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Attention: To people that are attending SS3

[NOTICE] Please keep the name of Malaysian ELFs!
Credit from : MYSJ
As the increasing number of the news about our boys suffered pain recently, and most of the time the peace-breaker is ELF, we are here to request every single Malaysian ELFs: Please protect our boys from the time they reach Malaysia until they safety leave this country!

When you are at the airport:
1. The airport stands as the appearance of a country. As a residence of Malaysia, please keep quiet when waiting for Super Junior. Our huge welcome lineup may shock others in the airport, don’t terrify others by adding on your screaming voice.

2. Once they arrived, please control your blood-boiling emotion and leave enough space for them so that they can leave the airport safely. Do not squeeze yourself with others, no one wants collision happens.

3. Please leave your hands away from boys’ body and their van! Your own desire may become one of those weapons that hurt them.

During the concert:
1. Please remember the slogan “only blue no colorful”! Keep in mind to persuade people around you whose lightstick is in different color.

2. LED board and any other large board are NOT welcomed to enter the concert! They not only blocking others’ sight but also ruining the blue sea. In addition these boards may hurt them as a weapon! Please DO NOT throw any huge or any other things that may hurt them to the stage!

When ever you are please remember:
1. Safety goes first, leave a clear way for them.
2. Control your desire of touching them, nobody wants to see you dragging SJ boys.
3. You have the rights to stop and counsel people who may hurt SJ boys!

March 19th, Super Junior makes you happy, please love them back! Let’s decrease the potential of the happening of accident into zero.
Please keep the name of Malaysian ELFs!

cr: mysj


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