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As thoughts grow in time

inilah dinamakan kalau gelak banyak-banyak nanti akan menangis juga

hello peeps and assalamualaikum :'D

nampak tak icon smiley tu senyum dalam tangisan??
sekarang tengah sedih gila..sob sob
actually baru balik jalan-jalan from pavilion with my aunt
anak dara balik pukul 4 pagi??
haha. dont worry because i'm out under adult supervision
ehem ehem and jangan lupa that i'm 20

 means it's a legal age and show that i am an adult tu

sudah apa pulak aku merepek nihh

sebenarnya sekarang my perasaan adalah ibarat nak menangis tapi air mata tak keluar
biasa lah balik jalan-jalan of course lah nak online kejap kan?
check fb and blog, mana tau ada pakwe handsoome bagi comment ke
ecece---->>> konon je haha

tapi ke-happy-an i hari ni selepas dapat makan bibimbap seperti i cakap dalam previous entry
and kegembiraan tengok fast five dengan vin diesel yang tough but cute tu
and kegembiraan dapat makan char kuey teow yang sedap lagi lazat
every positive thing that happen today

telah di-negate-kan menjadi negative minus minus
when suddenly satu kejadian berlaku yang menyebabkan i sekarang dalam keadaan separuh gila
sebab when i balik and on my laptop
i swear i could listen to the sound of my heart breaking into pieces

sebab apa?
because skrin laptop kesayangan buah hati intan payung kesuma dewi itu telah retak
and when retak thats mean i tak boleh on lappy
so thats mean i tak boleh bukak laptop anymore
and that means i cannot online
and consequently i tak boleh check facebook and update blog for the mean time
and that means i have to go back home (because currently i'm at my aunt's)
find the laptop warranty card (which i have no idea when it's due)
which means i have to tell my mum and dad that i broke my laptop (literally)
because i'm not even sure when it's broken
and that will means i have to need money to repair it

seriously i don't know how can i survive without my laptop with me
omg, look what technology had turn me into

and now, even though my eyes can't even open anymore
but my head hurts like hell thinking how am i going to solve this
how much money does it need
how long it will take before the laptop got back to normal
how much scolding i'll receive once i tell mum and dad about this

and since i have never broke any of my stuff in my entire life
even though my laptop screen cracked and it's not my fault
i feel like crap now

i wish i can take this positively
but i don't think i can bear the scolding

btw do you guys know how much it usually is to repair a broken screen??
comment if you do
mine is ASUS 14' inch

seriously, i feel like cursing now
i need to calm my self
will update later, i don't know what my fate will be
but i'm sure it' won't going to be nice and pleasant experience


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