February 28, 2011


       I have been preparing myself for awhile. Mentally. I don't know if it will work out as planned or not. But I will definitely try my hardest to make it come true. I am going to forget everything. Even though I have a strong feeling that wouldn't be a success, I decided to keep hoping and have faith.

      Because if I fail again this time, it'll be too hard for me to bear. Painful and stressful even though the happiness is still there. I learned so many things since  my first encounter with it. I get to know the real meaning of laugh and tears. How a single smile could brighten my day. The feeling of having something right in front of us, but doesn't have the power to reach for it. Seeing but still missing.

    Have you ever experienced that?

    A feeling that has the power to turn a single piece of crumpled paper into something more precious than diamond or money. A feeling that make a little sweet gesture feels like heaven. A feeling that is strong enough to stay with you for years.

    A feeling that have the ability to make you feels so pathetic and happy at the same time. A feeling that could make you cry right after a laugh. A crazy feeling.

   As much as I want to get rid of it, at the same time I want to keep it treasured forever.

   Do you know the feeling?

   When dream seems to be much better than reality. That is the sign.

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