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around today

i'm back at home now for the weekend. everyone is at home since it's school holiday. have curry for dinner, watch american idol with mum, amir and aqim. dad is out meeting his friend. still raining a little.

currently downloading we got married 'goguma couple' episode 41. been missing the episodes since i've been really busy with class etc plus the only place to get fast internet connection is my house. well, there's nothing like home right?

been praying for the people in japan especially my aunt and her family there. hopefully she is okay. can't reach her yet. idk whether she changed her number, or because of the situation there making people unreachable. but hope it'll be just fine.

malaysian have been warned to be alert since the prediction says that tsunami might reach our country. hope not.

today, went to klcc. watch Beastly and Mars Need Mum. and i go alone. yeah. sounds sucks. going alone. but i really love it. spending time alone without anyone around can make me think. like real thinking. of my future plan etc.

between both movies, i like Beastly better. cute, funny, romantic. yup it's interesting to watch. and worth it.

i might stay up late today. :)


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