February 28, 2011


I can feel that I will fail again and I will regret it.
Being a fool is not enough, now I have become a coward.
My feet is marching forward but my soul is left behind
I'm tired but don't know how to stop

Even thinking needs a lot of courage
Hoping to start anew but not bothering to take the first step
Days become months, it turn to years

Stop it, Forget it, Smile
Keep chanting those words
It's more than enough now
But my courage is still far behind

Act like it's nothing
When the pain is too much
Like a locked chain, I can't find the key to unlock it

Reality and fantasy is getting mixed up
Dream seems much better
Sleep feels like heaven

Being to loyal
I can't even betray
Being to stupid
I can't even denies

Me ten years ago
Me ten years forward
Me now
I can't find the similarities

The differences is too big
The gap is too wide

Till now I don't know
Should I gather the courage to say?
Before you are miles away?

Or keep it inside
Till my last breath?

Even crying doesn't change anything
Burden keep getting heavy
I can't even lift my feet properly

Like a fool
Again and again

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