Thinker Belle

As thoughts grow in time

cancel it!

remember what i wrote yesterday?
if you did
please ignore that
that maybe was a result of a pms

i thought of deleting the post
and i decided to keep it in draft mode or make it password protected
i think if i keep that posted in public
 that would make me look too laughable

so guys
i cancelled every single word.
 if you guys did read that
just delete it!
ignore it!
because i've cancelled that

okay that is all

p/s: i do sound pathetic yesterday but in reality, well, i still can live. 
p/p/s: to those people who commented on that, thank you, i love you.
 i have nothing to say since it's too embarrassing.

you're only allowed to think about this at this point and not beyond
....memory deleted....


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