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As thoughts grow in time

don't assume, take time

    Sometimes, being around people is tiring. there are times where we have to fake a smile, denies the truth and even laugh on something that is not funny at all. When we have nobody around us, we might feel left behind and alone but there are times when there are too many people around that we feel suffocated and wanted to run away.

   Me too.

   Once in awhile, being alone is the best. You don't have to consider others feeling. You don't have to mind your laugh. You can cry. You can be yourself.

   But, the word 'be yourself' itself is a little confusing. I have been questioning myself for awhile. What is exactly 'being yourself' ? Each different word, act, laugh or cry? Even though it doesn't seem or sound like the 'normal' us, it still come from ourselves. So how come people can say that we are not being who we actually are?

  Now, even my sentences sound weird.

  To some people, they might feel that even their mother wouldn't truly understand who their sons/daughters truly are. Some parents even get fooled by their children. When loves blinds everything else, sometimes mothers and fathers can't see the reality of their children. Since I don't have the experience yet, I really can't clarify these statements.

    Even as an individual, we ourselves can't understand our mind.

    Since it always be like that. It would be wonderful if everyone doesn't judge people at once. Stop assuming and start understanding people.

   I have always hated people who assume carelessly.

   What you see doesn't mean that is the truth. Even the person agreed with a statement, doesn't mean his/her heart and mind accept it. What comes out from people mouth doesn't mean it is the answer.

   So just like I say, stop assuming, take time. Then, that time, you might get to know the truth behind one's heart


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