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let's learn: internet short forms

assalamualikum and hey hey people
i'm so tired lately, and i got sick a lot these days
and i am now *sneezing*

so, today i want to share some internet short forms that people always use
at least you wont feel like a noob when you came across any of this

i'll put some basic one and some less known
hope it'll be a good info :DD

brb - be right back
a/s/l - age/sex/location
fyi - for your information
btw - by the way
wb  - welcome back
mmk - hmm okay
ttyl - talk to you later
mia - missing in action
rotfl - rolling on the floor laughing
lol - laughing out loud
lmao - laughing my ass off
l8r - later
ily - i love you
asap - as soon as possible

there are a lot more than these
but have fun using this around

till next post~ bye ^^


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