May 30, 2011

rage: caught in the middle

i don't understand?!
what is this fuss about??!

if you guys are kpop especially super junior fans
you will know the latest controversy now
in malaysia

if you guys went to the youth day super junior m free showcase
you will understand

i have nothing to say
nothing to condemn
if you guys are curious about it
go and find yourself
and read the story from both parties

i try to say better words to end this commotion
but the best is this
(i used this to comment an entry)

no matter what race, what nationality, where you from, there is always the good, the bad and the ugly. this include the artists. that's all i've got to say, because i love some artists from both country, i was there yesterday and yes that is because of super junior. maybe there are faults from everyone. just let this pass, reconcile, and try to be a better person who is worth to be loved by people. and hatred doesnt bring us anywhere but downfall. yes, i am an ELF but i am still a Malaysian. i went to all super junior's concert and showcase in Malysia, yet i still go to the karaoke box singing Malay's songs outloud. talk some sense into yourself and maybe we can find a way to forgive each other. to those who kept saying those unlucky words, you should just think back, who started the fire and who add the oil to the flame, find something wiser to do. those 1 malaysian slogan doesnt mean anything if people keep acting like this. in conclusion, "dengki" and "hasad" had always been the core reason of downfall, and that is why we have to control our "anger" and that's why there is a saying "kerana mulut badan binasa" that all i can say.hmmm"

you guys agree with me?

i feel very bad now
the way the talk about it
it's like
i'm committing treachery
caught between something i like and my people

if they are angry just control it


By the way, congratulations to Salma for winning the Mentor Show this season
Do your best in your career :D

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