p

So, I think I should typing now before I get caught!
Byebye guys!

P/s: A little sad because I can't go blogwalking as often as before! Omma! I want a broadband!


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