April 13, 2011

bestnyer kalau ada abang

i always feel a little bit jealous to those who have an older brother a sister
me being the eldest in the family is actually a very lucky thing
but sometimes, i envy those people who always get overly-protected by their brothers
and those who always been treated well by their sister

i know, big brother or sister nags a lot

"you can't do that!"
"you can't go there!"

and bullies their little bro/ sis very much

" you, take that!"
"you, bring me that!"

i know sometimes older brother and sister can be a little bit busy body

" where did you go?"
"who is that?"
"why are you late?"

and also being so annoying and ridiculous sometimes

" your thing is mine and my thing is mine"
" i used this first, take turn!"

even though it's a bonus being the eldest
since our parent believe us more
they believe we can be independent and take care of our self
we are not being controlled as much they control our little bro/sis 
but i still envy those with older brother or sister
because being the eldest
we have many things to think about
we have to be exemplary
we have to be excellent
we have to be a role-model

and sometimes, all of that tires me out