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please rebolg/retweet this. urgent!

cr: iamlaurenrose

assalamualaikum and hey hey peeps

hati i tengah membara ni
so i tak mau cakap panjang panjang

please read an article here about cruelty in pet boarding service in damansara

boarding center called Petknode ni tinggalkan kucing-kucing yang telah dihantar oleh owner mereka
biarkan tak makan and bersesak-sesak

i tak sanggup nak post the pictures here
too sad it made me cry

please reblog or tweet about this
so the respective owner could be informed
mostly diorang is overseas/ maybe balik raya

edit: from their facebook i found out just now that all the pets dah ada fosterer, but you guys still can reblog this to increase the awareness, at least no such thing will happen again in the future


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